YEAH! It's the UNKILLABLE THUNDERCHRIST art! By ME! Click for bigger! It's beautiful!

I spent 2 days on this thing and I am most pleased by it, for tis very beautiful. Thanks to everyone that suggested people for em to fight. Some of those suggestions I took on board, as you will be able to see. Keen eyed humans should be able to spot a wealth of dastardly creatures. How many can you see? Catch them all!

A special bonus no-prize to who can tell us what legendary artwork this is based upon...

Unkillable Thunderchrist comes out NEXT WEEK. You can pre-order it right now on CD, digital, and beautiful limited edition 9"x 9" PRIN T. Click here! I'd like to thank everyone that ordered the print before seeing the art. I hope you are happy with your decision.


PREORDER: We Wont' Be Broke Forever Baby ft. Gruff Rhys!


Yes brothers and sisters, the next single from my acclaimed second LP, The Life Equation will be We Won't Be Broke Forever ft. Gruff Rhys. That's the beautiful artwork up there, created entirely by ME and my Wacom DTF 520. The background pays tribute to the work of the mighty Pete Fowler, whose joyous images were as much a part of the the Super Furry Animals' allure to the teenage me as the music itself.

Included in the single package is a stunning and transcendent remix from dan le sac. The video for Broke is directed by Aaron Shrimpton, and is the third part of The Life Equation Trilogy that started with Nothing Lasts Forever.

Broke comes out on February 27th on digital download and limited edition radio promo CD. You will also be able to buy similarly limited edition prints and canvases of the artwork to put on your wall and brighten up your home.

Preorder now!

MP3 - £3.99 FLAC - £3.99 CD (Plus download) - £5 8" x 8" Print (comes signed with download & CD) - £10 6" x 6" Framed canvas (comes signed with download & CD) - £25 Broke Bundle (everything!) -  £30


SINGLE Akira The Don - We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Out February 27th on Living In The Future

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is the euphoric new single from Akira The Don. Featuring Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Neon Neon) and produced by synth pop pioneer Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Blur), Broke is already getting radio play (Radio 1, 6 Music, record of the week on Awesome Radio) without having actually gone to radio yet, because it is a beautiful and inspirational anthem for our times.

The single bundle includes a sleek and Kirbyesque dan le sac remix that sounds like venus, and the instrumental, replete with personally approved Dollar sample.

The video, part three of Akira's acclaimed The Life Equation Trilogy, is directed by Aaron Shrimpton (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan), co-stars Gruff Rhys, Envy and Eddie Argos (Art Brut, Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now), and drops on February 13th.

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is taken from Akira's second album, The Life Equation, which will receive a nationwide physical release on March 5th. Praise for The Life Equation:

  • "Brilliant" - Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles)
  • "Spectacular... A real slap upside the head" - The 404
  • "Glorious" - Subba Cultcha
  • "The urgent and danceable truth" - Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition)
  • "Triumphant" - Sun On The Sand

For more information, visit the best artist website in the world:, or follow Akira on Twitter:

In The Sweet Mid-Autumn

Good morrow brothers and sisters, this is Adam Alpha, AKA Akira Y Don, AKA I Invented The Internet, AKA Fuck British Gas, reporting live from Abergele, North Wales, where me and the wife have been visiting her Mother and Step-pops, the latter of whom you can see singing from his hymn book in that beautiful image above. We were recording something special for my Christmas record, which, incidentally, you can preorder here. He has a beautiful, stirring voice and I can't wait for you to hear it. He sang at our wedding and made grown men cry.

It has been a lovely three days. We put a bet on. We went to Caernarfon and visited Lloyd George and the walls I used to snog girls behind when I was 13. We watched Clint Eastwood's High Plains Drifter, in which he played The Opposite of John Marsten. I lost 44 Twitter followers (and good riddance) when I suggested that people might want to stop harping on about television adverts as they are just DOING THEIR JOBS FOR THEM. And I was told to put on a jumper a lot, as pensioners can't afford to het their houses, despite the swine at British gas and their owners, Centrica, posting record profits yet again this year. Sweet Baby Jesus alone knows how many people the murdering bastards will off this Christmas, but those fuckers better not think they're going to get away with this forever. The moon is on some crazy shit right now, and the tides they are a turning. There's a spike with your name on it Nick Luff.

