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March Of The Sinister Ducks

Sinister Ducks 8pm and its still light. Wow.

Adam Walton played the title track off of The Omega Sanction on his show last night. Click here to listen back. No one's noticed the hook origin yet, which I am shocked by.

He also interviewed Pete Waterman, who is something of a SLEPT ON WIZARD... so check it out.

Other nice things to listen to:

Hunchbakk's latest forray into super ugly beatstuffs...

Dr Dre's Top 25 Productions, courtesy of Kevin Nottingham Dot Com

Sinister Ducks - March of The Sinister Ducks. Alan Moore on vocals. Cheers Luke Herr for the heads up...


I got some really fucking horrible news on Friday. The Swine have robbed Littles of his freedom, for a completely inordinate amount of time. Dude's gonna appeal, so I'd thank you all to keep him in your most positive of thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you might wanna call them.

The Post, They Aint A Changin'

New York Post Money Assasination Fuckery Wow.

That shit right there, that was published in the New York Post last week, and is by celebrated Nazi pornographer cartoonist Sean Delonas. You can see more of his Good Works here, in case you needed proof this was no aberration. He doesn't just hate Ze Blacks, but gays and women too!

Rah though. What does one expect from a Murdoch publication? Anyway. Never mind that. I'm on Adam Walton's show again tonight, delivering my monthly address to the people of Wales the world (iplayer is global! Unless you aint got the real player lite thing).

Also on tonight's show, Aberystwyth's Georgia Ruth Williams in session, The Wedding Present and Cinerama's David Gedge being interviewed, award winning Welsh writer / poet and activist Robert Minhinnick sharing his thoughts on lyric-writing, Ben Knowles talking about the new War Child album, Heroes, Ankst co-founder  Emyr Glyn Williams talking about his new film SAUNDERS LEWIS vs. ANDY WARHOL, along with stuff from Huw Williams and Soundhog.

It's on from 10pm - 1am on BBC Radio Wales, and you can listen here.

Hold tight this week for the Streetfighter remix competition, and A NEW SONG, as the secrets of The Omega Sanction unfurl.



PS - Hey Jamie Graham! Ive been trying to send you the link for the MP3s you ordered, but your email keeps bouncing! Get at me!

Drugs Related Violence

cd More new things!

I have uploaded all the instrumentals from When We Were Young. They're over here.

I've uplaoded a load of random photos here.

There are new songs in that box to the right.

AND! I did a new audio blog for Adam Walton's Radio Wales show. You can listen to that here.

OK. Back to the remixtape...

The Strange And Frightening Worlds of Lil Wayne & Akira The Don

thequietuswayne So, I have written an article on the carreer of Lil Wayne for The Quietus. Check it here.

In other news, Adam Walton interviewed me and Littles about ATD16 for his BBC Radio Wales show last week, and that will be running on Sunday. Adam says:

is a *special edition* of the programme.

That's a nice way of saying that it is pre-recorded because I will be in the middle of a week off*.

However, there will be much to marvel at: Huw Williams recounts the time he became the first person on the radio, anywhere, to play Stereophonics [from their original demo]; we have the first Unsigned Advice Panel, featuring the Green Man Festival's Jo Bartlett, record producer Greg Haver & Huw Williams [again, with a different hat on]; Peppermint Patti will be in to enthuse about their favourite music of female origins [but let's not use the term 'mofo'], Akira the Don expounds on the glory of his latest mixtape, ATD16, and we have a raw and ace session from The Clay.

It's going to be full and ACE.

You will be able to hear that here.

Tonight On Radio Wales...

I'm doing a thing on Adam Walton's show tonight. Forsooth:
Tonight's Show [BBC Radio Wales, Sun 21st September 2008 - 10pm

Tonight's show will feature: an exclusive session from the deceptively quiet Silence At Sea [ ]; we have our first in a monthly series of blogs from Akira the Don [ ]; Engineering Consent PR's Marcus Warner will enthuse about 3 of his favourite pieces of music harvested from the South Wales leftfield; Huw Williams gives us a brief Welsh music history lecture and will be asking questions of those of you at the back; Soundhog will still be looking for his car keys; Bethan Elfyn previews her Radio 1 Introducing show & there will be a 'Demo of the Week'.

10pm - 1am on BBC Radio Wales.

That up there's a photo Adam rook of some Welsh rocks. Smart, non?