Stocktakers of The World, Unite And Take Ketamine

Argh! It's 3:03 am! nearly three weeks till I get married! I have three video stems left to render before I can go to sleep! And... ur... I did my stocktaking earlier and there are 31 small ATD vintage grey tour T-shirts left! Argh! Threes everywhere ! I must flee the threes!

Hey, that rhymes!

Well, kinda. Anyway, I can't flee anything, I am rendering these video stems for the LITF 2.5 video. It's pretty flipping awesome. Scroobius Pip's bit alone could make a whole video in itself. Two videos, in fact. And change. It is the longest day of the year though, so that's OK. And what a day! It started with me being recommended by Chris Sims on the latest War Rocket Ajax podcast, which was an mighty honour, as I have been a big fan of Chris' writings since I happened upon the Invincible Super-Blog one night in 2009 and stayed up till 5am or something loling merrily at the archives, most memorably the drop about Batman and Superman spending the night together. Anyway, you can listen to the podcast here, it is very good and has an enlightening conversation with Iron man scribe Matt Fraction in it.

[wpaudio url="http://warrocketajax.com/eps/wraV2N2.mp3" text="WAR ROCKET AJAX"]

Speaking of comics, the Tumblr X-men roleplaying community picked up on my drawing of Wolverine in Emma Frost's costume as well, which was pretty cool, if kind of weird.

Anyway, like I said, I spent many hours today taking stock of my stock, and it turns out I Haven't Got A Great Deal Left. THEREFORE, I am putting the remainder of the exclusive vintage ATD T shirts that got made in Cardiff by genuine Welshmen on sale, for a mere £10!

Here's the shirt in question:

Here's MC Lars wearing the awesome Vintage ATD Shirt onstage:

All other T-shirts have been reduced as well, cos I am nice. And I need to make room in the house for the imminence of THE LIFE EQUATION STUFF, which I am told happens this Friday. I am super excited to see the fixed booklets and the T shirts! SUPER! EXCITED!

So, yes, go have a poke arouund in the shop and find yourself something nice.

So, I have, as mentioned previously, been playing a little Saints Row 2 lately. It is so fun. So, so fun. It makes me realise how unfun GTA4 was. It's like a beautiful sunny day to GTA4's English February. Not that I didn't enjoy GTA4. I did. I just didn't much enjoy getting phoned up by Nico's bloody cousin every time I was up on a building trying to shoot policemen before getting taken out by a helicopter just as it started getting fun then getting penalised for not wanting to go and watch Ricky Gervais with him, or whatever.

Saints Row 2 is basically GTA San Andreas 2, and GTA San Andreas was pretty much the funnest game ever. Saints Row 2 keeps all the best stuff from San Andreas, like graffiti, and the gang fights, and the weed dealers, and the helicopters, and chainsaws, and cranks the whole thing to a Spinal Tapian 11. Charlotte came in to check I wasn't dead on Sunday and I was spraying a church with a refuse truck. I took a half hour break today between Taking Stock, and killed about 234 gang members with a samurai sword and a flamethrower. There's a whole sequence of side-missions in which one poses as a policeman to film a Cops-spoofing Tv show wherein one is encouraged to disperse wage protesters with a flame thrower. The shit is fucking genius.

You also get to completely customise your character. My character looks like this at the moment:

Anyway, it is now 03:53 (ARGH!) and my videos have nearly finished rendering, so I am going to go to bed. I just nearly gave Charlotte a heart attack trying to find that picture of my Saint's Row character she took yesterday. "YOU COULD HAVE SEEN THE DRESS," she cried, which was true. That could have been a disaster! If the groom sees the wedding dress before wedding you are cursed by Nazi warlocks and doomed to have your wedding crashed by gun-toting cops/Owen Wilson and your idiot children join The Mickey Mouse Club, or something. I hadn't thought about that, obviously. Luckily I couldn't find the images folder on her phone, and she woke up and screamed at me in time, so the wedding is saved! And so are out chidrens. PHEW.


WATCH: Akira The Don - Be Brave


Download Be Brave here.

