The Glory And Wonder Of My New Death's Head Tattoo

Amazingly, it's been six years since I last got a tattoo. I got my first one when I was 16, and intended to cover all of my arms with bits of comics. Tattoos are expensive, however, and until the other day I only had seven, and a mere four split between both arms. Boo!

Since Saturday, however, I am on the road to glory again. Littles took me to his people at Southgate Ink in (duh) Southgate, who looked after me properly and hooked me up with an artwork of great beauty and wonder.

The tattoo I got was something I've wanted since I was a little boy - the cover of one of my favourite comics, Marvel UK's legendary Death's Head number 1. If you remember I did a comic a few years back about Death's Head, how awesome the character was, and why I loved it so. You can read it here.

The image, by the way, was drawn by the brilliant Bryan Hitch. He did it when he was seventeen, something I had no idea about when I was reading the thing aged nine or whatever, and only found out the other day when he told me on Twitter.

SEVENTEEN, and drawing comics professionally! It' something that should be an inspiration to everybody. Here it is:


Yes. I was very excited to finally get this mighty thing on my arm. (I was also excited to see that my comic is in the top column of google image results for Death's head 1!). We downloaded the image, and the good people of Southgate Ink gave me something to smoke while they took that image, and turned it into something tattooable.

That's the first outline. It should be noted that I had them redo the initial transfer/"pencil" outline 4 times until I was happy with the placement of the thing. If you ever get a tattoo make sure you're completely happy with the placement, you're not gonna be able to movre it once it's done, after all...

There we are with the initial inking done. Took about 2 and a half hours under the needle to get to that point. Outlines don't really hurt, in my experience. It's more a dull, buzzy ache. Colouring is a different matter, although Littles claims otherwise, but he would, because he is a Hard Man, obviously.

There I am getting the colour done. That took another couple of hours. It's a beautiful process to observe. As with all colouring, the highlights part is magical.

And there it is, complete, in action (preparing for my set at MorrsionCon inVegas this week, argh!), shiny and resplendent with baby bum cream, which one is advised to apply to the tattoo for a week after completion to aid the healing process. SO BEAUTIFUL! SO EXCITING! SO HANGING IN A MUSEUM WHEN I'M DEAD! WOOO!

I would like to thank Littles, The good people of Southgate Ink who provide a wonderful atmosphere and great artists, and Bryan Hitch and Geoff Senior and Simon Furman, for Death's Head, the greatest Freelance Peacekeeping Agent ever to do it.


I Will Not Be Appearing At "Steal This Gig" On Saturday

Brothers and sisters,

I am sorry to announce that I can no longer appear at the Steal This Gig event scheduled for this coming Saturday. Apologies to anyone that was going and looking forward to seeing me.

I hope everyone that IS still going has a lovely time. Full gig details including new venue and line up should be over here.

In other news, the V Festival footage is coming together. I sent the first draft to the client yesterday, so we should all be able to marvel at the glory of the Peak Experience soon.

Here is some Peak Experience:

Meanwhile, a cornucopia of collaborative ATD projects are underway. I am currently working on music with humans including, but not limited to:

Envy Issue Time Littles Big Narstie Eddie Argos TKO Capone

I am also working on a number of solo projects. Expect new material for you to get down to shortly...

Finally this, retweeted by Grant Morrison last night, should provide a clue as to what I am going to be doing on the weekend of September 28th...


Akira The Don x Time - Full Metal Alchemist (i Walter White) PSYCHEDIGITAL MUSIC VIDEO) "I Alchemy... I Alchemi... I cook, I chef, I Walter White"

YES! Celebrating the birth of the final season of Breaking Bad today, after months of trans-atlantic digital graft I am proud to present to you, the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST VIDEO!

The video is a psychedigital trippy pop art masterpice, packed with DRUGS and GUNS and FOOD and WEIRD RED STUFF shot on location in Nu Olypia, London and Denver, Colorado... the UK bits were shot by Tom Coles (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan) and the US bits by Trenton Cotten (just done the new Young Jeezy flick). Directed and edited by ME, word famous polymath AKIRA THE DON.

