B.O.B. + Al Stewart = Lovely

B.O.B. and Al Stewart I was kinda sleeping on B.O.B. until I heard him piss on Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth on that Obama joint. The there was that Autotune joint. Last week I heard In The Sky, which I loved, and today I heard Leftfield Lovely...

which samples Al Stewart's Year of The Cat! I was like, damn man, this is awesome, despite the fact I recently sampled that joint, and shall have to let it slide (and I sampled a couple of other Al Stewart joints anyway). Fuck it, dude did it proud. And having a sick-ass 20something rapper from Atlanta chopping up Al Stewart is just too cool.

Check it:

B.O.B.  - Leftfield Lovely

Al Stewart - Year of The Cat

Hit the jump for In The Sky, and the This is 50 interview...