NME To Rethink Stance on Racism?

A story by The Svenhunter lifted from Playlouder:

When cleaning out my inbox I wondered why I'd left a 'news story' with 'Morrissey' and 'racism' in the title undeleted.

Well, now I remember: The NME withdrew £75,000 in funding for the Love Music Hate Racism event in London in late April, and Morrissey stepped in, rallying his "management, booking agency, and promoters" to help make up most of the huge funding defecit.

The NME's reasons for pulling out are unclear. Morrissey's press seemed to suggest his own asociation with the event made things difficult for the magazine, what with ongoing court proceedings concerning the NME's botched and blunt hatchet job on Morrissey earlier this year. (Morrissey: "Love Music Hate Racism got in touch and explained that the NME had pulled support, possibly as a result of their association with me.")

However, most sources presume that it was simply a case of dwindling sales and lack of cash.

As far as I can see, the story failed to pique the interest of anybody except left wing bloggers. (Though please feel free to correct me.)

The NME has long maintained a naïve and annoyingly-vague left-wing stance on political issues, but perhaps this just doesn't cut it anymore? Given the recent election of naïve and annoyingly-vague right-wing mayor, Boris Johnson, not to mention the relatively huge success of the BNP candidate, Richard Barnbrook (now one of the 25 members of the London Assembly), when compared with Left List's Lindsay German, perhaps the NME could re-invent itself as a far right rock rag? If that's where the money is...

The LMHR Carnival took place as planned on Sunday 27th April 2008 in Victoria Park, East London, and was a huge success.

Incidentally, I attended the event, was offered (yes, offered) a fight by one person, was refused entry due to possession of non-branded alcohol which wasn't bought in the sponsors' expensive booze tents, and was amused to witness a topless reveler dusting his hands on the way out and proclaiming, "Well, that's racism dealt with."

The rain fell hard throughout.

I didn't go myself, even though I only live five minutes away, as I was editing videos. Anyway. As if NME has £75,000 to pay wages, let alone found festivals where - spit - colored folk who don't play White Man's Indie are appearing! Lolinger!