Finally! The Street Fighter Mixtape has some kind of visual representation! Shout out Joey and Karl who sent through the footage. It's from Street Fighter Legacy - an truly ridonculously ACE fan-made mini-movie. Fits the music like a  glove.

Of course, once I'd uploaded it, with the usual issues that rendering and uploading entails, keeping me up till 4am, I noticed that dozens of videos of my Street Fighter music were already on Youtube. Looks like people have been active out there. Big up you active Youtube uploaders! That's a beautiful thing right there!

Speaking of which, I was blessed this weekend when one of my favourite writers, The Authority and Transmetropolitan scribe Warren Ellis featured Be Brave on his podcast, explaining:

Akira The Don. AKIRA THE FUCKING DON. Was kind of amazed when this turned up, and I’m privileged to have this for the podcast.

I was like, DAAAAMN HOMIE! Actually, I already mentioned this in the Blob Blog, so go read about it there.

In other Be Brave related news, check out the Hype Machine's radio show later today - they just wrote to inform me they're doing a feature on our awesome feat of Number Oneage last week.

Right I am gonna draw something now, then you'll be getting more new music. These are the golden years!

Yessir. The Doncast comes back tomorrow. And best believe I won't be able to do that forever. So get your requests, your shout outs, your letters, all that good stuff, get that in sharpish, via the email address that reads thusly: akirathedon at googlemail.com.

Oh yeah - not only will be dropping NEW ISH later today, but we will also be announcing the winner of last week's Caption Contest. GO GO GO!

Mixdesk Roasting Like An Open Fire

hanzo-hat People tell me they are still seasick. So that boat must have ROCKED!

Well, we were on it. SO OF COURSE IT DID!


Yeah, we were all super. Thanks to Joey and James, Twin Kings Of Awesome, without whom I would be naught but a shouty man and a backing tape, our wonderful DJs BJ, Velky, Trol23 and Xenmate who all played truly brilliant records with grace, style and Fervour, thank you Nonny and Victoria for greeting people so nicely helping us, and thank you dear Charlotte for going above and beyond that foghorning Call Of Duty and looking smoking hot in that red dress. The Best be Thou. And thank you all of you who came and helped us have a super fun time with your dancing and your singing and your wolf whistling at James - some of you from as far afield as Bloody Liverpool, for cripes' sakes!

Oh, and thanks Zen for this post's title. YIKES THAT WAS SOMETHING EH?


Rah then.

Next stop January, wherein we shall play a party in London, and a strategic Few Other Places In Britain, if we can find them. If you know good places to play, hit that contact button. Oh, and I'm staying in London for Christmas, so holla if you want me to play records at your party.

I must now turn my attention to my Wacom Tablet, and draw a billion pictures that can be turned into a beautiful and stylish video accompaniment to that song we played about Not Being Broke Forever. Speaking of which, I must also pay the rent. Ho, and indeed, hum. How nice it must be to own ones own castle. Shed, even. We just realised we have given our useless landlord £24,000 towards his bloody mortgage, and the useless lump still hasn't sorted out our bloody electric meter, rusting stairwell, broken lights, life-threatening gas issues,or that broken bloody gutter that pours cacophonous water on our crappy plastic bedroom windowsill when it's raining and keeps the place decidedly Siberian all winter long. So I shall not be losing too much sleep about his rent being late, and I shall try not to waste too much time thinking about the lovely wooden beach hut in San Juan we could have bought with all that bread. Gah!

Taking a walk along the canal earlier we wandered past the old Matchbox Car factory, a wonderful, hulking old building that has been vacant for years. How I would love to have such a place to make my noises in! Tragically, it is being turned into artists' studios, as if there weren't enough of those in Hackney as it is. Still, I can't complain. I have a full head of nice soft brown hair, like that of a field mouse, a beautiful girlfriend, a supportive, inspiring and entertaining family, and wonderful friends. Today I spent a most pleasant afternoon sipping red wine, eating child-composed Banana Cake and playing with BJ and Mika's one year old son, who you can viddy above, wearing my hat. I suppose I should give it to him really, since it suits him so well. And this is the time for giving. Here, have an entirely awesome podcast, from our good friend John Firth, AKA Silentbob69! Really, it's ace. And most of it I'd never heard before. I feel gifted. HO HO HO!