Full Metal Alchemist was performed by @akirathedon and @timeraps Produced by Akira The Don From ATD26: Manga Music out now on CD, digital, and NEW limited edition 10" print.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST The Alchemical Psychedigital Music Video

Shot on location in Nu Olympa, UK, and Denver, Collorado. Directed and edited by Akira The Don ATD shot by Mighty Tom Coles Time shot and edited by @TrentonCotten Additional filming by Christina Ryder Guest stars @littles_life@AwareNess0

Time says: "Shout out to my cat Elliott, Dan Banta, and AwareNess for pushing that red."

ATD says: "Shout out Time, trenton and crew for making transatlantic magic and my Alchemical London peoples Tom and Litts for bringing the Bokonon vision to Nu Olympia."

I would also like to shout out my peoples at Southern Hopitalty whose immediate support of this tune put the thought of the video in my head.

I hope you enjoy it! It is PACKED WITH MEANINGS! Collect them all!

Cursed Are The Cheesemakers

Welcome back to, the Best Artist Website In The World! We were gone for a day, but now we are back, and we - the royal we, word to The Dear Dead Queenie Mum - are glad. We are glad to be back, and we are glad we were gone, because we believe it is important to stand by our principles, and to play our part, no matter how small, in the fight against assholeism.

If you're still not quite sure what all this STOP SOPA AND PIPA stuff is all about, you could do worse than watching this lil' Ted talk by Clay Shirky who nails it down in a beautifully succinct fashion. Suffice to say, had SOPA and PIPA been in place in 2004, would not exist.

Almost as big on the internet yesterday was Alex James, who shocked the Channels by writing a column for The Scum about how much he loves McDonalds, and what a great idea it is to open up Greggs stores and put local bakeries out of business.

I am of the opinion that Alex James died in 1996 and was replaced by a Victorian-styled automaton created by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris "for a laugh", but regardless, the level of outrage and "wah I loved Blur this has ruined my life" comments were a little surprising to me. He has, after all, been writing his column for The Scum for ages now. I've never read it, but it's a column for The Scum - what do you think's gonna be in it? Poems about how wonderful Arthur Scargill is?

Now, see that up there? That's a man with a fish for a head. I am possibly violating the fish's copyright by publishing that drawing, but that is beside the point. That up there is a drawing of a man with a fish for a head that I found in a folder of sketches from 2009 last night, and I have no idea why I drew it. I posted it on a few of my Channels last night, and people dug it, like celebrated illustrator and Draw Serge curator Jonathan Edwards.

Then I found ANOTHER one. This one was in colour, and a little bit freakier than the previous. I still have no idea why I drew them, or what they mean, but I am starting to think I should draw a hundred of them on a single two metre wide piece of paper.

I think that guy's eating a Refresher bar. Swag him out. I just took receipt of a load of bags of refresher bars, so they will be appearing in your bags of swag. The Little Shop of Awesome is open for business, and while a few of the Christmas offers have gone, many remain, and some new ones will be popping up shortly.

Ah, bless your soul Katie. When my merch is handled by a squad of miniature Charlie Sheen clones I will miss these little moments. It is a great pleasure to package up your parcels for you and write little notes and put sweets in them. But it takes so long! And that is time I could be spending writing the songs that soundtrack your life, that will remind you of falling in love when you are old and grey, that will give you the strength to biff a bully on the NOSE, and the urge to throw violent shapes on THE TRAIN.

Oh, hey, here's some good news. Following the success of my recent videos, and all the radio play I've been getting (Radios 1 AND 2, for instance!), The Life Equation is coming out in ACTUAL SHOPS! The first will be Rough Trade in London. So please go there and buy yourself, or your Mum a copy, so that they invite me back into the so-called real world, so to speak.

The next single and video from The Life Equation will be We Won't Be Broke Forever ft. Gruff Rhys in February. Dan Le Sac has done a beautiful remix. This excites me. And before that, there will be some new mixtape videos. So there is much to look forward to, brothers and sisters.

Oh, and I've uploaded some more acapellas for you. I have still not found an official home for them on here, so here's an updated list.


DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Evangelion ft Pixel & Marvin The Martian Acapella 140 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Fist of The North Star ft Littles Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – We Won’t Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – I Am not Dead YEAH Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Nothing Lasts Forever ft Envy Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Video Highway Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – We Are Not Alone Acapella 125

Flash Sale! Video Highway Trailer! New Comic! POW! FIRST! I am doing my first major post run of 2012 tomorrow, For the next 20 hours you can get 20% off everything in my shop by using the following discount code: FFFAH11I222M


Incidentally, The Little Shop of Awesome just had it's 1000th sale. Round up the floors! I would like to thank all my customers for making it necessary for me to finally hire an accountant this year. Raise a glass to going straight!

