Happy Birthday BJ!


It's my buddy Blonde Jeremy Deacon's birthday!

That's him up there.

I am going to go and have a drink with him.

(No not the little one, that's his SON and he's TOO SMALL FOR PUBS!)

I might even play him that song I was going to give you today! FOR HIS BIRTHDAY LIKE!

Yeah, about that... I have recently taken on a PR company, and my leading PR man has asked if I wouldn't mind holding off on it until Monday afternoon so he can Work It, as they say. I even asked my Twitter and Facebook people if they minded, cos I am considerate.

And anyway, what's the point of hiring proffesionals if one isn't going to let them do their jobs?

So I hope you're not too disappointed, and can keep yourselves aurally entertained until Monday. There is a lot of stuff in the music section, I bet there's even something some of you haven't heard yet.

OH GOD THOUGH, this new song is so ace, I am listening to it right now and have had on loop for most of the afternoon.

I also did a very beautiful sleeve for it, which took me most of the day, and it is, as I envisaged, by far and away the best of the ATD25 sleeves so far.


So, again, thank you for your patience and understanding. I am off to see BJ now, and shall leave you with his and my version of the Britney Spears classic, If You Seek Amy, from ATD20 (released this time last year!).

Have a wonderful Friday, wherever you are!


Raygun Are The New Spinal Tap!

All hail RAYGUN, the new Spinal Tap!

Shame the tunes don't come close to the greatness of that one about "The Majesty of Rock" and "The Mystery of Roll." Ah vey. Check the wisdom:

"If you stuck Iggy Pop, James Brown, David Bowie and, um, Shirley Bassey in a lift... you'd have our band! Ha ha ha!"

Where's my SMH gif?


Ah, there he is.

"We'll be at home, kocking up some beats or whatever on reason or Logic or, you know, Ableton or whatever, then we, we kind of... we get together... and mash... you know, hy... two types of songs... sort of a hybrid... of songs, really. Delia Smith style, you know, Phsychedelia Smith, chuck it all in and see what happens."

Only a gif can describe my feelings right about now. Where's that gif I use in times like this?


Aaaaah. There he is.

There's a part two. You want a part two?

Well, have one anyway.

Oh dear Lord I just did some kind of awful scretching cackle at 2:01 and freaked out my neighbours. Ray Gun descibes what their song, Waiting, is all about.

We waited eight years to get the record, out. You know, we'd been writing for eight years, there was time, when, you know, we had no work, and, there was, there was a time when I was at the job centre, trying to get a... job. In music. And they couldn't even get me a job in one of the record stores."

There is no gif for this. Anyone got a suggestion?

EDIT: Ray has apologised.


So I fell alseep on the sofa after 5, and was awakened gently by Super Phil at 6:20, and it transpired Bird left my bag with my passport in it at the venue last night. But Bird's got me another ID card, so we're outside waiting for Jeff to pick us up at 6:30. And at midday we're in LA, and soon after that we're in Interscope's offices,and I'm filling a bag with Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Gilbert And Sullivan, Dre, Peter Gabriel, Police and other such back catalogue. Jimmy Iovine has a signed letter from Tupac and a video console that won't switch on. And loads of ideas. A balcony. A lush view. LA is lush to look at, from these places of advantage. Like, later we visit Jeff and Trent's, and there's this fucking alien cat that loves me, and an incredible, incredible view, of this desolate wilderness spattered with money.

It was a lovely day.

But in the nighttime it is hard not to see that LA is awash with cunts. It is a sad and massive amount of cunts, and I am not sure whether it is sad because this is what the world did to them, or because this is what they do to the world, or because they are cunts, and you can see their faces rotting right in front of your eyes.