Born Ready!

Rah, what a mad day. I was up at 7:30, and before 10:00 am I had cycled 8 miles, been to the gym and drunk two protein shakes. I won't be doing that last thing again in a hurry, but the rest was pretty cool. I also learned from his sister, with whom I had a stop and chat outside my hose, that Patrick Wolf thinks Patrick is about him. Ha! That's like me thinking Adam's Song is about me. Actually, maybe it is. I am pretty famous and awesome, and have been since I was born, pretty much. Look, that's me up top, just after I was born! Look how cool and famous I obviously was!

Actually, my Dad says he used to feed me with a catapult, but that's just the sort of mean unfunny thing he always says, and anyway, it was blatantly my mum doing all the feeding, my Dad was probably too busy flicking his hair in the mirror. Here he is around the time I was born, five years younger than I am now, enjoying some fine Brummy cuisine, and looking forward to finding a mirror to flick his hair in afterwards.

There's a joke to be made about a nice bird there, but I am not the man to make it. What do I look like, a comedian? Exactly. Anyway, this mild nostalgia bubbled up because I was referencing the fact that I have been an awesome pop star since I was like, two, on a new song from ATD25 I was recording the other day, for which I dug out a tape recording my Mammy and Daddy made of me singing when I was, yes, two. I had a beautiful voice and I am sure you are all very excited to hear it. I also wrote a song today that referenced some of my old man's weirder child rearing techniques, which was fun to rap and record, but they were quite odd to consider as Things That Actually Happened.

ATD25 is turning out to be quite the bloody master-work, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but it really has monstered from its initial intent. We're shooting a video for the lead track on Thursday, and we're gonna drop that lead track the day after. A few days after that the site is going to close down while we test ATD 5.0, which is in the final stages of design now, and making feel like a child at Christmas. Aside from the fact that once its live I get to cut my beard and delete my Myspace, both things that make me giddy just thinking of them, I am just really really really excited about showing it to you, my dear friends. It is a bold leap forward for the artist's website, the site against which all others will be judged, and shown to be lacking, and the future of How To Do This Music Stuff Proper On The Internets. Not one word of this is hyperbole, and I know you know me well enough by now to know that to be the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, so help me Xenu.

ATD25 is an absolute fucking masterwork, and 5.0 is the artist's website to kill all other artist's websites. I invented this shit back in 04, now I'm doing it again.

Obviously when I say "I", I mean we, as I wouldn't be able to do it without Y'ALL. Speaking of which, it's the Doncast tomorrow, so I'll be seeing y'all then, yes? 5pm UK time, sharp. An hour and a half of CLASSICS. I enjoyed that very much last time. Communications via the usual channels, merci beaucoup.


I, Dynomatica

pekar OK, what was that? Oh, yeah! Yes, you are RIGHT, I DO need to be updating this EVERY DAY like I said I would in January! You're RIGHT! And I know, the site IS broken in that you can't navigate past the first page with the next page button and has been that way for ages and that is really ANNOYING and UNFAIR!

You see, those two things are, unfortunately enough, LINKED... because the problem I have right now is that if I post something on the main blog every day, in a week its off the frontpage, and therefore pretty much gone. And some stuff you want to hang around a bit, cos it's cool. That's why I created the Blob Blog in the first place - so I could post all those songs and videos and articles without wiping out my own lovingly crafted Premium Content out of existence. Of course, what has happened is that my main blog posts dont have too many links and things in them. And I bet there's a whole bunch of you that haven't even noticed the Blob Blog!

Well, all this was supposed to have been resolved about a year ago by akirathedon 5.0, but little Zef is taking his sweet ass time with that and we are all suffering as a result. I mean, you're RIGHT, dear reader, is supposed to be the BEST ARTISTS' WEBSITE IN THE WORLD... and it certainly is a damn site better than pretty much every artists' site I can think of right now... but it certainly is NOT anywhere close to what it should be, and frankly, I am embarrassed by it (almost as much as the photos of me that pop up when you google image search me. How does one "fix" those rotten results?!).

Still, I have just upped the accapella, instrumental and clean versions of Nah Nah Nah ft. Gonzales. It's not like I'm sat on my ass watching The Daily Show or anything (RIP NinjaVideo, we pray for a resurrection). I stay busy like ants, baby. Indeed I do. But I do think that Nazi discipline needs to get reinstated. I need to finish that comic strip and get back into regular cartoonism. I need to be dropping something WORTHWHILE on this mainblog every day. I need to be getting the Doncast up as soon as its finished. I need to answer email quicker. I need to get my Twitter game back up.