Now, up there at the top of the page, is the second (and final, as it's DONE) Video Highway trailer. Starring Acid Cad Tom, littles, Mr Lacey, and Eddie Argos. POW! POW!

Oh, and tune into Amazing Radio if you're reading this now (ha!) - Gill Mills' record of the week is by ME! Thank you Gill Mills you are wise and clever!

Finally, in what has been a busy ole day, my new comic strip has just gone live on the Top Man website. I'm gonna post it here later, but for now, go here and have ye a read, it is beautiful and a bit sad.


Dear friends!

I am just back off tour and sobbing at the sight of my inbox, but never mind that because WE ARE HAVING A PARTY TONIGHT!

Because parties are awesome. And my album just came out, and it is amazing. And it is imperative that we celebrate the crap out of that fact.


We will be partying hard in the honour of THE LIFE EQUATION from 7pm tonight, June 2nd at Concrete, which is underneath Pizza East on Shoreditch High Street.

All star DJs include

Eddy Temple-Morris! Stephen Hague! DJ Jack Nimble! Joey2tits! Blonde Jeremy!

Performing live on the night will be

Akira The Don! Envy! Big Narstie! Marvin The Martian! Pixel! Littles! The Indelicates! White Witches!

Blimey! What fun we will have! The thing kicks off at 7pm and not a second will be wasted. We are gonna film the whole thing too and make a movie. So be there or be full of sadness! THE LIFE EQUATION FOR THE ULTIMATE VICTORY!

Get your tickets here.

Facebook page is here.

The Legendary #WELOVEJAPAN Gig: Review And Photos

So, Pixel sent me a load of photos of last Saturday's gig the other day, but I got them too late to use in the post I wrote about the gig. I have been looking for a reason to post them, and now I have one, in the beautiful shape of Planetnotion's singingly put and factually accurate review. POW!

The bill for Saturday’s We Love Japan benefit at the (cough) “Relentless” Garage had been put together hurredly but with vigour, as is usually the case for such rapidly-announced charity gigs. All credit to the organisers of the night, who not only secured a plethora of bourgeois swag for the evening’s inevitable raffle but who had also coaxed out a rare solo gig out of, and I hasten to repeat the words, 70′s glam legend Adam Ant. I wouldn’t want to be glib, or offer too ready an embrace of kitsch- but gods! I’d come to check out Akira the Don, who had initially been booked to headline- but now I’m seeing an Adam Ant gig! Potential for rock star anecdotes to tell my dad just went through the roof!

Anyway, we’d not come to see the Ant- or that guy from E4 cast as the night’s awkward compere (how do you strike the right tone between recognition of utter tragedy and the desire to have a good night out?)- tonight promised only the opportunity of a rare live outing for the Hackney-based rap-tastic Akira The Don.

This gig, albeit a benefit slot, came at a good time for The Don- shortly after the release of the 25th free mixtape via his website, and before the release of his second proper album, The Life Equation. That mixtape, ATD25- is a phenomenally enjoyable thing- a unstoppable barrage of rapid verses, stupidly good sampling (their remix of Marina and The Diamonds ‘I am not a robot’ is a work of breathtaking alchemy), complementary guest verses and taut production smacking of professionalism and potential. Such sonic results demonstrate well why Akira was initially booked for the night’s main slot. That being said, and making do- a half hour set was more than enough for this enigmatic hip-hop artist to bring his particular ruckus to an audience left tender by the ear-shattering heavy metal band that had preceded (note: that’s not a criticism per se: I think ‘ear-shattering’ is firmly in the mandate for heavy metal bands- central to their raison d’etre, if you will).

