A Dope Method Man Interview.

Even this Batman movie, it didn’t live up to the hype. I think the fight scenes could have been better shot. I’m tired of the Hollywood idea of the audience actually wanting to be in the fight. So they keep the camera so close that you can’t actually see the fucking fight... I think people are just getting smoke blown up they ass by the media and repeating what they’ve heard. I like the way they’re taking it to a more serious level but in the end it was too long. They shouldn’t have lumped Two-Face’s story up in there like that. They could’ve saved that for the next movie. It takes me back to the fight scenes. I couldn’t see shit. I wanted to see him thoroughly whoopin ass. The only time I heard the audience “woo” was when the motorcycle flipped on the wall and came back. And a few chuckles for some of the shit the Joker was saying.

Christian Bale is a type of actor that goes in and does his homework and gets it right. Some of those producers should have put him in the fucking fighting gym and had him like Zach Snyder had those dudes on 300. These dudes went and trained. So you could pull that camera back and you could see the fighting. They pay these actors enough, shit, they might as well go in for a month and take some classes.

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