Anything else? Do let me know where you think I'm slipping. I don't mind. You can be harsh.

Anyway. The gym is going well, thank you. That it forces me to cycle for over an hour most days makes it worthwhile, and I like hanging out with Jeres on the Jesus Machines and watching the Polish dudes going mental on the barbells. Speaking of which, Jeres and I had a wee rehearsal on Sunday for this gig we're doing on Friday, which was pretty sweet. We're having another few before the gig, as we wish to be Competent, and Well Rehearsed, and Tight, like a dickinthebutt (word to Nicki Minaj), which sounds like an archaic children's toy or something now I come to think of it. Dickinabutt that is. I can hear the theme song and everything. "Dickinabutt, dickinabutt, dickinabutt, dickinabutt!" Damn, what a joy to say that word is! Dickinabut! Whoo!

Hmm. I was supposed to be doing more Writing round these parts, wasn't I? Never mind. Check back tomorrow and we'll see what we can do. In the meantime, wrap your eyeballs around this video I did for Si Cranstoun's Dynamo, which is Out Soon. I'll drop the remix I did tomorrow. OK? Yeah? really? Aw, shucks, you guys.

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! FIGHT!

The fourth mixtape of 2010's insane 12 drops Friday.

It will be fast.

It will be furious.

It will be FREE.

And it will be FEMED.

Sorry, THEMED.

Where's that drum roll?

Ah yeah...








ATD23: A Tribute To The Music Of Street Fighter.


So, what are your favourite musical Street Fighter moments? There are so many to choose from it's head-spinning. The drum & bass weirdness from SF3 Alpha? The SF2 Gameboy Bleepfest? The breathtakingly goliath SF4 theme? Answers in the comments! I'll pick one at random and award you a drawing!

That reminds me: Who suggested I use Crash Test Dummies and The Kinks on Superhero Music? I can't find you in the #superheromusic hashtag on Twitter. BUT I KNOW YOU EXIST! And I wanna send you prize.

Speaking of which, I am off to the post office now. Superhero Music Ts are back in! Infuriatingly, my supplier sent a gang of XLs instead of XXLs, so if you're waiting for those (I see you Mark and Matthew!) you're gonna have to wait a little longer. I am deeply sorry/enraged and have unleashed the krakken in my hapless supplier's direction, poor sod.

Oh, and Raydome, I found your drawing! That's going too. Happy days.


Did Lily Allen Rip Off Akira The Don?!

If you listened to this week's most excellent and righteous DONCAST you'll be up on this already, but if not, there's been an interesting discovery round these parts this week. A Michael Fitzgerald wrote me the following email:

I was just curious as to the association between your song off When We Were Young and the song "Him" from Lily Allen's newest album. I noticed there is an uncanny resemblance between the melody of these two songs and was wondering if they are simply based on the same sample or if you worked with her on the production of that particular song?

By the way, this about my favorite song off that album...always gets a positive reaction even here in Moscow, Idaho. Unfortunately, its a little hard to get a hold of your albums here in Idaho...



Cheers Mike! Well, as you can hear in the clip above, I was entirely unaware of this - as was my special guest Joey2tits... so we had a listen to the songs to see if there really was any resemblance. In case your life has been tragically bereft so far, and you've never heard it, here's my '05 sunshine masterpiece , Oh What A Glorious Thing:

Amazing. And here's Lily Allen's Him, from 2009's It's Not Me, It's You




That was my initial reaction, anyway. Lily's song is evidently built around a replay of the same guitar loop my song is - the first few bars of Nico's gorgeous and lugubrious These Days. Now, its not unusual for people to sample similar things, no matter how obscure. What makes this ultra-suspect is the context - UK pop-rap, and the fact that the beat drops in exactly the same fashion, as does the bass. I played with Ms Allen when she was promoting her first album also. Oh yeah! AND! A couple of years ago my manager at the time had some meetings with Greg Kurstin who, having listened to my debut LP, was keen to work with me on my second. Scheduling conflicts stopped this from happening, however, as Kurstin was about to go into the studio with - yep - Lily Allen!


The big difference, of course, is that Oh! What A Glorious Thing has an amazing chorus, and Him has a horrible chorus.

What do you think?

Happy When It Snows

Akira The Don VS CCHG – Happy When it Snows From ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

I think might have been the most fun I've had drawing this comic strip so far. Thanks for the opportunity gang!

