Ah, Ah, Ah, Ready?

Akira The Don @ The Natural History Museum from akdonovan on Vimeo.

Ha! That's some footage of our Natural History Museum gig I just found on my Facebook "fan" page that one Nic Cox upped. We're kicking off Working Together. Nice clapping skills, crowd. I might have to kill that Facebook "fan" page though, I never use it. I have a personal one I use a little more (not much), maybe I should just rock with that. Two is confusing, and I hate to not do things properly. Speaking of which, I might delete my Myspace page. Any opinions? I have always hated Myspace. It is ugly and clunky and a cancer on the internet. I hate the idea that people would go there first... and I hate logging into it. I makes me feel gross and nauseous.

Anyway, that 5.0 is close. All other websites will cease to exist when that ish drops. I'm looking at YOU Huffingtonpost. YOU YOU... tube. Ha!

Batman & Robin # 3 dropped yesterday. OH BOY it is AWESOME AGAIN! It remnded me of the feeling American Comics gave me when I was reading them as a nipper. Truly. Fast, bold, exciting, packed to the hilt with POW... Yeah, you could wait for the trade, or you could enjoy comics as they were mant to be, right now. Short sharp colourful jabs in the face. KRAKOW!


Yeeeeah, bwoyee. Truth be told, B&R's the only comic I'm reading regularly right now. Presumably there's other worthy stuff happening out there in comic book land. What am I missing out on? Fill  figga in, win a no-prize.

Oh, and if you don't read The ISB it's you that missing out. Chris Simms is the funniest comic blogger in the whole damn internets, and today, he returns to one of his favourite subjects - Silver Age Jimmy Olsen Comics, which are REALLY MENTAL THINGS. Check it:


Yowzers. So, um, apologies to the couple hunnerd of you that were trying to listen to that new Drake/Kanye/Wayne/Em joint while I was asleep last night - I started re-upping the tag-less audio, then forgot about it and switched the machine off. Doh. It's working now, and it sounds better today than it did last night. Still not feeling Em on it mind, and I still don't believe a word that comes out of Drake's mouth. He's the most insincere rapper I have ever heard, I swear. 'Specially when he says "bitch". Dude, you don't use that word in real life! Sheeee-it.

Finally, thanks to everyone who's been forwarding my Feat Of Awesome around the internets. I'm gonna do a competition for it tomorrow, so study that ish like it was GCSE's tomorrow. And you gave two craps.


After a nice little rest, I am back in London with a pink pack of eyeballs on my case. That shit looked nice on IE, but fucked up Mozilla. I don't know what it was doing to Macs. So he will live to the right. Read a bunch of Hilaire Belloc's The History Of England Vol XI, From The First Invasion By The Romans To The Ascension Of King George The Fifth on the train. I now realise that we are living in an oligarchy. Well, a strange, new fangled sort of oligarchy masked as a democracy. With a bit of a monarchy. But it is an oligarchy, nonetheless.

This book was published in 1915, and, interestingly, predicted that Russia would do what America has. The author is also in favour of true aristocracy, and I can see his point.