Donned in an authentically ‘back in the day’ Wu Tang jumper (from the Iron Flag tour, OG auditers- but besides, what’s with everyone hating on Iron Flag anyway? Ok, it’s not traditional Wu- but it’s got some solid tunes! Akira knows…) and with the help of DJ friend Jack Nimble (who was given his props, no doubt) Akira tore through a set that reflected much of his back catalogue at it’s finest. Old school number “Living in the Future’ was performed with it’s trademark innocence remixed and Akira bouncing around the stage with a glee that was infectious. The beautifully summer ready ‘Oh! What a glorious day!’ gave opportunity for some bona fide sentimentalism, a sing-along in the chorus bracketing odes to cycling down the Kingsland Road in the sun. Pausing between numbers to orate in his uniquely enthused manner (after climbing up a side-stage ladder, noting to himself with excitement ‘Ok, wow- that’s a good climbing ladder..’)- there’s something that’s plain irresistible about the kind of hip-hop Akira the Don is making and all his swagger is ultimately endearing. Calling onstage a troupe of “hip-hop superfriends” (Pixel, Littles, Big Narstie, Marvin the Martian) for the closing number ‘Big Iron’, a standout track from ATD25- the song had the feel of a special moment. The track bounces and jangles like something the RZA might have produced on an upbeat day- and along the finest teachings of the Wu, each verse is magnificent, each rapper’s tone and flow complementing as well as drawing distinction from those around it. And that was that- the support slot feeling all too brief, all too enjoyable.

-Amir Adhamy

Read on to discover what Adam Ant did next here. Shout out Amir Adhamy, a human being blessed with Great Wisdom! Now enjoy these legendary photographs, couresty of the Real Magnum, Ben and Tego.

Garage: Rocked.

You know how they say nothing rhymes with Orange? Well, Lozenge kind of rhymes with orange. So that is bunkum. Syringe also, if your accent fits. But I cannot think of a single thing that even comes close to rhyming with ridicule. Pitiful? Minuscule? No. Not good enough...

These things keep me awake at night. For those of us that deal in the arrangement of words, this is serious business. The quest for the ark:

"Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did he know that he riddled with middle men who didn't know diddly."


A litany of literary litter in its wake.

Show me a rapper that hasn't rhymed cool, school, and fool, and I'll show you a cube without corners.

That picture up there was taken by Miss_Lucifer, who posted it on Twitter while we were onstage at The Garage on Saturday night.

It must have been ages since I've played, because I don't remember being able to see photos and feedback from a gig as soon as one has left the stage.

Narstie pointed this out. We were chilling at the bar after the gig, and he had his face in his phone. What the fuck are you doing? I asked him. He was looking at photos from the show.

Like this, posted by @gdpreston:

...and this, posted by @Svend_SPOnG:

Yes, that's right ladies and Gs, I was joined onstage, NOT JUST BY THE MIGHTY DJ JACK NIMBLE, who held me down like a weapon, but by my rap superfriends Pixel, Littles, Lacey, Big Narstie and Marvin The Martian. DAAAAAAMN! I told you it was gonna be some legendary shit.

When we got offstage Adam Ant was waiting for us, offering strange, thin menthol cigarettes. Truly, he was the personification of Charm. Lacey had a little omfgasm, and Narstie had no idea who he was. Narstie enjoyed a little of Adam's solo performance later though. Well, he liked the "ridicule is nothing to be scared of" line, anyway.

Shout out everyone involved for a thoroughly Great night. We made a shit-ton of money for Japan! The bands were all brilliant, the organisation was impeccable, and the dude helping get the bands onstage was a righteous G, who gave me piggyback. Shout out the righteous ladies and Gs copying my improvised dance movies in the crowd. Shout out the dude who did an awesome speed drawing of me which I will post tomorrow when I get it back from Nonny who was kind enough to take my bags home for me fearing I might lose them in a bout of post-gig drunkeness. Shout out to the guy guarding the stage door, a Wu-Tang fan who looked a bit like Prodigy from Mobb Deep. That dude loved the show and it makes me very proud when dudes who love Wu dig what I do.

Damn, that rhymed! That sounds like some Dr Seuss shit. Maybe its time for me to write my children's book...

Rah though, I gotta shoot now. I am off to Camden to do an interview with Who's Jack, and I need to do seventeen tons of washing and write a video treatment first. May all your endeavours be fruitful. Enjoy the blob blog. And please find me a word that rhymes with ridicule.


Good Times At Don Studios IV

Hello, good evening, and welcome!