Happy When it Snows, then. Do any of you know who CCHG are? Because I do not! I came across this amazing piece of music perusing Vice Magazine's new flash player on their website. I was looking at flash players that morning, and happened upon Vice's. The second song I heard was Chinaman Pappa by CCHG - it was perfect. Southern styled 808 drums married to music that sounded like tragic Georgio Moroder dreamscapes. Descending chords. I put it on repeat, sat in my chair by the window, rolled myself a zoot, opened the window, and wrote the song there and then, as snowflakes drifted into the room and mingled with the smoke. It was magical.

So shout out whoever play-listed the Vice flash player, and shout out CCHG, whoever you are. Thank you for the music. Oh, and shout out Sun On The Sand, who had it on their lovely site earlier this week.

Rah then. NEWS.

As I type, Chilly Gonzales and Andrew W.K. are in New York being told what to do by a video recording of me.

And what am I telling them?

Here's a transcript of my message:

Hi Chilly. Hi Andrew. Hi people of New York. Yes it is true, I am British personality and Some Kind Of rapper Akira The Don. You might remember me from such epic piano battles as Chilly Gonzales VS Andrew WK, held in this very venue last September.

Yes, I judged that battle. And, to my eternal regret, I publicly declared Gonzales the victor.


Observe for yourselves.

Indeed. Now, myself and the International Piano Battle Judging Scholars For Truth have reviewed the videos and interviewed the principals, and it seems Gonzales , while he was not technically cheating, is not entitled to claim the throwing of a gold chain as a musical gesture – it was clearly intended to destabilize his opponent.

As such , the battle is declared null and void, and a a Piano Battle Rematch will be held in Europe this fall.

Moreover, until the rematch, any collaborations between Gonzales and Andrew WK must include Gonzales in the subservient role of piano accompanist and ONLY that.

Gonzo, you stole a moment of potential glory from Andrew in his hometown. By the power vested in me, I demand that, painful as it might be, you suppress your ego… and gave something back.

So there you go. Andrew and Gonzo performed three songs at Joe's Pub last night, with Gonz playing the subservient pianist to Andrew's heroic frontman. Meanwhile, The Rematch will happen somewhere in Europe, this coming Autumn.


ATD20 – The Mixtape

Get the CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Get the MP3 + T-Shirt here.

I'm Not A Troll

Akira The Don VS Richie Beretta – I’m Not A Troll ft. CopperCab From ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.


Shout out Richie Beretta, who I'd never heard of before this, and who it transpired was a fan of my music, and who's own brilliant music gave me a canvas on which to paint CopperCab's righteous anger. Shout out the blog I heard it on - the bookmark for which I lots in last week's crash. Shout out Example, via whom I found CopperCab. And shout out CopperCab, who doesn't understand why he's getting crap at school and on the internets, just for having red hair.

Ah, but it's not just because he has red hair, is it? It's because when he gets teased, he answers back. It's the answering back that really gets people's backs up. If he kept his mouth shut, and his head down, people would quickly get bored, and more onto the next one. Not that he wouldn't always have to endure a certain level of abuse, just for being... because he would. So it goes. But his refusal to just accept that is what makes him a marked man. So big up to you, CopperCab. Your voice is strong and clear - it was a joy to play with.

ATD20 – The Mixtape

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Akira The Don – Security Initially sent to preorderers of ATD20/Security T. Appeared on ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

All praises due to The Independent Content Company, for filming that awesome thing up there! And coming up with the idea. And editing it. And rendering it. And uploading it. The Independent Content Company is pretty much the greatest Independent Content Company I have ever worked with. WOW!

All praises due to the most high for providing us with exactly what we wanted to make the thing. All we had to do was go for a wander around the Olympic Development Site, and we found everything, including a high rez jacket. Truly amazing, cheers multiverse.

You'll notice that's a totally different version to the one in the flash player, that got sent to preorderers, and appeared on ATD20. This was all Joey's idea, and an awesome one it was. For those that have been asking, yes, it is a true story. I used to wonder why so many terrible things kept happening to me. Well, in retrospect, I realise it might have been because I was doing so many terrible things. When I stopped doing terrible things, terrible things stopped happening to me! I have been blessed with wonderful fortune ever since. Let that serve as a warning to you all!

Now, if anyone knows how to karmically attract great riches, do share with us all in the comments.

Comic strip later on. We're finishing off the Sac VS Pip remix right now. IT IS SO CHOICE! From the feedback I've been getting, lots of you are very excited that I am doing a Sav VS Pip remix. Who else would you like me to have a go on, so to speak?

