Zef (He’s Still Great)

Happy birthday Zef!

Have a video! Video by Akira The Don. Song by Akira The Don & The Svenhunter. Thanks to Pizza Girl for camera and vocal skills, Steven Handforth for stringed instruments, and Uncle Mike for last-minute archival cool! LYRICS Zef (He's Still Great)

zef zef he's still great been that way since 88 he was born into the time of AIDS but stayed alive for two decades zef zef he is great not once did he fluctuate now he's conquered all his fears behold his passage through the years!

it was april 21st the hundred & eleventh day of the year after 8 hours of agony the incredible zef was here heralded by a red fox that ran in the path of the car on the way into hospital and was seen once again on the way back home it suggested that anything's possible

The fourth of four brothers Zeffy quickly worked out- that to be heard by the world he would have to learn to SHOUT. So he became a frightful fiend of fiery disposition Quite capable of influence over impartially-formed decisions.

cute little zef found his smile came in handy he would beam at his gran who gave him lots of cakes and candy and he devolped a love for fine food - and lots at that but never once has he been fat!

Zef formed a band by the name of HEAF They played Kingsworthy Fete and they gave the crowd grief, With their ubiquitous brand of generic funk rock, About as easy on the ear as a brick in a sock.

zef zef he's still great been that way since 88 in his late teens he took a lover he swore there'd never be another zef zef he is great not once did he fluctuate he chased her all the way to chester there their love began to fester

He moved to chester for a girl but then they broke up immediately all the girls in town came knocking he admitted them greedily. He kept protesting 'I'm not emo, man, I'm hip hop, baby' But the word on the street is he's more Gerard Way then Jay-Z

lazy, sleeping all day never! zef took to college like mccartney took to heather cocksure, legless, college he abandoned financially crippled but he don't got a leg to stand on!

Zef is the youngest even though he keeps growing up We keep trying to loose him lately, but he keeps showing up, He's been around the block a bit, it's starting to tell, If he was a cheese he'd be starting to smell.

well well, now he's all grown up hasn't a job but he doesn't give a good goddamn cos of all the cool stuff that he's made and one fine day he just might get paid!

zef zef still great been that way since 88 he's got a fantastic face he made my website and its ace zef zef he is great not once did he fluctuate you can hire his services from imakestufflooknice.com