My name is Akira The Don. I am also known as Adam Anunnaki, of The Adamu. I am what the Italians call "creativo". I was sent here by the starchildren to create feelings of joy and wonder and freedom. My favourite condiment right now is Nando's Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce. My favourite producer today is DJ Burn One. I love my woman, my family, my friends, and my people. I have John Cooper Clarke's immortal Chickentown framed on my wall. There are four glasses, a mug, and a plate on my desk. I have lived in London for two thirds of the time I lived in Wales. I can still speak a little Welsh.

This week, amongst many things, me and my friends accidentally started a new mixtape.

And damn, this accidental mixtape sure is coming together nicely.

The day before yesterday I was blessed with the preence of Pixel, Marvin The Martian AND Littles in Don Studios IV, who were lacing a couple of my exquisite productions with vocal glory. Here's a nice set of cause and effect flicks I took with my schmexy Z Phone:

I can reveal that the first joint will drop next week. Actually, if Narstie sticks to his promise and gets over here at 11 am tomorrow morning to finish his bits, you'll have it tomorrow afternoon. FINGERS CROSSED! It's a big one! Raps of thunder! Drums of death! Protect your necks, ladies and Gs, they might get to snapping!

Here's some more flicks, courtesy of Pixel. Pixel just bought himslef a fisheye lens off of the internet, that's gonna be well fun.

So, last night Jeres and I hosted our lil pop quiz at Pub On The Park in London fields. We had the room upstairs all to ourselves, it was ever so cosy. Two open fires! Christmas lights! Friends! Drinks, alcoholic and not so much! I played records that I like (Waren Zevon, Yelawolf, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Lil B, Chilly Gonzales, Tra Tha Truth, Aphex Twin, Adam And The Ants, etc), and Jeres blossomed as a quizmaster. I did a round also, which was fiendishly difficult, and featured lots of audio. I dubbed it The Kenneth Tong Dont Feed The Trolls Round, and themed the questions accordingly.

We might be doing it again next month. February 9th is the provisional date, so keep that free if you fancy a merry night of pop quizzage.

Right then. I am off to the Postie's to send out the first wave of ATD1 shirts. Keep those fingers crossed for Narstie's safe arrival tomorrow!

Akira The Tron & The Shopping Centre Masterpiece

Look at THAT for a piece of art! Wade sent it me last night (along with the most genius idea I've heard all month), and I whacked some music on it. Amazing. Thank you Wade, you sweet beast, I miss you. Wade lives in LA these days. He fronts a new bar, and DJs at world famous comedians' Christmas parties and stuff. I wonder if he still rocks the bobsleigh outfit. I shall have to ask him.

I also miss being in my BED, dammit. I was up till 5 am working on an animated storyboard, and my eyes feel like peeled grapes. I had to get up though, my mother in law was threatening to keep ringing my phone all day otherwise. I must thank her, too. Sweet as sleep is, being awake and DOING COOL STUFF is better. I've got a bunch of my rap chums coming round today to vocal some heat beats. Envy's on the train from Manchester right now I believe. I suspect Littles is walking his dog, or changing his son's nappy. And if I know him at all, (and I should by now) Narstie is lying butt naked in a dark room atop a great mound of spliff ends, a great heaving shadow cast by the flickering light of the Call Of Duty session he fell asleep in the middle of.



Speaking of which, we kicked off our Guest Mix series yesterday with a flipping STONKING playlist from Dark Lord and Andrew W.K. signee Aleister X. Check it out here right now! We're also running a competition to name the section, as I haven't had time. We've got CDs and vinyl and T shirts to give awat! Just leave your section name suggestions in the comments here. Winner takes all. Actually, I might have some runners up. Depends on the quality of the entrants, as Your Mum might have said.


In other news, excellent Canadian music website Sun On The Sand were the first out of the blocks to review The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits. I quote:

Stoner anthem ‘The Weed Song’ is humorous yet deceptively catchy while the Tears-For-Fears-sampling album centerpiece ‘The Wrestler’ is a grittier, massive tune that is one of The Don’s best since ‘Clones’. As a rapper, ATD’s skills continue to get better. I hadn’t really noticed this vast improvement until I recently listened to early track ‘Patrick’. While that remains a top tune, it does sound a little minuscule when played next to some of these new songs like ‘All Now, Or Never’ and the almost Kanye-like ‘People Like Us’. And lest we forget there’s also a wonderful reworking of ‘Living In The Future’ found at the end of this album called ‘Living In The Future 2′. Let’s just say the last 2 minutes might just be why the sky god created hip hop.

