ADVENT 2 - 10 Alternatives To Mininova

hydra Yes, we's in a recession, and yes, Demonoid is down, and yes, Mininova just fell on its sword, but that doesn't mean you can't still download Dexter on a Monday (Sunday, if you;re source-culture Americana.) No, the hydra is real. Here (thanks to Lifehacker) are ten alternatives to Mininova.

1. Torrentzap

2. Vertor

3. ExtraTorrent

4. KickassTorrents

5. BTjunkie

5. Monova

7. isoHunt

8. yourBitTorrent

9. The Pirate Bay

10. ShareReactor

BONUS: There's a great place on the interwebs where you can stream movies and TV shows in flash, DIVx and now HD. That place is, and it is awesome. Throw that TV away right now.