Envy & Akira The Don, backstage at her LP launch party at Cargo earlier this year

Akira The Don ft Envy - Winners From ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape

I think this song is appropriate for today.

Yesterday, I dropped my new mixtape. Today it has had over 15,000 streams on Sound Cloud alone. Ridonculously massive gaming site called it "The Best Gaming Mixtape You'll Ever Hear". Kiss My Geek, brilliantly, exclaimed, "Ca donne une SUPA DUPA HOT SHIIIIT!" My Twitter feed exploded, and continues to explode, with appreciative folks from all over the world. My website crashed, and took down a whole gang of other websites with it.

A pretty awesome early birthday present, basically. Thank you all! You rule!

As for Winners (big up Southern Hospitality for the drop!), that was the FIRST beat I  made for the mixtape. I made the song with my ole buddy Envy last week. She was streaming the process via her laptop, futuristically enough, so her inspirationally dedicated #EnvyArmy got to see the process. A week later they all got to hear it, gratis. Awesome.

I got the following email this morning:

never heard anything of ur productions before, but kotaku´s mr crescente got me hooked up with it in article ... so i just got one question as an fellow producer i need 2 know the sample of that "winners" track ... by far the most superb ... very good puttin such a beat on it .. gives the sample such a drive u digg ? well u should u produced it ^^ and that girl, while i really dont get along well with oxford english (even if i´m half jamaican), really put some vibe to it ... at first u think yeah rite girl ... but as i heard the song the second time ? i was blown ^_°

greetz DNS

Well, first off, thank you for the email, and for appreciating my drums! My drums have gotten way better since I started banging them out on my MPD, its been a major breakthrough for me...

Second, Envy's English is not Oxford, it's Manchester! Which is in the North of this weird-ass island. And that's one of the reason's her flow is so ill. The other is that she is pretty much a genius. As for the sample? It's Street Fighter II Victory - Hadouken Theme Song, an absolutely brilliant piece of music. So here you go, my new friend, and all my other friends, new, old, forgotten, remembered:

Awesome, non? I am looking forward to breaking down more of this Street Fighter ish over the next week. Some of the sampling is pretty straight, like here... and some is really not at all. Like The Title. That joint was SO FUN TO MAKE! Oh my LORD!

But! What joints do YOU want to see zoomed in on? and what do you want to know? Lemme know, I make it happen.

Right. I better get off and do lots of work. My Mum's coming to see me today, to celebrate my birthday and say things like "you'll always be my little boy! It seems like only yesterday that you were this big!" And so on. I can't wait!

Download The Street Fighter mixtape for FREE here!


[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


Oh No! First Fail of The Year!

Emergency message from Mr. Donovan - has had a major computer malfunction and it looks like he won't be back up by 5 - he's working hard at it for all of you. Please think happy thoughts.BJ, 16:55, 03/02/10

Well, that was a horrible six hours. Just after 3pm, I, AK Donovan, acting under the suggestion of the techies at Ustream, installed an Adobe server thingie so that the Doncast would stream in better quality... and it destroyed my computer.

Fully destroyed my C drive, my Windows installation, my software, and my Sac VS Pip remix lyrics to boot. Amongst other things. I have spent the time since formatting, and reformatting my hard drive, and reinstalling Windows. Thankfully, this has worked, and I am now reinstalling all my software. I am likely to be up all night doing it, as I use a lot of software, from a lot of different places. Frankly, working out what I was using for certain things is going to be task enough... but I consider myself lucky. It could have been much worse. And it was my own stupid fault for even considering turning this workhorse of mine into a bloody server. Fool Donovan!

I did find this all particularly upsetting, however, as this I year I have fulfilled all my promises, and stuck to all my schedules. Now I have a dirty fail against my good name. Bah!

So, my apologies to you that were hanging out in that chatroom waiting on my arrival. I hope it wasn't too disappointing,and that you at least had some worthwhile conversations, or something.

I am afraid that all the time I've lost today means I can't reschedule for tomorrow or anything - I have a remix to rewrite, amongst other things - so we shall have to try again next week. I have a good feeling about this new installation though. it is cleaner, more streamlined... I think good things will come of it.

Anyway, did I miss anything in there while I was trying not to swear loudly?

Akira The Don's All New Weekly Doncast # 1

OK gang! Today I shall be recording the first All New Weekly Doncast, LIVE from Don Studios IV, via the magic of Ustream... The broadcast with start officially at 5pm UK time, but I shall be testing on and off prior to that time. Yes the royal we will be taking requests, and doing shout outs. Whoop!

We did it! THAT WAS FUN, EH? Cheers gang! You rule! Now to see if it recorded...

Oh no! You guys! Ustream's default recording is flv! Mono! Sounds like crap! Looks like what went down tonight will only be experienced by those that were there!

Which is kinda awesome when you think on it.

* thinks on it.


Well, a Doncast will happen again. Same time, 5-7pm GMT next Wednesday. And I will record it with my own machines of recording, and my mike levels will have been sorted in advance based on what we learned this week. So who knows? Everyone might get to share in the magic!

EDIT: FYI, the comics I was moidering on about were Final Crisis and Cerebus...