Aint that nice? Cheers guys, you made me a happy Don. I'd also like to shout out the fine folks at Electric Pig, who reported on my historic Myspace deletion.

What else have I to report? Well, remember I told you I was showing people the joys of digital art in Wimbledon shopping centre the other week? Here's a nice picture of me doing just that:

We had a couple of Wacoms and a couple of laptops and a projector, and were specifically showing the thousadns of people who walks through Wimbledon shopping centre on a Saturday the wonders of Manga Studio for penciling and inking, and Photoshop for colouring - my preferred method of comic creation these days. It was a beautiful experience. Most people had no idea this stuff existed, and watching all those (mostly) kids getting so into it, so quickly, and with such excitement, was genuinely inspiring and deeply rewarding.

I got everyone who had a go to draw something to do with their idea of "the future", and put all the drawings togther in one big ass digital painting, which is now on display in various locations in Wimbledon. Here it is in its birthplace:

And here it is in it's pure, digital form:

Sweet, huh? Shout out Ash for getting me involved. I'm looking forward to doing more of that stuff. Working with kids is awesome. They're way cooler than grown ups. No offence, grown ups, y'all are cool and all, but kids gots the edge.


Cotdamn! That was a goddamn crazy ass Doncast and no mistake! For those that missed it - you missed it. It was not recorded. I was too busy trying to make things work. My internal clock was going crazy and pitching the sound down, then up. Here's an example, sent in by Ben Bryans.

See? Crazy. Anyway, after an hour or more of outrageous technicalities, I gave up and went accoustic. We had James Dean Harrison in the building, along with Littles and the twins: Bugsy and Lickel P, so we went freestyle with James on my battered old spanish guitar that used to belong to Alexander Velky. We did classics like Oh!, I Am Not Dead (Yeah!), Living In The Future, Big, and a load of freestyle stuff which was WELL FUN after the initial mania had worn off. Hell, we even got the Doncast Dedication done. Happy birthday Liz!

So big up everyone that stuck through the technicalities! I hope it was worth it...

In ATD24 news, we are $47.89 away from our target of $298 to buy the Ustream Pro thing so we can broadcast with multiple cameras in HD and do transitions and shit and make it a flipping AMAZING SHOW TO REMEMBER FOR ALL TIME (yes, I will be doing extensive testing before hand to make sure it all works)! Only we're not, cos they charge 17.5% VAT. BUT WE ARE CLOSE!

So. Click button!

Or you can send money via paypal to zillazillazilla at

Right, I am off to the hospital to see my friend, then I am gonna see my Mum, who turns 50 today!



Eldest Son.


The Best Of Akira The Don, WWWY - TLE?

So I totally joined the Hackney Council Community Gym! I've cycled there and back two days in a row - twice yesterday cos I had to register then come back to fill in my personal details three times over, twice on paper and once on a compute - bloody wasteful council bullcrap - and get my induction.

The lady who inducted me was hilarious. First she got ridonculously excited about my Polish surname, as she was, herself, "100% real Polish". Then she got even more excited after I'd done some stupid test on a computer. "You want to be POWER MAN!" she exclaimed, joyfully, shouting over my protestations that I "merely wish to be normal and fit and healthy like Bruce Lee" with cries of, "Yes! POWER MAN! All Polish men want to be power man! This is very good!"

She then showed me around, helpfully pointing out that the instructions on the various machines showed you how to use them. "The running machine is very boring," she told me, behind her hand, like people do in old films. "Who wants to run on plastic sheet all day? I want to be power man too!"

I have been going to the gym with my old pal Jeres, former guitarist in The Women, current guitarist in White Witches, and on and off  experience addict. He is a demon on the running machines. He did 5k today in 25 minutes. I couldn't be arsed to do more than 10. I was cycling an hour there and back anyway. I had plenty of bloody cardio, thank you all the same.

What else happened today?

Well, I posted MC Lars' new video in the Blob Blog earlier, a visual for a deeply touching song called Twenty-Three, about a friend of his who commited suicide. Amazingly enough, it turns out it was inspired by my song, Patrick, which I recently listened to for the first time in two years with Littles, who was, rightly, amazed by it. I am amazed by it. It is a flipping hardcore song. Anyway, big up Lars. I think its time for us to do that collaboration we've been talking about since '05.

