Back In The Day: A Silent Movie

HOW SWEET WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Narstie is some kind of a comedy genius. But I think the Narstie/Shizzio double act has legs like Kim BAssinger. D'you see the bit where Shiz scratches his head on some total Laurel And Hardy shit? I'm so pitching a show to MTV. Yes indeed.

So. Help me out here. I am kind of bummed out about how crappy youtube makes everything look. I've tried various methods of youtube maximation when rendering, but to no avail. Should I be trying one of these other things, like Kyte or whatever its called? Anyone know anything?


OK, so I tried a few things, to little success, then I found a good one: Check that shit out and compare it to the Youtube. Much better right?