WATCH: Akira The Don - Be Brave

Download Be Brave here.

Finally! The Street Fighter Mixtape has some kind of visual representation! Shout out Joey and Karl who sent through the footage. It's from Street Fighter Legacy - an truly ridonculously ACE fan-made mini-movie. Fits the music like a  glove.

Of course, once I'd uploaded it, with the usual issues that rendering and uploading entails, keeping me up till 4am, I noticed that dozens of videos of my Street Fighter music were already on Youtube. Looks like people have been active out there. Big up you active Youtube uploaders! That's a beautiful thing right there!

Speaking of which, I was blessed this weekend when one of my favourite writers, The Authority and Transmetropolitan scribe Warren Ellis featured Be Brave on his podcast, explaining:

Akira The Don. AKIRA THE FUCKING DON. Was kind of amazed when this turned up, and I’m privileged to have this for the podcast.

I was like, DAAAAMN HOMIE! Actually, I already mentioned this in the Blob Blog, so go read about it there.

In other Be Brave related news, check out the Hype Machine's radio show later today - they just wrote to inform me they're doing a feature on our awesome feat of Number Oneage last week.

Right I am gonna draw something now, then you'll be getting more new music. These are the golden years!

Yessir. The Doncast comes back tomorrow. And best believe I won't be able to do that forever. So get your requests, your shout outs, your letters, all that good stuff, get that in sharpish, via the email address that reads thusly: akirathedon at

Oh yeah - not only will be dropping NEW ISH later today, but we will also be announcing the winner of last week's Caption Contest. GO GO GO!

Coming UP!

Hey gang! I am working hard on this week's comic strip, listening to all the Curren$y songs on my hard drive, and camtasing the thing so you can watch it later. In the meantime, why don't you sit back with a nice glass of some kind of liquid, and watch the best film that might win an Oscar this year. Sick quality over here, if you can't be doing with the flash, and you can buy it to keep for ever (and you'll wanna) here. PAX!


Akira The Don – Security Initially sent to preorderers of ATD20/Security T. Appeared on ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

All praises due to The Independent Content Company, for filming that awesome thing up there! And coming up with the idea. And editing it. And rendering it. And uploading it. The Independent Content Company is pretty much the greatest Independent Content Company I have ever worked with. WOW!

All praises due to the most high for providing us with exactly what we wanted to make the thing. All we had to do was go for a wander around the Olympic Development Site, and we found everything, including a high rez jacket. Truly amazing, cheers multiverse.

You'll notice that's a totally different version to the one in the flash player, that got sent to preorderers, and appeared on ATD20. This was all Joey's idea, and an awesome one it was. For those that have been asking, yes, it is a true story. I used to wonder why so many terrible things kept happening to me. Well, in retrospect, I realise it might have been because I was doing so many terrible things. When I stopped doing terrible things, terrible things stopped happening to me! I have been blessed with wonderful fortune ever since. Let that serve as a warning to you all!

Now, if anyone knows how to karmically attract great riches, do share with us all in the comments.

Comic strip later on. We're finishing off the Sac VS Pip remix right now. IT IS SO CHOICE! From the feedback I've been getting, lots of you are very excited that I am doing a Sav VS Pip remix. Who else would you like me to have a go on, so to speak?

Oh, and a fabulous No Prize goes to whoever can work out what comic I am reading in my lonely booth up there. CLUE: "Illness."

ATD20 - The Mixtape

Get the CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Get the MP3 + T-Shirt here.

Announcing! First Mixtape Of The Decade... ATD20!

Above these words, above the amazing by of graphic design appropriation, you can see fine-ass footage, (by The Independent Content Company) of me going in over some Joey2tits magic for the forthcoming mixtape-to-end-all-mixtapes, ATD20.

Yeah, you heard right. January 29th, 2010. ATD20!


Who'd a thunk it bubba? Who'd have known we'd make it this far, when I dropped the now legendary ATD1 back on May 20th 2004, inventing both myself and the internet mixtape in the process? A bunch of records I liked, smashed into each other with all the skill and subtlety of a three year old wielding a lumphammer. Raw, off the dome, just-learned-to rapping. Jim Steinman. EXPLOSIONS. Over the years I used these mixtapes to hone my craft, to experiment, to collaborate, to be as awesome as I possibly could at the time... Now here we are in the Tenties.  What have we learned? What skills have we amassed?