Oh, and a fabulous No Prize goes to whoever can work out what comic I am reading in my lonely booth up there. CLUE: "Illness."

ATD20 - The Mixtape

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If You Seek Amy

Blonde Jeremy & Akira The Don - If You Seek Amy FIrst dropped: Jan 29th 2010, on ATD20

You dig what's happening here? That's right! This week, every day, I'll be focusing in on a joint from ATD20. A comic strip inspired by the song, and the song itself. Might even be a video one day, you never know. And today, it's If You Seek Amy, which I did with my ole pal Blonde Jeremy Deacon. Actually, he did the vast majority of it. I just rapped on the end and mastered the thing.

We've been talking about doing this ever since I posted the OG version, as performed by Miss Britney Spears, last year. If you peep that post you'll notice I wasn't feeling it straight away, but BJ WAS, and made it known in the comments. I think we went for a drink that night, by which time I'd listened to the song about 12 times and was assured of its brilliance.

Anyway, as often happens when I'm doing a mixtape, I reach out to a few of my closest peoples to see if they have any ideas. And BJ reminded me of this. And I was like, yes! I got into the thing on Thursday night, like 11pm, and vibed to it for a while - I was like, rah, this is so nice... classy and sleazy at the same time. A vision came before me. A room, a red curtain, a stage. Then that flow hit me, along with most of the words, and I battered it out on my knackered ole keyboard in my non-touch typing, fore-fingered fashion that sounds like a typewriter and cases my girl no end of grief, stood up, declared myself Awesome, and spat it into my AKG C414B with faith and fire and finesse.


And later that day, it was unleashed unto the world, as track 3 on ATD20.


We always say this, but me and BJ really ought to do more stuff together. The last thing we did was that New Theme From Star Trek, FFS. FYI (the acronyms keep on coming!) BJ's been working on an ALBUM For a year or so, and last time I heard it, the thing was AMAZING. Apparently its gotten better since then. I am well looking forward to it. And you'll be the first to hear about it, promise.

OK, over and out for the now. Hit the jump for the lyrics (well, my bit anyway). Oh, and keep it locked on the Blob Blog, output has been intensifying over that way lately. And make sure you're here tomorrow, for another song, and another comic.

I told you I wasn't messing about this year...




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Blonde Jeremy & Akira The Don - If You Seek Amy


yeah, yeah

don's in the club
no mickey mouse
makin like bombs in the club
like everybody out
on my ones in the club
just her up on the stage and the piano man
keep on playing brother
as the red light glows
and the red wine flows
i no longer smoke but its appropriate in this setting
i'm not a betting man
but I'll buck if she keep undressing
i'm still setting the scene so I suppose I oughta mention
its an overused phrase
but this is definitely lynchian
all its missing is a monkey in the corner
either this is all a dream or I awoke in California
i fell asleep  on a bed of fake tits
but all I ever meant to do was rep my crew and make hits
sorry tracks
songs songs
sorry that you thought you had to sing along
that was wrong of me -
oops I did again though!
but really you aint have to pretend to
that make up makes you look like nick endo
oh i can hear a symphony it seems to me it's played on nintendo
and as we get to the crescendo
i can hear a cop car howling in the moonlight
but we don't need nobody comin up in here and messing with us tonight
you'll only find adam with she
F U C K  A T D

Magic Marker

What a little git bag!

Dearie, dearie me.

So, here's a thing. I have been thinking that these backgrounds are actually distracting. But then, I like them, as they give context. That's my desk. Those are my monitors. That's my website on the left one. Manga Studio on the right. That's my Juno D. That's my Batman & Robin poster. But I'm not sure. So, here that same strip without the background:

What do you think?

Rah then. I spent much of today making Security, the song I'm sending to all you ATD20/Security T preorderers. See, I did have a song written in my head, and I had started a thing, but then I was sat at my desk today, and I've got my Juno D in front of me all the time now, and I was just hitting some keys while I was waiting for an email to send, and the sound pleased me so  much I had to record it right away, and the next thing I knew I had the basis of a whole new song, and it became Security. And I love it. It's a story song, a true story song, and one of the most personal things I've done since Patrick. It's very strange that it chose today to come out. How weird to think it would never have happened had I not said I was going to give a brand new song to people who preordered a T Shirt!

So it goes...

So anyway. It's done, but I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to play it really loud and make sure I like the mix, them I am going to send it, as promised, to all the preorderers. So what are you waiting for?

