[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


Reading The Signs

Ho ho ho.

Truth be told, I have never voted Labour, or anyone else either. I refuse to legitimise this farcical circus of nincompoops. I also have had debt collectors up my ass since I was 17, so I don't like to be on the electoral roll.

This one time, I was working for some totally bogus company called Calortex ("it's Calor gas and Texaco, two brands you can trust!") convincing people to swap their gas supplier, and me and this lad I was tag-teaming round Birmingham with conned a whole street full of old ladies into doing it, and figured we deserved the afternoon off, so we went to the pub and got mashup, then this lad convinced me to get a store card from Top Man and blow the £400 card limit. Which I did. I wasn't even a Topman sort of a dude - I was rocking PVC trousers and fluorescent orange goggles in those days, but I still managed to drunkenly blow £400 in a matter of minutes. I got a great big camouflage print bubble jacket. I think I got my mean white top from there too. You know - the mean white top wot zipped to my left shoulder blade:


Yeah, I miss that mean white top. And, true talk, I felt like I'd just got paid that day. HEY! But as it was, all those old ladies we thought we'd convinced to switch from British gas to Calortex sent back their contracts with covering letters accusing us of LYING about how much money they were gonna save, just like we'd been taught to, and our wages got docked, which totally screwed up my repayment plan. I quit soon after that and moved to London, where I avoided all letters that came in buff  brown envelopes, and got an administration gig at a book PR, where I overheard intense conversations between my boss and Mohamed al Fayed about the royal family's homicidal tendencies. But that's another story.

I should make a list of these stories. In case you weren't tuned into last week's Doncast, I have deduced that a comic strip a day is too tall an order even for a superhero like me, so one a week is gonna have to do. And that worked out pretty well this week - I got to put a lot more time into my Death's Head strip than all those that preceded it, and it's been linked all over the place. Why, it showed up on Robot 6 tonight! I'll have you know that getting on Robot 6 was one of my GOALS this year! BLAOW!

I did a really good impression of an air-horn when I saw that. I might show it you on Wednesday, when The All New Weekly Doncast happens. 5pm GMT! If it's anything like last week, it'll be awesome! You better axe somebody!

I used to think that's what the young Snoop Doggy Dogg kid said in that skit on Doggystyle. "Axe somebody." Rah, I thought to myself, lil' kids is raw out in LA! In my school the worst that happened was a teacher got stabbed. And you know what? That's pretty bad. If that happened now, there'd be a load of outrage in the papers about how effed the effed up this new generation is. Well sod that brothers and sisters. My generation was some raw ass monkeys. I remember when I was in primary school Simon Waskiewicz (yeah, there was two of us in that class of 16 in that lil Welsh village with crazy Polish surnames) wiled out and threw a whole damn table at Miss Roberts. That dude was crazy, because Miss Roberts was the scariest person in the world as far as I could tell. She used to make me feel sick just looking at me. Everyone used to say she had evil powers because she never got married and she was a virgin, but none of us really knew what being a virgin entailed at that point. We thought erections were for pissing through letterboxes with.

Sheee-it. What a waste of a story. I could have turned that into a comic. Look at me, dropping gems like a butterfingered watchmaker! Shout out Curren$y for that one. I am gonna leave you with a photo of my new clock. CLOCK, I said! I got three of these. I bought them for a pound each from the Poundland in Stratford that used to be Woolies, and stuck pictures of rappers in them. They're for telling the time in different parts of the world. This one's set to New York. I got the picture from The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book. I got two copies of that thing. Martin Carr got me one for my birthday the other year, then my Dad got me one for Christmas. Thanks, dudes! See how you make my life better!

The All New Weekly Doncast # 3

BACK! All looks like it should work! Although I gotta reinstall some software still. TOUCH WOODEN OBJECTS! I am off to post the rest of your Security Ts! SEE YOU IN A FEW HOURS!

Well, THAT was more stressful and mess-up ridden than the first one! This new computer installation has a long way to go. I shall do my best to get it sussed for next week. In the meanwhile, I shall upload this video. That, I can control.

Oh No! First Fail of The Year!

Emergency message from Mr. Donovan - has had a major computer malfunction and it looks like he won't be back up by 5 - he's working hard at it for all of you. Please think happy thoughts.BJ, 16:55, 03/02/10

Well, that was a horrible six hours. Just after 3pm, I, AK Donovan, acting under the suggestion of the techies at Ustream, installed an Adobe server thingie so that the Doncast would stream in better quality... and it destroyed my computer.

Fully destroyed my C drive, my Windows installation, my software, and my Sac VS Pip remix lyrics to boot. Amongst other things. I have spent the time since formatting, and reformatting my hard drive, and reinstalling Windows. Thankfully, this has worked, and I am now reinstalling all my software. I am likely to be up all night doing it, as I use a lot of software, from a lot of different places. Frankly, working out what I was using for certain things is going to be task enough... but I consider myself lucky. It could have been much worse. And it was my own stupid fault for even considering turning this workhorse of mine into a bloody server. Fool Donovan!

I did find this all particularly upsetting, however, as this I year I have fulfilled all my promises, and stuck to all my schedules. Now I have a dirty fail against my good name. Bah!

So, my apologies to you that were hanging out in that chatroom waiting on my arrival. I hope it wasn't too disappointing,and that you at least had some worthwhile conversations, or something.

I am afraid that all the time I've lost today means I can't reschedule for tomorrow or anything - I have a remix to rewrite, amongst other things - so we shall have to try again next week. I have a good feeling about this new installation though. it is cleaner, more streamlined... I think good things will come of it.

Anyway, did I miss anything in there while I was trying not to swear loudly?

Akira The Don's All New Weekly Doncast # 1

OK gang! Today I shall be recording the first All New Weekly Doncast, LIVE from Don Studios IV, via the magic of Ustream... The broadcast with start officially at 5pm UK time, but I shall be testing on and off prior to that time. Yes the royal we will be taking requests, and doing shout outs. Whoop!

We did it! THAT WAS FUN, EH? Cheers gang! You rule! Now to see if it recorded...

Oh no! You guys! Ustream's default recording is flv! Mono! Sounds like crap! Looks like what went down tonight will only be experienced by those that were there!

Which is kinda awesome when you think on it.

* thinks on it.


Well, a Doncast will happen again. Same time, 5-7pm GMT next Wednesday. And I will record it with my own machines of recording, and my mike levels will have been sorted in advance based on what we learned this week. So who knows? Everyone might get to share in the magic!

EDIT: FYI, the comics I was moidering on about were Final Crisis and Cerebus...