LISTEN: Akira The Don VS The Prodigy

prodge So, last month The Quietus sent me into central London to link The Prodigy, and have a chat with them about a bunch of stuff for a podcast. Problem was, I only had a crappy eighties analogue tape recorder, so its taken me a month to clean up the audio enough that its, um, audible. Still I prevailed! And we have a podcast!

And its quite enlightening. Tragically the tape chewed up the bit where Liam told me that he would never forgive The Beastie Boys for their hypocrisy, and that they would be lucky if he listened to them ever again, but it DIDN'T chew up my final, and most important question.

So listen on, faithful reader, and learn.

STREAM: Akira The Don Vs The prodigy - The Quietus Podcast

Adam Curry Plays 'Bankers', is a G

The Podfather himself, Dr Adam Curry played an ole song of mine last night on his Daily Source Code show. Cheers Charles Quilley for the heads up (and for sending it in, you rule!). Dude played Bankers, then dropped some serious science about the over-mental, dark, terrifying fraud imposed upon us by Bankist Swine. Check it here, the whole thing deserves a listen, but Bankers is around 25 minutes. Dude goes in on this EU fuckery, Codex Alimentarius, and the removal of the double jeopardy law from the global landscape. too. He is my new hero.

I haven't listened to that song prolly since the record came out 18 months ago. It is a seriously hardcore record. It made me feel a little faint. Wow, you shoulda seen Jimmy Iovine's face when we played him that. It was our third meeting I think. He'd heard Oh!, and was pleased, then we went in there and played him Bankers and Thanks For All The AIDS. Oh, you could have heard a pin implode. I actualy thought Interscope was going to release that record!

The further I get away from these mental moments in my life the mentaller they seem.

You know, there was a weird thing about the Interscope office. I dunno if I ever mentioned it. Every time I went up in that joint and switched on my laptop, I'd get the Blue Screen Of Death, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of it. As soon as I got out of the building, the thing worked.

Most odd. Odder things have happened to me more recently with computers, but I'll save those stories for another day.

Let's get It!

New week people! Let's get it! Yes. I had a pretty busy weekend - Saturday I was at Shizzio's video shoot. I was getting my Slash on "playing" guitar. Shizzio does it big! The shoot was on some super-pro shit. I had a good time, ate some 'nanas, drank a little Henny, smoked a little weed, copped some sunshine, choped up my hand. Shout out Fire Camp and Maestro, and everyone else that was safe who's names I forgotted.

Sunday was a day of Cleaning. That shit wiped me out, I have no idea why.

Today I am working ona song that is epic to the extreme. And listening to the G Unit album. it's hot so far.

OK. That One Time TV continues apace. Today's Big Jack Nimble's turn. Check out dude's podcast while you're at it, about an hour of dope rap stuff. I enjoyed it a lot on Friday afternoon.

Doncast 11: Back In The Day

We are taking it back! And by we I mean me! I am taking it back!

Yes, in honour of the mighty Back In The Day remix (cheers Adam Walton at Radio Wales, Jon Hillcock at XFM and Rob Da Bank at Radio 1for the spins!), this week's show is comprised exclusively of OLD SKOOL FRESHNESS. It was also done live, which was an interesting experiment, and one I intend to keep up. Oh, and we've got Wade on the phone, just back from Tokyo, with tales to tell regarding Simon Le Bon's Tongue!

Ch-ch ch-ch ch-ch Check it out!


iTunes people should go here, the rest of you can subscribe here.

Doncast 10: Hulk Straight!


Music from They Might Be Giants, Pixel, Ghostface, G Unit, Prodigy, Tom Waits, Falco, TI, Usher, Soko, and a special unveiling of MERCANTILE AIMS!

Check it out!


RSS feeds are on the right. Inspiration details after the jump.