Reserve yours now!

Oh, and in other good news,  the prototype ATD Security T showed up today! It is so choice. The organic cotton makes a massive difference, I am amazed to report. Shit feels luxury soft. Here's me rapping in it this afternoon.

I might drop some of that footage tomorrow, I'll see how I get on with the music.

OK, bedtime. Be safe.


PS - today's strip was soundtracked by RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Cheers the_otter_cast for reminding me about it.

A Video For Steven Here it is then. I have been meaning to put together a visual for my tribute to The Greatest Who Ever Did It for a while now, but Kieron Gillen's inclusion of the song in his top 40 of 2009, and the revelation via Paul O'Regan that it was the only song on that list not on Youtube spurred me on.

The thing was SUPPOSED to be simple, but I ended spending till 4am last night and all day today (well, yesterday now, technically) on it. As is my wont. AND I AM GLAD I DID! Cos it's ace. So cheers Kieron and Paul!

I really should big up Clipnabber as well. BIG UP CLIPNABBER!

And while we're in the giving mood (we are, right?) someone was asking for that Sage/Babybird/Sleeper/etc mashup thing that was on Third Hand Wire Riffs and ATD19 the other day, right?

Well here it is.

Happy Wednesday!

Next: ATD20. Work has begun. I'm in a celebratory mood, and I have a deciversarry coming up. Kool Kid and P Mo know what Im talking about. WE ARE DEEP IN THIS  RAP GAME LIKE METAPHORS! Think again before you blink again!

And with that I shall  leave you with the best comment I have seen all year, found at the bottom of an article about how that hacker guy the yanks wanna lock up for 70 years found evidence of aliens and stuff in NASA's system:

"i have evidence of a conspiracy not only to cover up ufo´s and aliens but also the worldwide crisis happening today, there has been major cover ups of "aliens" visiting "our" planet. it is not our planet it is theirs and they plan to keep it that way by controlling the government, i plan to unravel more of this conspiracy and to reveal it also"

Well, what are you waiting for man? Spit it out! Sheeee-it!

PS - Christopher Lee is releasing a "symphonic metal album" in March. Are YOU?

PPS - Here's a letter Morrissey wrote to a music rag in 1978 about how The Cramps made The Police "seem like a great big sloppy bowl of mush" and how their drummer is "the most compelling in rock history.

LISTEN: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes


DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes

A bunch of you asked for this, so I've done the right thing and liberated this most excellent joint from ATD18: The Don Shoes Mixtape (I gave it a fresh mix too).

Speaking of which, the postman just staggered up 32 metal stairs to my front door dragging another massive ass box full of d-d-d-d DON SHOES!

So boss up ladies and Gs - Don Shoes are back in stock, cop 'em while they're hot from the brand new shop!


The Day The ODB Died

odb My little brother Alex painted me this for my birthday seven or eight years ago. Look in those eyes. So beautiful.

Rest in peace Russel Jones. We will never forget you.

STREAM: Akira The Don - The Day The ODB Died (from iANDY EP)

STREAM: Raekwon - Ason Jones

LISTEN: Akira The Don - John Shoot It Up

John Shoot It Up Thassright, even in death John Hughes continues to inspire. Some of that ole ATD magic done come back to me tonight, and I made this in tribute. Then I didn't stop. Guess what's turning into a tape RIGHT NOW?

STREAM: Akira The Don - John Shoot It Up ft Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Method Man

Download here.

MUSIC: Akira The Don - BNP DOA

"British National Party, one hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and thirty nine votes."


So, I was gonna write something about this, but I decided to rap instead. I actually recorded this yesterday, but didn't have time to mix it cos I was filming the Video Highway video with Joey and Mary.

So, anyway.


Akira The Don - BNP DOA DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - BNP DOA DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - BNP DOA (Acapella) - 86.490 BPM

For an excellent written analysis of the issue, go see Marvin.

MUSIC: Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)


Photo by Virginia Manning


The somewhat epic title track from my new mixtape, The Omega Sanction.


Will we be playing this on Friday?


PS - New T-Shirts are being sent my way today, will be out to you on Friday. PHEW!

Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)

March Of The Sinister Ducks

Sinister Ducks 8pm and its still light. Wow.

Adam Walton played the title track off of The Omega Sanction on his show last night. Click here to listen back. No one's noticed the hook origin yet, which I am shocked by.

He also interviewed Pete Waterman, who is something of a SLEPT ON WIZARD... so check it out.

Other nice things to listen to:

Hunchbakk's latest forray into super ugly beatstuffs...

