LISTEN: Paul Wall - Codeine Heartbreak (ft. Crys Wall) Paul Wall and his wife flip my Nan's favourite song into a heartbreaking lament to Paul's syrup addiction. Could easily have been a train wreck, came out a beautiful record, high fives all round. Shout out Beanz & Cornbread on the beat.

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WATCH: PnB Rock - My City Needs Something This is an amazing record. Had this on headphones earlier walking down Hollywood boulevard where a cop shot someone to death last night, through the protestors and the Spidermen and the Princes and Michael Jacksons. Shit was emotional as fuck.

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An acorn carries an oak tree Sleeping but for a little while; Winter lies in the arms of spring As a mother carries her child ...And never knows How wild the wind blows A thought carries a universe A seed carries a field of grain Love lies in the arms of change As a joy carries a pain And noone knows How wild the wind blows

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What's The Meaning Behind G-Dragon's Coup D'Etat Music Video? G-Dragon's recent Coup D'Etat MV is a mighty work of great beauty and pathos. But what does it MEAN? talkaboutkpop has analysed the symbolism and makes a convincing case below:

G-dragon's Coup D' Etat MV Symbolisms by talkaboutkpop


BEHOLD: Woody Allen Boxing A Kangaroo If you haven't seen it yet, you should most verily definitely watch Woody Allen: A Documentary, from whence this footage came. It is on Netflix, which is where i saw it, WITH MY EYES.

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Fuck Everything, Nation Reports

From The Onion:

WASHINGTON—Following the fatal shooting this morning at a Connecticut elementary school that left at least 27 dead, including 20 small children, sources across the nation shook their heads, stifled a sob in their voices, and reported fuck everything. Just fuck it all to hell.

All of it, sources added.

“I’m sorry, but fuck it, I can’t handle this—I just can’t handle it anymore,” said Deborah McEllis, who added that “no, no, no, no, no, this isn’t happening, this can’t be real.” “Seriously, what the hell is this? What’s even going on anymore? Why do things like this keep happening?”

Continued McEllis, before covering her face with her hands, “Why?”

Despairing sources confirmed that the gunman, armed with a semiautomatic assault rifle—a fucking combat rifle, Jesus—walked into a classroom full of goddamned children where his mother was a teacher and, good God, if this is what the world is becoming, then how about we just pack it in and fucking give up, because this is no way to live.

I mean, honestly, all 315 million Americans confirmed.

“Well, I suppose we have to try to pick up the pieces and make some sort of sense of this tragedy and—you know what? Fuck it, I can’t do this,” said Connecticut resident Michael Zaleski, his remarks understandable given the circumstances, because, holy shit, what else can one say? “I’m sorry, but I can’t fucking do this. Can you? Can anyone?”

Witnesses said the gunman fired at least 100 rounds during his deadly rampage, which, according to children in the school—goddamnit, how? How? Twenty children. Dead. In a fucking school.

No. No, no, no.

“I just feel so [why does it even matter what this person said when no words can bring 20 dead kids back to life?]” said some person who, just like everyone else, is completely unable to process or handle any of this. “It’s awful. Just too awful to bear.”

Americans reported feelings of overwhelming disgust with whatever abhorrent bastard did this and with the world at large for ever allowing it to happen, as well as with politicians, with the NRA, and above all with their own pathetic goddamn selves, sitting in front of a fucking computer instead of doing fucking anything to help anyone—Christ, as if that were even fucking possible, as if anyone could change what happened, as if the same fucking bullshit isn’t going to keep happening again and again and fucking again before people finally decide it’s time to change the way we live, so what’s the point? What the hell is the goddamned point?

“I…” said Tom Miller, 27, after reading an article about the tragedy online. “I just…”

“…” he added.

At press time…screw it, there’s nothing else to say.