So, in the last issue of series one of The Ultimates Captain America, who is basically a dick, tricks The Hulk into battering this naked alien to death by saying the alien said he was gay. That's why he's so outraged in the shot above. Below, we see what he thinks of the naked alien guy.

hulk naked huy


Doncast 9: ATD.com v5

Hey kids! Welcome one and all TO.... AkiraTheDon.com Version 5! The brand new website, from Akira The Don and The Wizard Of Zef!

Obviously (duh!), it is a work in progress. So your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

To celebrate, I made you a new podcast. Check that shit out. Its got loads of awesome music on it, including that song from my second album that leaked, along with dope stuff from The Indelicates (who we're playing with tonight in Cambridge, be there or be a goober), Prince, Pydos In Spydos, Warren Zevon, and MORE!


So, while we were Not Working, I continued to blog. A whole bunch of stuff happened.

Girls Aloud dissed indie!

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) leaked!

Metamorphosis was dope!

Thieving Ts came back in!

It snowed!

Doncast 8: Illadry

Pydos In Spydos are on this podcast.

YO! Doncast 8 is live. It's the brand new Akira The Don podcast! Whoo! Loads of new music and my ill deep voice. Awesome. Plus! A bunch of shoutouts. Unfortunately many of you were too slow. And too many. So better luck next time. I still think you rule.

DONCAST 8 is live!

iTunes people should go here.

The feed with which you subscribe to the podcast is here.


Well, I was gonna put a tracklist, then I thought, well, that might spoil it. You'd know what was going to happen. IS that fun? What do you mob think?

PS - did you see that awesome gay advert?! Where the fuck did that come from?

PPS - Jack Paris writes: Akira, I'm writing to tell you that Down with the sickness is not by Slipknot. It is actually by Distrubed! Other than that Doncast 8 was Ill! I stand corrected! Sorry Wade!

Carefull With Coffee

Crap, I drank too much coffee this morning. I feel like I'm about to blow up. Yeeek!

So, new podcast later on. In the meanwhile, listen to Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales show from last night, it was very good. Apart from this one "song" that sounded like the inside of a chimney. Mothboy would have liked that one. Rest was grand though. He played The Music of The Spheres too.

Rah then, who saw the rugby? Wales smashed it! How very exciting! I have to admit to having been entirely uninterested in Rugby before last year. However, I watched all the Wales games in this latest 6 Nations and they were great. Loads of big ugly sweaty men beating shit out of each other. Fucking awesome.

The Wisdom of Crowds


Look down there on the left. I am playing a gig. It is a nice wee gig in a pub in Cambridge supporting The Indelicates on April 7th. The promoter hit me up the day after I announced to the world I liked them via my podcast. I thought, shit, why not? I haven't played for a while. I have all these new songs I need to try out.

Another guy hit me up about doing a show in Leeds, around then. People have been asking me to play Leeds for ages. PLAY LEEDS BUMHOLE, they say. So I will. And I figure it might be a good idea to do a bunch of gigs around then - between the 4th and the 14th of April, maybe.

So! If you'd like me to come to your town, have a word with the local club, pub, disco, studentunion, whatever, and get them to holla at me. I am easy to find. I am right here, all the time.

So! Video. Damn, a lot of you wanna be in the Giro video!

Good for youse. How handsome and pretty you are! You're gonna look great after Zef has chopped you up and stuck you behind Akon or whoever. Heh.

OK. so. My beloved Technics DZ 1200 broke. I don't know how. Nothing fell on it. No one hit it with a brick. I just woke up one day, switched it on, and it didn't work. The platter span, and the digital display shone blue, and empty of readout. My Bright Eyes CD stayed stuck inside. And that's it. I have searched the internets, I have asked on messageboards, but no avail. Any of you clever boffins have a clue what the problem might be?

So. Linkage (soon, he promises, Zef's gonna hook up a mini-blog on the right hand side so I can post crap like this without disrupting the flow of the main site. Then we can get back to thoughtful, insightful political commentary and shit. Whoo!).

That Biggie doll is ill, no? And only $30! Its my birthday soon you know! Bol on paying for sex: ROFLCOPTER this dude hates ladies! The comments are even more ridonculously gut busting.