Dr Dre's Top 25 Productions, courtesy of Kevin Nottingham Dot Com

Sinister Ducks - March of The Sinister Ducks. Alan Moore on vocals. Cheers Luke Herr for the heads up...


I got some really fucking horrible news on Friday. The Swine have robbed Littles of his freedom, for a completely inordinate amount of time. Dude's gonna appeal, so I'd thank you all to keep him in your most positive of thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you might wanna call them.

Through The Wire

Man, they bunned down Randy's fostermamma house on The Wire last night. That was messed up. Plus that tragic spoilt dude with the afro-puff and the crazy evil psychobitch mother with the nostrils like laundry-chutes copped a slap off Michael-With-The-Crackhead-Moms for being an giant penis structure and cried like Chris de Burgh in the gym. And the guy who runs the gym, who Michael thinks is kinda is creepy, and is kinda creepy, actually, got shot in the legs for trying to help Michael out step on his peoples' pavement. And Omar The Hero, who even my institutionally-homophobic friends can't help but admit is awesome, went and robbed ALL THE DRUGS IN BALTIMORE. Well, a week or so's worth.

And that's not even going into the whole politricks side of things, or that sweet, sad stuff with Prezbo and Charles Hamilton Dukie. That was one episode! Damn, season 4 of The Wire is incredible.

So, that Streetfighter joint is doing big things. The dude at Capcom, he say,

Honestly, this is the best thing I've ever heard, ever. DRAGON GONNA LAY MANS DOWN is all we're shouting. And we're shouting it. Can you tell Akira The Don he's a fucking legend? This shits all over all the other remixes I've heard.

A lot of you have been hitting me up with questions about the thing, so here's what it was - this dude who's doing the PR on Street Fighter 4 hit me up asking if I'd be interested in getting my hands on all the music and sounds from Streetfighter 2. And I was like, hell yeah! And I made that beat, and Littles, Narst and P came round, and we spat all over it.

The accompanying art was indeed by me. I'm Ryu cos Littles bagged Ken. After I'd drawn it Littles pointed out that there's actually character called Akira in the game, which I had no memory of at all, but I don't care cos I look dope as Ryu and I am now wearing the ninja headband Wade got me from Japan.

For the record, I'm most enamoured with the clean version. Speaking of which, I was listening to radio 4 this morning, and Lenny Henry was talking about how he's "shitting it" about playing Othello. How come Lenny Henry gets to say "shitting it" on Radio 4 in the morning and I can't say "piss" on Radio 1 at 10pm? Sheeeeeeeeeet!

OK. I gotta go finish my VAT stuff, then I'll be dropping the Streetfighter remix comp ish. SPINNING BIRD KICK!

MUSIC: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up)

Click for biggle! NEW ISH!

Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up)

192 kbps downloads and wallpaper below.

You can cop a CD quality MP3 bundle including the song, the clean version, the instrumental, the acapella, and the artwork at 3000 x 1875 for a mere £1.99.


As keen eyed/eared readerlisteners will know, my second album is almost ready, and is called

The Life Equation

But before The Life Equation comes...

The Omega Sanction

This March, an incredible mixtape/album/T-Shirt. Jewel case CD with full colour booklet, full colour T Preorderers get it first, at discount, and as ever, with added DOPE.



Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Main Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Clean Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Acapella Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Instrumental


1280 x 1040 1600 x 1000 1600 x 1200 1920 x 1200

MUSIC: Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns

Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns Rah, so. The sun was going down on London, and I was in the middle of rendering this really complicated mass of J.P.'s new ish and cooking some over chips, when the rassclart electricity ran out, entirely unexpectedly, plunging me into two hours of lunacy, as I turned the house upside down in an heroic attempt to amass the required seven (7) pounds in British currency, in order to switch the lights back on.

I swear, sneaky shopfolk have been palming me off with 5 euro pieces instead if British Pennies, by the sheer volume of those useless little pellets that stacked up on my coffee table. Dark came quickly, but I had a little flashing red bicycle light to help me in my mission. After an hour or so, I'd got just under six (6) British pounds, in piles of dusty copper. Eventually I took a knife to the undercarriage of the sofa, and Found A Pound. BLAOW!

I felt like a cotdang hero, let me tell you. Anyway, switching the machine back on, I found this new joint by Big Narstie, produced by the midlands finest -  Tricksta! - taken from the forthcoming mixtape The Big Man Returns. That ish drops at the end of March.


DOWNLOAD: Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns