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MORRISONCON DAY 1: - A Magic Carpet Ride, Emmanetising The Eschaton AND THE LIVE SHOW

Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 18.53.20
Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 18.53.20

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Yesterday couldn't have been anymore herculean and glorious had it been on a hoverboard.

In the morning I did some work in bed, posing the journey to Vegas' photos and readying some of my DJ set. Then I took a lone wander up the Strip in the glorious sunshine, where I encountered the Worst Coke Dealer In The World, who staggered towards me looking like Issac Hayes, mimed snorting a line at me then fell inro the road. Shortly after I wandered through a bizarre shopping centre with a roof painted to look like The Sky, not unlike that Jim Carrey film the name of which escapes me right now, before emerging blinking into the dazzling sunlight to witness what appeared to be half of an aged Cameo playing an incredible funk set next to a smoothie stand at the side of the road.

I sipped on a red bery smoothie, and wandered back to the Hard Rock Hotel to have breakfast with Grant and Kristan and My Chemical Romance and Frank Quietly and his wife. Frank Quietly and his wife look just like Frank Quietly drawings, it is uncanny.

We headed back to Suite Le Morrison to drink fine boozes, pore over immensely incredible art pages from Grant and Frank's upcoming Multiversity comic and chatter excitedly about Jilted John and bath salt zombies and the new age of Horus whilst being filmed for a documentary, then hopped in a small fleet of soft tops with a gigantic movie camera and cruised vegas looking for Strange Esoteric Buildings, which we found quickly. In the vast, imposing, head compressing confines of the Luxor Hotel, a vast pyramid, Grant and Frank and rode a Magic Carpet, and heard the life story of a 56 year old man in braces who longed for the days when he hung out with Jeff Beck in Los Angeles. Some people's lives seem to stop dead at a point in time, frozen in peak experience nostalgia hangover forever, but we won't, we ride Peak till death and beyond, and we urge you to do likewise.

Later that afternoon I watched a vast line form to register for MorrsonCon, were I bumped into Jason Aaron, and took him for a drink. We talked about Alabama rap and bluegrass, amongst other things, and sipped bourbon, in the manner of gentlemen  Then I headed to soundcheck with Grant and James Gerard from My Chemical Romance, who were to perform "The Con - a thirty minute spoken-word piece with music. Part short story, part history, part occult ritual, as Howard Hughes faces Liberace in a duel to the death for the soul of Las Vegas"... in soundcheck it made my skull flex, I wondered what the hell would happen at the performance proper...

We retired to Le Suite Morrison for a few hours, where Grant revealed he had almost as many ATD songs on his computer as The Beatles', and I was of a rare breed of artist whose every song fascinated him, like The Smiths, which is about as ultimate a compliment as one could receive. Gerard meanwhile "lost his shit" over my Death's Head tattoo. Death's Head, he said, was "his favourite" when he was young. I had no idea DH had penetrated America. I'm proud of him.

I prepared my set, and asked MCR synthist James Dewees if he'd like to be my onstage DJ, an offer he accepted happily, and before we knew it it was time to go on, and  we were backstage downstairs with hundreds of screaming beautiful girls and boys mobbed around the stage, baying for transcendence  Grant looked like he was going to be sick. But he wasn't. He and Gerard and James strode out into the ring like boxers and simply emmanetised the eschaton, in a half hour performance that sunned all into silence then rapture then silence then shit losing and back again, with a sound something not unlike Vangelis fighting to the death with Rammstein compered by a reborn cosmic Sensational Alex Harvey.

Grant even seemed to be rapping in parts. We're gonna develop that side of his oeuvre further in the future...

The people went apeshit. Then it was my turn.

How the fuck you you follow that?


I am a Motherfucking Pro Fessional, after all. I know about these things.

You bring THE PARTY.

Akira The Don at MorrsionCon
Akira The Don at MorrsionCon

And so I did, with the help of James, world's greatest rap DJ. Combining the shamanic techniques I employed at V Festival recently with some of my finest pop songs, we whipped the place into a frenzied mass of PARTY, replete with dance off, audio sigil, and joyous singalonging... destroying AIDS, making ourelves rich and saving humanity in the process.

It was fucking ACE, brothers and sisters.

Joyous humans streamed out into the casino night, pumped, amped, crackling with god energy, ready to take on the New Epoch.

And so began MorrsionCon.

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Damn, bubba. I've got a hot water bottle on my lap. Serious. Outside it's minus. But inside we gots the HEAT!

In the form of rap records.

(And a hot water bottle, obviously)

Damn, what a crazy week for retail rap music! Today, in Americaland, THE KANYE album dropped! The CURREN$Y album dropped! The YELAWOLF repackaged mixtape album dropped! The NICKI MINAJ album dropped!

And I have had my ears open. As I have mentioned elsewhere, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is flipping brilliant on every level. It is bold. It is bad-ass. It has amazing, nigh-on ultimate Rap Drums throughout - the best of both New York AND Atlanta. Lyrically it's like someone cracked 'Ye's head open and all the crap inside sort of rolled out. It would not exist were dude's mother still alive. It would be a near-perfect album, were it not for the crap jokes on I'm So Appalled ("that'll be the same day MTV plays videos/Allah/prada/tada etc).

Trunk Music 0-60 is the major label debut from Doncast mainstay Yelawolf, who got picked up by my ole label Interscope after his brilliant Trunk Music mixtape took the rap world by str0m in January. And what we have here, many dollars later, is the same mixtape with some of the songs taken off and 5 new ones added. And the new ones are mainly rubbish, yet they (along with the worst skit I have heard in three years) take up the first half of the record, making for a truly queer display of reverse top loading.  So we shall have to pretend this didn't happen and wait with baited breath for the real album. And let's hope they do a better promo job next time - I only knew this record was out from a Raekwon tweet, and I'm a FAN, dammit. Sheee-it.

Pilot Talk 2, Curren$y's new set, is just as you'd expect: Spitta's hypnotic weed raps and caper stories over Ski Beatz' deeply musical production. If you like weed raps and deeply musical production you will love this record, if not you are missing out on one of life's great pleasures. Shout out dude for getting two dope albums out in a year.

I haven't listened to Nicki Minaj's record yet, as I didn't like any if the singles. I will, because as I have been saying for years, she is a great emcee - as evidenced by her LP-stealing performance on Monster - but what I now see coming out of the body of this text is less about The Music, and more about The Industry that shapes and feeds on it.

Kanye's LP is the result of a major label doing a good-ass job - providing the resources and the platform for an artist to make some grayte art. Yelawolf's record is an example of a very very BAD job from the major label. 12 months ago Yela had himself a universally adored mixtape called Trunk Music and a big-ass buzz. Now he has a half-assed album called Trunk Music and half the buzz. DOH. Meanwhile Curren$y, independent veteran of two major label deals, puts out his second album of the year and the people love it.

Actually, this wasn't more about The Industry at all. It's just that, as a professional and a geek, I can't not see all this stuff. I can't just like, hear a record, without immediately considering its creation, and the circumstances surrounding. I look forward to my mountain break.

But I can't have my mountain break until I have given you The Life Equation. And I can't give you The Life Equation until I've hired some people and got some videos canned. So I gots to make more money. The money-making's been going OK, thanks. Better than in a very long time, actually. I'm off to make some more now, actually. I'll be spending all day tomorrow on it as well. The Wacom is hot. I'm making some drawings.

Oh, we fixed some stuff on the site today. That was pretty sweet. More will be fixed later this week. I added some lyrics too. As you requested. I shall keep doing that. I could do it at 3am with the music as loud as it can go if I wanted to. Because I have no direct neighbours. And my girl is away. But I shan't because I am mildly depressed on my period, so I'll go to bed at a decent hour and get up early and go to the gym and come back and work hard and hopefully feel a bit better about everything. Hard work is one of the better cures I know of. It fixes pretty much everything.

Oh, and My Chemical Romance have a new album out TOO! Crazy! I just put it on and it is INSTANTLY AMAZING! They've even nicked half an Andrew W.K. riff! Huzzah! I hope it keeps it up, I've missed being able to listen to a My Chemical Romance album all the way through. The last one reminds me of Sadtimes, so I can't.

Rah though, you lot are lucky I can only play 4 chords, I'd have made a punk album by now.

Hmm, that gives me an idea.