That Celemony thing looks sick.

26 million have watched this amateur footage of a bunch of animals going to war over a baby animal, but I hadn't till yesterday. Shit is bananas!

Them crazy Yankees are looking into putting Venezuela on their list of Terrorist States, since their attempted coup didn't work out as planned. Wastemen!

Doncast 7: Temerarious D

L - R: Marvin, Example, Jack Nimble, AK Donovan Indeed! The weekly onslaught continues. It is over a month now since I quit fags, and over a month since I started doing a podcast every week. Are the two linked? Who knows? All I know is DONCAST 7 is live!

iTunes people should go here. The feed with which you subscribe to the podcast is here-AH!.

With music from Marvin ft. ATD & Example, Leonard Cohen, Rick Ross, Lou Gramm, The Teenagers, Lupe Fiasco, Aidan John Moffat and MORE! Like The Pydos In Spydos remix of Thieving! That sort of more! PLUS! Listen inside for first details on the Giro video competition! We're taking it back to The Drinking Song days, if you remember those.

If you wanna hear the remix of Marvin's Superhero without me talking on it, go here. If you wanna hear Jack Nimble and Marvin's remix of Thieving without me talking on, go here. In other news my old mate Marty from Miami has written and directed his very own movie film! Check the trailer here, it looks pretty fuckin smart you know.

Doncast 6

Hey yo! Doncast 6 - Welcome To Don Studios IV is up now! I rediscovered CDs during my move, so expect LOADS OF ACE SONGS! Jack Nimble and Marvin (formerly The Martian)'s remix of Thieving! A preview of the next "single" from Thieving, Giro! Whoooo! DONCAST 6 iTunes people should go here. It takes a whee while to refresh itself so it might not be visible there yet-AH! Other people, if you wish to subscribe to the podcast, the feed is here-AH!. Enjoy! So, Ali and I went up to Hendon in North London (which is gross) on the weekend to help Littles with his new video. Shizzio and Narstie showed too, alongside a bunch of other cats. It was dope. I met Littles' dad, he looks, like, 12. Crazy.

Small Gods

Hello, I have been unable to upload that podcast cos I have no internet in my house and internet cafes don't let me instal ftp things and my mates who live locally and have internet are refusing to answer their phones. Maybe they will later. PAXUS!

I read Small Gods by Terry Of Pratchet the other day, it was very funny and clever.

Oh, Thieving will be officially Out within 24 hous, and you'll be able to buy it on MP3, although the Cd is cooler cos its got a big photo inlay, and there are photos of some of you lot in there I nicked off your myspaces. Didn't know THAT did you?

Oh, here are some reviews. Cheers Gio! Manchester Music 4/5

He’s always been threatening to do it and despite successful crossovers into the music media and charts, Akia The Don’s second album may just be the breakthrough. In the meantime though, this collection provides 21 tracks of mixes, versions and collaborations with the likes of Lethal Bizzle and Big Narstie sitting alongside a host of crucial indie samples.


neither a new album, nor a mixtape but somewhere inbetween. this 22 track self released artifact is a mixed bag of remixes of tracks off akiras major label funded debut, when we were young, acoustic revisits of said major label nightmares, some new bangers, and a couple of special laywer baiting bonus levels that will make you jump with joy, or writhe in agony.

ever since the whole i’m on a major label, oh, now i’m not episode (and if i am right [You're not! - AK], i think the actual phone message that declared him dropped, has been added to the mix before the gorgeous can’t go to sleep), akira has held back on his flow of mixtapes that were often dropped on his site.

instead, prior to the arrivial of the official second album, adam releases proper fully packaged cds like thieving, with made to measure artwork, and lets his fans throw him a fiver for the love-n-rent and priviledge of hearing his latest adventures, and to be honest, i think this freedom is perfect for his creative urges.

prior to thieving was the mashup/electro/dancefloor madness of stunners 130 that adam made with his hipster party monster wade crescent, whereas for this one, its all about taking it back to his hip hop roots, with a huge slab of pop-n-song thrown in for good measure.