It's a celebration! Get ready for the mixtape to define all mixtapes! 70 plus minutes of unparalleled, Don-certified AWESOME! Brand new songs! Amazing remixes! Soundscapes to frighten the gods! Old friends! New friends! Special guests! FREAKOUT!

ATD20 will be availiable as 1 track MP3, and a CD Quality 320kbps MP3 bundle, which you can get along with the ATD Security shirt.

Preorder CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Preorder MP3 + T-Shirt here.

All preorders get an exclusive song, Security, to be sent out next week sent out immediately by SEXY ROBOT.

PS - If you already preordered the shirt, you get ATD20 as well. I AM NICE LIKE THAT.

PPS - My Webcam came, so the Doncasts will be back this week, and there will be More Info. Whoo!

KINGS Is The Best TV Show You Have Never Seen, And Ian McShane Is A Genius

You know what? I enjoyed Avatar. I might never see it again, I wasn't particularly emotionally invested in any of the characters. Sigourney Weaver, who I have always held in high regard, was underwhelming, if typically cool, but that her role was a pure amalgamation of her two most famous (Alien & Gorillas In The Midst) I found strange to say the least. Rah though. It was pretty flippin' spectacular. I got kick out of the flying dinosaur scenes. The forest was gorgeous. It made me think about going on adventures. It reminded me of a time when the future mapped out in my head was all unmapped oceans and vast bleeding skies and flourecent jungles and thrilling, endless adventure.

Not bad for a movie, right? Not bad. But never mind that. Because we have been watching KINGS, and for sheer thrills, spectacle and wonder, KINGS kicks shit out of Avatar.

KINGS is an American TV show, and it is amazing on a number of levels. It is gorgeous, super-cinematic, brilliantly executed High Concept. Man, I love me some brilliantly executed High Concept. My old band had a song called Aliens VS Rudeboys VS Dinosaurs VS Apes In Space. Mothboy produced it. It was about a massive fight between aliens and rudeboys and dinosaurs and apes. IN SPACE.

Anyway. KINGS. Ian McShane plays the mighty King Silas, an analogue of the Biblical King Saul, ruling over a contemporary fucking kingdom, living in fear and defiance of a literal, Thunderbolt wielding Skygod... his brother-in-law plots his downfall along with the tortured, closeted prince, while endearingly naive farm boy David takes out a tank called Goliath with a hand grenade and becomes a national hero, threatening the absolute rule of the monarchy with his very existence. IT IS THAT LITERAL. Oh, sweet Baby Jesus, it is awesome. McShane is as good as he was in Deadwood, and if the rest of rest of the cast more than keep their end up, making magic of the uncommonly Shakespearean scripts.

Indeed, the dialogue is unflinchingly poetic. The pacing is immaculate. The sets are glorious.  The thing looks not a penny cheaper than the $4 million it cost per episode,  and over the show's thirteen episdoes the story builds with a truly dramatic, feverish intensity I have not seen in television since Oz. It should have been on HBO, but it was, unfortunately, birthed on NBC. Naturally, the network missold it as a Sci-fi show, it failed to find it's audience, and it was cancelled after one glorious, note-perfect series.


Never mind though. You can watch the whole thing online over here, and you can get The DVD for 25 quid. As for the mighty McShane, he's starring in a TV adaption of The Pillars Of Earth, an historical fiction set in England during the period known as The Anarchy, AKA Angelstrike... For McShane alone, it is the only TV show I am even remotely looking forward to. I need more McShane. I am even considering downloading old episodes of Lovejoy, an eighties BBC TV sundaydrama in which he played a randy antiques dealer, which I never saw as we didn't have a TV at the time. Ufck it, dude's a genius.

ADVENT 18: It's A Wonderful Life / Am I Still Ill?


I am.




Still, I am much better than yesterday, which I spent IN BED.

Pyeewm, pyeewm!


