LISTEN: The Making of a Digital Wildboy: Brandon Wardell

Brandon Wardel Super interesting conversation with one of the funniest dudes on the internets.

I met this guy at the Roxy when I was DJing for Fat Tony, and had no idea who he was at the time. I thought he was a rapper, cos I saw him perform some lit-ass song with Lil Aaron before we went on. Anyway he was super chill and nice, excusing himself to go and puke at one point during our conversation, then returning, refreshed, offering cigarettes like a super safe nice human.

LISTEN: Juicy J – Must Be Nice (Mixtape)

Juicy J - #MUSTBENICE OK this is very very good, damn juicy J will you ever falloff wow

1.Trap Feat Gucci Mane & PeeWee LongWay (Prod by Lex Luger, TM88) 2.Ga Damn (Prod by Southside) 3.Plenty Feat Que (Prod by Lex Luger, Metro Boomin) 4.Feeling Like Obama (Prod by TM88) 5.Lotto (Prod by TM88) 6.Whatcha Gone Do (Prod by TM88) 7.Choppa (Prod by SouthSide) 8.I Wonder (Prod by TM88) 9.Lou Will (Prod by TM88) 10.It’s Ok (Prod by SouthSide) 11.Super Fire (Prod by TM88) 12.Panties ft. Jeremih (Prod by TM88) 13.What I Call It (Prod by TM88) 14.Talk That Talk ft. Wiz Khalifa & Project Pat (Prod by Lil Awree) 15.Outro (Prod by TM88) 16.Baked Potato (Prod by Tarentino) 17.LIT ft. Young Dolph 21 Savage (Prod by Durdy Costello)