Elsewhere, I unfollowed all those Boondocks avatars on Twitter. They had become annoying, unrepresentative of their characters, and deeply whorish. Grandpa bid me adieu with the following:

See? Totally out of charcter. I wonder who does them? How much do they get paid? Does Aaron McGruder approve?

Never mind that though. We have important things to work out. See, we got representation issues.

If you look for me on on Spotify, or iTunes, or whatever, all you'll find is my really early EPs and this bastardised version of my first album with a load of shit tacked on to the end that my old label put out last month without telling me (I had to find out via flipping Google Alert) after I'd told them specifically not to. Reissue reissue repackage, and I'm not even dead yet! Ruining my album. You know how long I spent getting that album into the shape I got it into? You know what a labour of love that was? My first album! A lifetime's dream! And you stick a load of home recordings onto the end of it and call it "special edition" or some shit to try and con people into buying it or whatever? How dare you! I was outraged. Truly I was. And I still am. Seethe! Rage!

Anyway. The point is that, to those that don't frequent this wonderful, groundbreaking, epoch defining website, I might as well have died in 2006. So we need to edumacate their asses, before we hit them upside the head with The Life Equation, and change the course of history for ever and ever. What I want to do is this - to put together an EP (extended play) of my finest works, following the release of When We Were Young up until now, the eve of The Life Equation. I will take these recordings, polish them up, treat them with respect and love, give them the mastering I was never able to before, and release them into the world, where anybody can find them. Hopefully in about 6 weeks. On the day of that release I will announce the release date of The Life Equation, and we will set about our Great Work.

It's gonna be tricky. I have made a hell of a lot of music in the past 3 and a half years. So I am asking all my friends for their opinions on the matter, and that includes YOU, dear reader. Please help me out in this endeavour by listing you favourite post WWWY, pre TLE songs in the comments below. Write as many as you like. If someone else has already posted one you like, post it too! That way I will get a better idea of what everybody's favourites are. Remember, if you're stuck, there's a great big discography here for you to look around in and refresh your memory, or even create some new ones.

Naturally, I will be thanking you all for your invaluable efforts in the credits. So leave whatever name best suits, or, if you're shy, email it to me.

Let's go!

PS - News of ATD24 on tomorrow's Doncast. 5pm UK time. Be there.

Suddenly, I Need Shoes!

Me showing Max the buttons. Photo by hughepaul. More here

Good morning gang! Today is a good day, since we all woke up, and for that we must be thankful. Praise Tarim!

Indeed, my throat is sore and my head is fuzzy, but this is what happens when you play strange, chaotic, unrehearsed Ballsacks To The Digital Economy Bill shows in Camden, which is what I did last night. Big up everyone that came down and witnessed the fitness, big up my DJ for the night Max Akira de Wardener, Son Of Zen Pyramid, who is 14 and had NEVER TOUCHED A PAIR OF CDJs before in his LIFE and flipping TORE IT DOWN like a TRUE G, and big up The Indelicates, who came onstage and played a gang of songs with me without ever having done it before. Pretty awesome. SKILLED MUSICIANS! Yes indeed. We did a number of things that have never been done live before, like Security, which was ace with Julia's Piano, and Steven Wells (He Was The Greatest). Last time I was in The Monarch it was for his Life Celebration Party, so it was only right.

Also big up Dan Bull, who did his first ever show last night - I pressed play on the CDJs for him and chopped in little bits of Price songs without warning - and Lilly Ray. I'd never heard Lilly before, and she had some great songs. I need to investigate her further. Thank you Author Girl too, for holding down the merch stand and loaning me those headphones made out of tiny Easter chicks. Amazing.

Also, I THINK the livestream worked. I was running around too much to be able to check in, but as far as I could tell it was streaming anyway. How was it for you out in internetsville?

Littles was supposed to come, you know. Lucky I suspected him to FAIL and never announced him. He rang me just now to inform me that he was knackered after playing paintball for a Channel U, sorry, Channel AKA show all day. "It was nuts fam," he said, as excited as one can sound when evidently Very Tired. "They was sneaking about behind trucks but I got Ghetts and Scorcher good. We lost though fam. I only got shot in the leg, but Narstie got shot in the head."