And if I had a laptop that worked, I might have watched the film you see above, It's A Wonderful Life, what is prolly my favourite film ever, or at least in the top 5, depending on what day it is. Somehow that film gets better every time I see it. True stories! Apparently it's showing at Screen On The Green in Islington on Christmas Eve. If my Ebay sales go well, that's me sorted. IMAGINE!


Cough though. Still Ill. I still haven't sampled that frickin' song.

That was gonna be the name of my second album, ages and ages ago.

I'll get on it at some point.

It's on the list.

Man, the list.

What a scary thing THAT is.

Hey, you like the snow?

It snowed hard last night. I didn't notice cos I was ILL in BED as you know already. Today I see it settled atop the roofs of cars outside my window, and it gives me a little pleasure.

I gotta say, being ill when you have a person that cares about you in the house is way better than being ill when you're alone. I used to hate being ill when I was running dolo. Now I have a beautiful girl to bring me chocolate and make sympathetic noises. Lucky mud!

So, if you're ever ill dolo leave a message on here. You're not alone!

Rah though, I better get back to the drawing. I gotta finish these avatars, and get on with designing the new video looky.

Can somebody suggest some good long things to listen to? Podcasts, mixtapes, that sort of thing?


WATCH: Alan Moore & The Retro Spankees - Jonny Fortunate (Live)

Live footage from Almanac and co's Dodgem Logic launch do in sunny Northampton the other night. I wish I had been there, it looks like a marvelous party. And I love The Party!

More over at Bleeding Cool.

So, yeah, I was sat on the train on the way back from Envy's video shoot last night reading Tom Strong: v. 1, which is a lot better than I remembered it being, when suddenly this really tall guy is looming above me, eagles circling his head, and he's all like, "is that Tom Strong? Do you like Alan Moore? Well here's my fanzine with an exclusive interview with Alan Moore in it!"

With a flourish he deposited a strange smelling high quality A5 magazine called Mustard in my lap.

And I was like, "woah, cheers dude!"

The train's brakes screeched like a cat on fire, and off he went, cape billowing in the wind, or at least that's how it appeared.

When I got home my girlfriend wasn't there and it was too cold to work, so I went to bed with my clothes on and read Tall Billowing Cape On The Train Dude's Alan Moore interview, and it was bloody good indeed. Did you know Alan Moore smokes hash every day, like Nate Dogg? I wish I could afford to smoke hash every day like Alan Moore and Nate Dogg. I should get back into magic. ANYWAY! You can read the first 4 pages of it online over here. How's that for service?

BANKERS, Part 162

Did you hear the news yesterday?

Banks have achieved a surprise victory this morning when the supreme court ruled that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) did not have the power to determine the fairness of unauthorised bank charges.

The ruling on a case between the OFT and seven banks and one building society was to determine whether the fees charged for unauthorised overdrafts could be tested under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

The supreme court found that while the OFT has power to assess the fairness of terms in consumer contracts, this is subject to limits laid down in this legislation. Regulation 6(2)(b) states that the assessment of the fairness of a term in a contract "shall not relate … to the adequacy of the price or remuneration, as against the goods or services supplied in exchange". In other words the "value for money" equation is excluded.

The court of appeal had held that this exclusion only applied to the "core terms" of the contract and not to ancillary terms such as the charges for unauthorised overdrafts.

But the supreme court overturned this ruling, finding that the charges for unauthorised overdrafts were part of the price customers paid for banking, and therefore fell within this exclusion.

The decision is a blow to more than about 1.2 million current account customers who had already lodged claims on unauthorised overdraft fees paid as far back as 2001, but which had been put on hold by the banks until conclusion of the case.

Chief executive of consumer group Which?, Peter Vicary-Smith, said: "This is a bitter blow for the millions of people who have been patiently waiting to get their bank charges back.

"Not only does it give banks licence to charge what they like for unauthorised overdrafts, but it could have ramifications for other areas of personal finance. The banks now have no excuse for introducing other fee charges.

Basically, they've used OUR "bailout" money to secure a legal victory meaning they won't have to pay us back the money they stole off us.


Speaking of which, there's a great interview with Simon Cowel from 2007 over at Playboy, which I was lead to via a Popjustice article. Mr Cowell, who has "gorilla hair" according to children on Twitter, is typically brazen in the interview, claiming his only concern is "making money, for myself and the people I work for. I mean, that's absolutely the only criterion I attach. That's it."

