Main Attrakionz

LISTEN: MondreM.A.N. – Atta Boy Ft. Squadda Bambino, DaVinci & Shady Blaze (Prod. Al Jieh)

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 09.48.54

Lushness from them Main Attrakionz and their awesome buddies. This is even more ace than the line up suggests.

Art's awesome too, looks like some Peter Bagge shit.

Via SB.

LISTEN: Friendzone - Kuchibiru Network 2 (Compilation)

DOWNLOAD: Friendzone – Kuchibiru Network 2 (Compilation)

Friendzone is the production due (that I thought for a lil while was a single human) behind some of my favourite songs this year (Main Attrakionz's Church & Perfect Skies). This is a compilation of a bunch of that stuff. It is fucking brilliant, glacial, glory. Seriously, first time I heard Stratus I nearly burst into tears. Julian Wass had me bring up my spleen and made my pineal gland poke a hople in my brain. Next year I intend to do something amazing with these geniuses. Their shit sounds like my dreams.

WATCH: Main Attrakionz – Perfect Skies (Prod. By Friendzone)

What a fucking beautiful record.

I've had this on loop for the past half hour, and i can't see me letting it go for a while yet.

Damn, I need to do a record with these guys. They are amazing. Maybe something like Sky...

Shout out Steady Bloggin