I was also amazed to learn that they theme paintball these days. The theme? Afghanistan. WOW.

Rah though, right now I have to run to Oxfam or something and find some SHOES, as I am going to The Ritz to celebrate my girlfriend's Mother's 60th birthday, and they don't let you in without shoes. SHOES, not trainers. Can you believe I have no shoes? Amazing. I have some cowboy boots, but the heels are all worn away, diagonal, and they make me walk like an inverse-John Wayne. I also need to find a tie. What's this Ritz like anyway? The only Ritz I have any familiarity with one puts cheese on. Damn, I used to love those things. I could eat a whole box in under an hour.

Ah, memories.

PS - Anyone got a photo/image from last night with which to illustrate this post?

Win Tickets To Envy's Album Launch Do! CAPTION CONTEST!

As mentioned previously, it's my dear friend Envy AKA ENVEH's album launch do at Cargo in London this Thursday (TOMORROW!). I will emceeing the eevnt, in the old fashion sense, ie walking around with a microphone shouting and being GREAT. Whoo! It's gonna be funtimes!

Anyway,  I have TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS  to give away, and I shall also get Envy to sign a copy of her album for another prize, so you people who can't get to London have something to win. Whoo! Prizes!

To win, leave your hilarious, poignant, or just plain WEIRD caption in the comments. GET IN! QUICK!


So, Littles and Narstie were round last night to work on a song for Superhero Music, along with the Risky Roadz Document The Culture Crew. Shout out! I can't believe how long it's been since We Three were last on a track together. Actually, I can't remember when We Three were last on a track together. Was it So Good?! Christ! Anyway, the song is AMAZING - it came to me in a dream, and it turned out even better - and some footage from the session, along with some exclusive Littles and Narstie freestyles will be getting sent out to Superhero Music preorderers tomorrow.


And don't forget it's the ALL NEW WEEKLY DONCAST later today, right here, at the ALL NEW TIME of 6pm GMT. Got that? TWO HOURS LATER! This is to try and accommodate all the Brits who are on their way home  from work at the old time. Let me know how this suits you, for good or ill. As usual, send all shout outs, requests, or your loving and poetic DONCAST DEDICATION to akirathedon at

Akira The Don ft Littles, Marvin The Martian & Gruff Rhys - I Am not Dead (Yeah Remix!)

Thanks to everybody who suggested zombie anime for me to rifle through. I the end I chopped up lots of episode one of Tokyo Majin. Tokyo Majin is super dope.

I am Not Dead (Yeah Remix!) is on the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP, out now on MP3 and T-Shirt.


Whooo! Zombie anime FTW!

Speaking of win, I received some pretty awesome news yesterday.

I have made it into the annuls of science!

I know this because I got an email from Dr Edd Hammill in Canada with the title, "You've made it into the annuls of science." And it went a little something like this:

Dear Akira the Don…

Over a year ago I got in touch with you from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, as a bunch of us Ecology people were at a conference in London and we were wondering if you were playing at the time, don't know if you remember, but anyhoo.

Well, following the brief discussion that we had and so forth and due to the fact that your doncasts and mixtapes kept us all entertained during very long and dull data collection sessions I decided that the next time I published a paper essentially on my own I would stick you in the acknowledgements, and lo and behold, I got one in. I've had confirmation that my article "Reciprocity in predator–prey interactions: exposure to defended prey and predation risk affects intermediate predator life history and morphology" has been published in the Ecology Journal "Oecologia" and you are indeed in the acknowledgements and will remain there for all time, the article will be published in paper form sometime next year. I suppose you could consider this the science world's equivilent of a "big shout out".


BIG SCIENCE SHOUT OUT! Owwwww! How dope is that? I AM IN THE ANNULS OF SCIENCE! And shall remain there for ALL TIME! Whoo! You know how long all time is? LONG! That's how! BLOODY LONG! Bwa ha ha! As noted in the above remix, you could go "blap blap blap"... I am IMMORTAL! In your FACE mortality! Win on a stick! Yes. Seriously, thank you Dr Edd Hammil in Canada, and all your clever science wizard brothers and sisters. Your scientific energy inspires me, and I shall endeavour to be deserving of the accolade you have bestowed upon me.