HO HO HO! Joy and goodwill unto mankind, and a brick in the head for the swine. Here's a picture of the lovely sunset we witnessed on Saturday. Amen. Preorder now: Manga Music is NEX

Preorder now: Manga Music is NEXT from Akira The Don. 15 brand new songs inspired by the anime releases of Manga Entertainment. Aviable on download, CD, T-shirt and HOODIE. MARVEL AT THE GLORY HERE:

BEHOLD: The Horror Of This Weeks Caption Contest Winning Entry!

We had our weekly Caption Contest on my Basefook page the other day, and among many fine text entries, one industrious human took it upon himself to doctor the picture and add a caption in Photoshop. Now, the caption isn't laugh out loud funny or anything. But the industriousness, and the horror of seeing my friends faces mashed up in such a fashion makes it the winner for me. So congratulations Tyler Owen! You win a fabulous No Prize, the Respect Of Your Peers, and the Sadness of Jeres, who has untagged himself from the picture on BaseFook and wept many sad tears.

Here, just so you don't think Jeres really has mouths for eyes, is the original photo:

That's my buddy Luke on the left, brother of erstwhile Akira The Don & The Women singer Mary and co-founder of The Quietus. He used to work with me at PlayLouder. That's Jeres in the middle, who also worked with me at PlayLouder, played on a great many of my records, and was one of my two best men at my wedding, and world famous bull wrestler John Doran on the right. John is the other co-founder of The Quietus, and a former ADVERSARY of mine who used to bait me on message-boards and all sorts back in the pre-Youtube era. Now we like each other and he DJed my wedding. He was a brilliant wedding DJ, and he wrote about the experience for Vice this week. High five him. And high five our other wedding DJ Cat Bottibol, who got the all girls dancing. Which is what its all about, really. This life. Getting girls dancing.

Speaking of which (Hey! What a great segue-way!)...


Yes, the Babydoll video is FINISHED - Aaron and I stayed up till we fell asleep last night, me doing the sound and him doing, like, everything else. It will be with you as promised at midnight on Sunday. So too, will be the BABYDOLL SINGLE BUNDLE! It features, amongst other things, a very aweosme remix by an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR. I am excited for you to hear it. You can preorder the MP3 here, the FLAC here, and you should be made aware that I have ordered 130 full colour promo CDs for The Notorious Mister Lorry to take to radio, and I am going to keep aside 30 of those for YOU. You can claim your super-rare 5-track Babydoll CD by pre-ordering here.

The artwork is finished too. IT IS AMAZING.

In other news, I really like the new Noel Gallagher song. Forst one I've liked in over a decade. True story.


Living In The Future: Preorder Now!


So, last year I asked you what your favourite post WWWY songs were, for the following reason:

" those that don’t frequent this wonderful, groundbreaking, epoch defining website, I might as well have died in 2006. So we need to edumacate their asses, before we hit them upside the head with The Life Equation, and change the course of history for ever and ever. What I want to do is this – to put together an EP (extended play) of my finest works, following the release of When We Were Young up until now, the eve of The Life Equation. I will take these recordings, polish them up, treat them with respect and love, give them the mastering I was never able to before, and release them into the world, where anybody can find them."

Well, I took your advice, I made a list of a hundred odd songs, I whittled that list down to my favourites, I whittled that down to my favourites that didn't have great big fuck off unclearable samples in them, then I worked out which out of those worked best together and told a story as a whole sequence, then I made the whole lot work together melodically and thematically and shit, then I added Jamie to the mix, which was a song me and Stephen Hague did that we loved but didn't fit in The Life Equation, then I wrote The Way Back Home to finish that story, and lead into the next. I'd been wanting to write about my American adventure for a long time. It was emotional. The Way Back Home is now one of my favourite songs ever, and it makes me cry.

The songs have all been remixed, and reworked, in some cases with whole new beats and lyrics. Finally,  I got the whole lot professionally mastered, and sent it off to my distributor. It is already lying in wait on Amazon, and will soon be on iTunes, and all that stuff.

So! Living In The Future! A compilation of recordings made by me, Akira The Don between the release of my first album, When We Were Young, and my second, The Life Equation! With production from me, Akira The Don, Joey2tits and Stephen Hague! Release date is April 18th! It will be availible as a digital download AND, because you asked me nicely many times, CD! And T-shirt! And poster!

All CD orders get a complimentary digital download delivered on the first second of April 18th. Design to announced shortly. YOU KNOW IT WILL BE FRESH....

You can preorder now at a SPECIAL LOW PRICE! (You can choose your T size as well, cheers Normannumeric for pointing that issue out!)

Preorder CD! £5!

Preorder MP3! £3.99!

Prorder FLAC! £3.99!

Preorder CD + T-shirt! £16

Preorder MP3 + T-shirt! £15

Preorder FLAC + T-shirt! £15.50

Preorder CD, T-Shirt, Poster and Badge set! £25!

All funds will go toward the release of my second LP. And yes, YOUR NAME’S GONNA BE IN THE CD! Well, it is if you helped choose the songs. Thank you for that! You did a brilliant job!

In other news, whatever you're doing on April 2nd, CLEAR THAT! I have been asked by Japan Underground to play a Tsunami benefit at The Garage in London with a gang of awesome Japanese bands. Tickets are on sale here NOW. FB page is here. I AM HONOURED and HUMBLED and EXCITED! What songs do you wanna hear?

The Kidnapping... T-SHIRT & TRACKLIST!

Damn I love that tune. And damn, I love this site. I am so happy with this site. I am so happy that you're so happy with this site.  ZEF! You are a G!

Ah, happy happy happy. I am happy I got to see Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All in Stoke Newington on Friday night, even though I lost my steel toecap and my tit ring in the mosh pit (the same tit ring that's actually an ear ring that I've had in ever since I took the safety pin I made the hole with out when I was 14). I'm happy my contract is up today and I get to have a brand new phone so I can take photos off my bike and stuff. I am so happy with all of you for helping us sort out the site's niggles. Keep any problems you find coming in here, we're working our way through it all. The Best Artist Website In The World is going to get better and better.


You know what else I'm happy about?

The LP me and Joey made.

It's called

The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits

Adam Walton played the first track (unmastered version) on his BBC Radio Wales show last night at midnight when this site lauched. I love Adam, he's a G.

The LP started out as a mixtape. Yeah, while the site was down, not only was I uploading every song I've ever done and all that sort of thing, but I was making an LP with my buddy Joey. If making an LP with you friends doesn't make you happy you shouldn't be making LPs, frankly.

Oh, it's flipping ace, oh my brothers and sisters. A super droog called GAZ who lives in Bristol and does all Martin Carr's stuff has mastered it, and it's winging its magical way to me right now, through 118 CABLES. I am flipping excited to hear it, let me tell you. It's an epic piece of work. Just look at this tracklisting!

1.The Kidnapping (Skit) 2.All Now, Or Never 3. Seek A Sound So Rare 4. Confined Spaces (Skit) 5. The Weed Song 6. Pissing On The Roof 7. Welcome To Studio Joey2tits (Skit) 8. The Wrestler 9. Well Done (Skit) 10. Pyke 11. Non-Fiction Feat. Lisa Dwyer 12. Who's Joey2Tits? (Skit) 13. People Like Us 14. Dwelling In Dystopia 15. Escape (Skit) 16. Living In The Future 2

Yeah, you read correctly.

Are you excited?


So, see that picture up there? That's the design for the T Shirt that's coming with it.


It's screen printed by my boy John in Cornwall on luxurious Fruit Of The Loom HEAVY COTTON. They'll be ready in about a week. You can preorder yours right now for just £10. £10! And it comes with a free digital copy of the record. What the heck are you waiting for?!

Get on that ish pronto!

OK, bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. My phone contract is up and I'm due an upgrade. I am seeing the dentist. And I'm dancing around Don Studios to the sounds of an amazing new record.

See you then!


[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


Superhero Music Teaser Poster # 2


Zef got involved!

Ish just got iller!

Yes, ladies and Gs, world famous design superstar Zef Narkiewicz is now helping me out with the design of the Superhero Music package.

Don art plus Zef design ALWAYS equals CLASSIC.

The logo-less artwork for this was sent out to preorderers on the weekend, hi-def and A3 sized for those who wish to commandeer their office printer to. But ALL OF YOU can download an A3 sized version of the image above here.

Bear in mind - that's not the cover. Just a teaser.


Today I wrote and recorded an unexpected new song for the project. I mean, I expected to write and record a song today. Indeed, I expected to write and record six songs between now and Thursday. Today's was unexpectedly abrasive, is the thing. It has the biggest, most thunderous drums I have squared off with in a long time.  It is called Fly Already!

I can't wait for you to hear it.



As soon as I have finished this post I shall get back into writing The Heroic Age, an entirely anthemic number, produced by a superstar producer whose name I shall not reveal. FOR THERE MUST BE SURPRISES AND EXCITEMENT WHEN THIS DROPS NEXT WEEK!

Yes indeed. But this week, there is excitement enough. I will be making a rare SOLO appearance, without my band, alongside The Indelicates at The Monarch in Camden this Wednesday March 24th. I am listening to their album as I write this, it is a thing of some terrible beauty.

I will attempt to broadcast the event live on here, but I am not relying on that working, so the All New Weekly Doncast will still be happening between from  5pm GMT. Send your requests, your Doncast Dedications and anything else you deem righteous to akirathedon at

Also this week, ENVY'S ALBUM IS RELEASED! Yes, Set Yourself on Fire is out NOW. I played it, along with some unreleased Envy heat cooked up at Don Studios on last week's Doncast, so you should check that if you haven't already. THEN COP THAT ALBUM! It's ace you know.

Announcing: Superhero Music POW!



Akira The Dan - Superhero Music CD Quality MP3 Bundle + Luxury T-Shirt PREORDER NOW!

All I can say about this, RIGHT, is it's ATD22. It's called Superhero Music.

It's an album.

It's a mixtape.

It does what it says on the tin.

The artwork is gonna be CRAZED.


The T Shirt will be awesome. It's printed on that amazing organic carbon neutral cotton that feels so damn good on your skin. It will be your favourite shirt this summer.

Preorderers get exclusive video content, artwork, and other dope stuff.

You know how I get down.

Superhero Music drops March 29th.




Serious, I am FLIPPING excited about this. The stuff I've been working on this week is sounding amazing, and the ideas I am forming are filling me with a frenzied glee. I AM HYPED! ARE YOU HYPED?


I shall be announcing ways you can get involved in the creation over the coming days and weeks. All ideas welcome, as ever.

In other news, my Security T Shirt re-up just came in. L, XL and XXL are back in stock. If you're waiting on your T you'll be glad to know I've packaged it up and am taking it down the post office as soon as I press post.


Announcing: EP! Zombiefilm! Party! T-Shirt!!




*assumes throaty Hollywood movie trailer voice

Akira The Don - I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) This October 31st, 2009...

6 Track EP! Zombie Pop Video! T-Shirt! Party!

Yes it is true.

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) is taken from my forthcoming LP, The Life Equation, and was produced by me and Dr Stephen Hague. While the song may be familiar to the keener amongst you, this is the final mixed and mastered version, with a world famous pop star singing backing vocals on the chorus.

All other songs on the EP are BRAND NEW - so brand new I haven't recorded the vocals on all of them yet. One of them was written today, by me and Joey2tits and James Harrison, and it is AWESOME and EXCITING and demands it's OWN film.

The video was a year in the making, and cost £48.51 less than that Colin movie. It is violent, action packed and full of wonder. Look out for a trailer on Monday.

The T Shirt is a beautiful grey, and has the image you can see above on it. It was drawn by me, with logo design and mastering by the mighty Zef.

The party goes down at Dogstar in Brixton, on Halloween . We'll be screening the Zombie Pop Video for the first time, and I will be joined on the decks by a whole bunch of my awesome peoples, like Joey2tits, Disastronaut, The Directing Michael and James Harrison. We'll be celebrating the culmination of months of bloody hard work by partying super hard, and dressing up in terrifying outfits. There will be booze! There will be fake blood! There will be prizes for the best costumes! Come!

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP will be available as a CDQ 320kbps MP3 digital bundle - including the artwork and the video - from  You can preorder right here, right now. Digital preorders will be dispatched on October 30th.

t shirt

Preorder MP3: £3.99

Preorder MP3 + T: £13.99