alongside a couple of home made gangsta/chopped and screwed styled productions, the real fun is when adam takes a forgotten classic and goes all freestyle crazy over the top. of course, most people will know of his nirvana and elastica rips (both of which appear here to complete the jigsaw), but alongside these crowd pleasers are new unexpected pleasures.

to really get the smiles going, he’s grabbed an old warren zevvon classic, werewolves of london, and just dropped the almightiest of slabs of brilliance over the top for werewolves, using the piano party loops as a foundation, the celeb/gigolo scene gets a nudge before descending into a seedy but catchy chorus involving the realities of living in rented accomodation. its hook filled and if not for the massive sample making its official release impossible, a massive radio hit. as would the brilliant xtc heavy giro that tells the story of all how many ex rock stars end up in the line for their giro, or working at woolies, all to the loops of making plans for nigel.

spread over 70+ minutes are many tales of personal issues, some funny, many heartfelt, with references to the troubles of daily life, all matched against the struggles of a man in need to tell the world stories via his chosen art, and in that sense, thieiving is by far one of the most enjoyable hip hop based albums i have heard in a long time. a fiver well spent suckas.

Doncast 5

Hello. A new podcast by me is up now. Featuring interviews with NOONE, and records from Ill Bill, Van Morrison, A Ha, Arab Strap, Gonzales, Atmosphere and lots more. PLUS! A song from Thieving, and a brand new joint by me and Envy. DONCAST 5 iTunes people should go here. It takes a whee while to refresh itself so it might not be visible there yet. Other people, if you wish to subscribe to the podcast, the feed is here. Ho ho ho!

Buzz Buzz

The Theiving Cds will now not arrive till Friday. I have just been told: "Unfortunately, we are running a day later than mentioned below. The delivery will be on Friday 22nd February. We have had to reprint the booklets as the originals failed the quality control process, and this has lead to the delay."


Therefore, I have made you a new podcast. it is uploading NOW!

Writing & Drawing



Really. I piss on those cock-a-roaches.


Hi kids. I left my Dictaphone on the train yesterday, which buggered up the Atmosphere thing, so we're gonna do a phoner for the next ATD podcast. It wasn't a wasted journey though - I read some of The Tipping Point, which is interesting. There was a little bit in it about the power of words, which focused on the word "Yawn". The writer pointed out that by just him writing Yawn, them me reading Yawn, I would most likely Yawn very soon after, and my Yawning would inspire any people that noticed me Yawning to themselves start Yawning. Yawn Yawn Yawn. As it was, I was on a tube, and I did indeed start Yawning, and so the man opposite me began Yawning, then the woman to my right Yawned rather violently, and so on it went until the carriage was one big YAWN!

I suppose you are yawning now too. Is this the case? Did you yawn, faithful reader?

Scary, huh?

If I can make you yawn, just by writing the word, what else is possible?

I just finished reading another book, by the way, written by an old pal of mine called Lee Henshaw. It is an amusing, moving, and bittersweet novella about young people who aren't quite as young as they used to be traveling around the world and having adventures and discovering things about the nature of love and friendship and humanity and blackcurrant bathbongs and it is very good and very funny. You can read the first third of it here, although the last third is easily the best third.

Anyway. Lee is very happy because the Guardian gave it a rather positive review the other day, and Amazon sold out and it is now at number 29,000-and-something in their charts. Whoo!

Well done Lee!

As well as reading, I did some of your drawings yesterday. I've posted a few of them here for you to look at. Is one of these yours? Some of you have been getting ridonculously detailed with your descriptions. For example. Kristen Tucker asked for,

"akira attacking a giant enemy crab's weak point for massive damage in space with tom cruise in a space ship flying off to see Xenu while spouting scientologist garbage with the blob sabotaging the spaceship..."

Benny B just said, "you eating ice cream".

So. You have two days left to put in your Thieving Cd plus personalised drawing orders. GO TEAM!

Drawing is fun, bit I shall most likely have RSI by the time the CDs arrive on Thursday and I drive them all in a truck to the post office.