King Of The Sea

Thanks Zef!

Zef sent that, cos of a thing I said in G chat (chat for Gs).

Narstie's over, talking about Dot Cotton having a "condom neck".

Narstie's on the amazing all star remix that's dropping shortly. DJ Jack Nimble's over in a minute to rehearse for the tour. I have been doing flipping loads of drawing.

Thor was ace.

Was going to write a big thing about why, but it isn't in my SHEDUUUUULE!


"I'm gonna blow out the straight fire fam."

The Beast Of Zef

Zef? ZEF? Who is Zef? You know Zef. Zef is my little brother. Zef made all the Akira The Don websites, and animated the first Akira The Don videos. Zef was never fat. Zef was my second guest on The Doncast this week, and you got to see him dancing and hammering my soundboard. Zef invented Zef, not Die Antwoord.

These days he lives in Falmouth with his common law wife where he attends graphic design college and spends his leisure time crab fishing and singing in a Sea Shanty troupe. He's staying with me right now whist he attends a work placement with Brand Union by day, and works on The Best Artist's Website In The World, 5.0 by night. Right now he is attending his FIRST EVER after-work drinks. He says he'll only be "a few hours" late. WE SHALL SEE! I've been getting that one off of my girl for 4 years. "I'll only be a few hours late" means "see you 'round midnight wherein I will fall through the door in a puddle and call you a stink-bott wee face no-fun grumphole until I fall into a deep and noisy sleep with a smile on my face and my shoes still on". (Saying that, I'd rather Zef DID keep his shoes on, as he's recently taken to forgoing socks for reasons too baffling superficial to go into here, whihc is hazardous to say the least. It's like he has two great stinky timebombs strapped to the bottom of his legs.)

ANYWAY! I digress. This post is a CELEBRATION of the might and wonder that is ZEF, and a repository for some of the weird and awesome things he's created over the years.

This, for example, is one of his very first beats, done when he was 15:

[audio: snail.mp3]

Zef - Snail

And this is his first bootleg, from the same period!

[audio: - Nocturnal Jerker.mp3]

Zef - Nocturnal Jerker

Imagine that was YOUR first bootleg! Amazing. Dude did two more bootlegs after that, then decided he'd rather do something useful with his life...

like superimposing Sean Bean on a space background initially created for the sleeve of my second album!

This is his Cosmic Bean T Shirt.

It's all kinds of awesome. You can buy yours here, just like Scroobius Pip.

Example's trying to to get a free one, bless him.

That Bean Shirt is the first in a series of 3, I believe. I'm gonna be on one. I can't wait to see that shit!

This here is one of my favourite bits of Zef design. Dude did this 3 years ago I think, I've seen it ripped off all over the place since.

Here's another classic. This is from the same fertile period. I think that's just after he moved to Cornwall. The air was good for him evidently. I expect this to get ripped off pretty actively in 2012.


For now...

Here's the first ZefM mixtape, an awesome Italo Disco Mixtape, no less. Play this at your party and watch that thing torn into a cotdang ZOO!

Praise be to Jah! And my our Mam and Dad for making such good person cocktails! As predicted earlier in the post (I started writing it this afternoon, got distracted, and came back to it in the nighttime), it is 22:32 and a merry Zef is on his way home from the pub. A sad, selfish soul just threw themselves in front of his tube, so he's going to be a little while yet. "Please, get the booze in!" he cried earnestly down the phone. "I want to make brotherly love!"