He says lots of other things too. Here are some of my favourites.

"If you looked in my collection of DVDs, you'd see Jaws and Star Wars. In the book library you'd see John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. And if you look in my fridge, it's like children's food--chips, milk shakes, yogurt. I don't have sophisticated tastes. I have average tastes."

"If I went to a French restaurant--which I probably never will again--I would ask the chef to make a plate of chips. I look at those menus in utter horror. I find them appalling."

"Do I prefer Kelly Clarkson's music to Bob Dylan's? Yes. I've never bought a Dylan record. A singing poet? It just bores me to tears. And I've got to tell you, if I had 10 Dylans in the final of American Idol, we would not be getting 30 million viewers a week."

"I'm not interested in signing murderers. Other people sign murderers. I think a lot of rap acts have murdered people."

"People thought I was stupid for signing the music rights to the Power Rangers and the World Wrestling Federation. I was a laughingstock. I couldn't have cared less. I was learning the business. If I could put a Power Rangers record on the charts, I must have been good."

"Guys reach a point in our lives when we prefer TV to music. I have six TVs in my London house, including a little one in the bathroom. It's my favorite time for watching TV."

"There's something I call the daytime test. If you take a girl out at night, it's a breeze. You can drink; it's dark. The daytime is a whole new area. [Terri Seymour] passed the daytime test."

And finally!

Playboy: If you went to a club tonight and saw the 21-year-old Dylan singing "Blowin' in the Wind," what would you do?

Cowell: I'd plug my ears and run in the other direction.

Akira The Don ft Littles, Marvin The Martian & Gruff Rhys - I Am not Dead (Yeah Remix!)

Thanks to everybody who suggested zombie anime for me to rifle through. I the end I chopped up lots of episode one of Tokyo Majin. Tokyo Majin is super dope.

I am Not Dead (Yeah Remix!) is on the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP, out now on MP3 and T-Shirt.


Whooo! Zombie anime FTW!

Speaking of win, I received some pretty awesome news yesterday.

I have made it into the annuls of science!

I know this because I got an email from Dr Edd Hammill in Canada with the title, "You've made it into the annuls of science." And it went a little something like this:

Dear Akira the Don…

Over a year ago I got in touch with you from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, as a bunch of us Ecology people were at a conference in London and we were wondering if you were playing at the time, don't know if you remember, but anyhoo.

Well, following the brief discussion that we had and so forth and due to the fact that your doncasts and mixtapes kept us all entertained during very long and dull data collection sessions I decided that the next time I published a paper essentially on my own I would stick you in the acknowledgements, and lo and behold, I got one in. I've had confirmation that my article "Reciprocity in predator–prey interactions: exposure to defended prey and predation risk affects intermediate predator life history and morphology" has been published in the Ecology Journal "Oecologia" and you are indeed in the acknowledgements and will remain there for all time, the article will be published in paper form sometime next year. I suppose you could consider this the science world's equivilent of a "big shout out".


BIG SCIENCE SHOUT OUT! Owwwww! How dope is that? I AM IN THE ANNULS OF SCIENCE! And shall remain there for ALL TIME! Whoo! You know how long all time is? LONG! That's how! BLOODY LONG! Bwa ha ha! As noted in the above remix, you could go "blap blap blap"... I am IMMORTAL! In your FACE mortality! Win on a stick! Yes. Seriously, thank you Dr Edd Hammil in Canada, and all your clever science wizard brothers and sisters. Your scientific energy inspires me, and I shall endeavour to be deserving of the accolade you have bestowed upon me.


WATCH: Gonzales VS Jarvis Cocker - Francophobia (Live At The Pigalle)

Yep, that's right. It was the first night of Gonzales' month long residency at swank central, The Pigalle in Picadilly last night, and, as you can see, his special guest was Jarvis Cocker.

It was grayte, obviously. As you can see. Alongside the two songs Gonz and Jarvo did, Gonz unveiled a new tune, from his forthcoming Boyz Noize mixed LP, which sees him adopting a new, spoken-work rap steez, on a brillaint joint about REVENGE..,. I think he might play that again next week, when his special guest is me.

Yeah, from Jarvis Cocker to Akira The Don. Thank Christ its sold out already, otherwise I'd have been worrying about nixing it right up until stage time on the night. This is gonna be my fourth time sharing a stage with with the big homie, and I am no less nervous than ever I was. We're gonna go out tonight and work out what to do. It must be great. Great great. Da-naaaa.

Also tonight, me and the band will be checking out the boat we're having a party on. So I'll let you know how that goes. I am excited about our party. It's been too long already, dammit.

iAND(Y!), The Zombie Anti-Epic COMETH...

I went down Directing Michael's earlier to have a look at how our lil' zombie movie's, um, looking. Well, it is looking SWELL!

My acting is AMAZING!

Ho ho ho.

Then I went round Joey's and he hit me off with this dope lil Behind the scenesey trailer thing. Cheers Joey!

WATCH: Akira The Don - 210 Songs In 10 Minutes, The Video

STREAM: Akira The Don On XFM's The Remix (Radio Rip) (The actual mix is 4 minutes in if you can't be arsed to listen to me and Eddy talking)

I swear, there is something wrong with me. There was no need for me to make a video for my record-breaking 210 songs in 10 minutes feat of awesome, but I did it anyway. It took me two days when I should have been doing an infinite number of other things, but sweet lord, it is dope. That's what part of the inside of my brain looks, and sounds like.

I hope you like it!

For the record, not EVERY song included in the mix  is represented visually, but most of them are. Check back here in the next day or so for a full list of the songs featured, and a download.


WATCH: Akira The Don VS A-Ha, The Foot Of A Mountain Interview

[video url="" title="The Foot Of A Mountain Interview"] From The Quietus:

It's been something of a glorious second wind for a-ha, with their excellent new album Foot Of The Mountain being showered with praise by critics and fans old and new alike.

Akira the Don sat down with Mags and Morten for an amiable chinwag about their return, the influence of Morrissey and Leonard Cohen on a-ha, that Family Guy episode, and the benefits of a good moisturiser.

Yes he did! We also discussed vampirism and Hunter S Thompson. Watch on, brothers and sisters, and LEARN!

Thanks Michael for the excellent filming job, Luke for setting it up, and the band for being ace.

Go see The Quietus. They have a 3 minute longer version of the interview. DAMN!

Raygun Are The New Spinal Tap!

All hail RAYGUN, the new Spinal Tap!

Shame the tunes don't come close to the greatness of that one about "The Majesty of Rock" and "The Mystery of Roll." Ah vey. Check the wisdom:

"If you stuck Iggy Pop, James Brown, David Bowie and, um, Shirley Bassey in a lift... you'd have our band! Ha ha ha!"

Where's my SMH gif?


Ah, there he is.

"We'll be at home, kocking up some beats or whatever on reason or Logic or, you know, Ableton or whatever, then we, we kind of... we get together... and mash... you know, hy... two types of songs... sort of a hybrid... of songs, really. Delia Smith style, you know, Phsychedelia Smith, chuck it all in and see what happens."

Only a gif can describe my feelings right about now. Where's that gif I use in times like this?


Aaaaah. There he is.

There's a part two. You want a part two?

Well, have one anyway.

Oh dear Lord I just did some kind of awful scretching cackle at 2:01 and freaked out my neighbours. Ray Gun descibes what their song, Waiting, is all about.

We waited eight years to get the record, out. You know, we'd been writing for eight years, there was time, when, you know, we had no work, and, there was, there was a time when I was at the job centre, trying to get a... job. In music. And they couldn't even get me a job in one of the record stores."

There is no gif for this. Anyone got a suggestion?

EDIT: Ray has apologised.

WATCH: Envy - Set Yourself On Fire

BLAOW! My homegirl Envy (AKA Enveh) just dropped the video for the title track from her debut LP, Set Yourself On Fire. The single's out in September, and the album will follow in November. It's gonna be super dope. I produced a track on it too. BLATANT WINNAGE.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that part of this video was filmed at our Dawn Of The Don party. There is also an interesting correlation between how this video starts, and how my Video Highway video starts, which is pretty cool. Great minds and all that. BLOWZERS!