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NEW VIDEO: We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby ft. Gruff Rhys BOOYA!

I am all excite and exclamation marky, because I finally get to present to you, my brothers and sisters, the third and final part of THE LIFE EQUATION TRILOGY that started with NOTHING LASTS FOREVER and continued with VIDEO HIGHWAY...


As debuted on NME a few hours ago!

Thanks to everyone that helped us create this beautiful artwork!

A big shout out to Gruff, who couldn't make the shoot as he was touring the USA, but still managed to feature via the magic of small portable telephone video recorder technology.

Did I ever tell you about the first time I met Gruff? I was 16 years old, and I'd just moved into my first bedsit in Upper Bangor. I decided to take an evening stroll down the high street to buy some Skittles and some fags, and I saw Gruff outside Our Price (RIP). I said hi and told him how I loved Hometown Unicorn and thought it was David Bowie when I first heard it and he signed my packet of fags (Silk Cut, bleurgh), and wished me luck in my new life.

Many years later I was playing a show in Cardiff. There was so much dry ice I couldn't see the crowd, which is an interesting experince when one is performing. So, I screamed into the fog, which suddenly cleared revealing, about a foot away from my face... Gruff, staring at me spookily. I'd last seen him outside Our Price, and he looked exactly the same. Hash is a hell of a drug.

It was the day of the second to last general election, and we all went back to his afterwards and watched it on Welsh language television. I was impressed, because he had a throne in his kitchen. Everybody was talking in Welsh, which I got a B at in school, but couldn't remember much of, having been away from the place for 8 years. But, after a few hours, it came back, to the point I could drunkenly freestyle in the language. Funny how that works.

I met my wife  - well, re-met, after not having seen her since I left school eight years previously - at a Super Furry Animals show at the ICA in London. She was wearing a beautiful red dress and carrying a pint of red wine. Or maybe I bought the red wine. regardless, she looked beautiful.

Anyway, that is beside the point. THIS VIDEO IS YOURS NOW AND I AM PROUD! High five my visual artiste brothers Mighty Tom Coles and Dr Aaron Shrimpton! This is but the beginning of an incredible and gargantuan audio viisual journey! You want and see what we do next!


Remember: BROKE is a a magical SIGIL! It is important that you share it far and wide in order that the magic work and we all get SOLID GOLD HOUSES BY THE SEA (and jetpacks).

CD, digital, print and CANVAS available in the Don Shop:

OK. Let us see some CREDITS...

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby was performed by @akirathedon & @gruffingtonpost.

Taken from the album of the decade, THE LIFE EQUATION

Produced by Stephen Hague & Akira The Don

The video was directed by @aaronshrimpton


Produced by Aaron Shrimpton & Akira The Don Directed by Aaron Shrimpton DOP - Thomas Coles B - Camera - Jonny Ruff G - Camera - Gruff Rhys 1st AD. - Thomas Hooke Make-Up - Ellie Burrows Playback - Benson Burrows Location Manager - Debbie Mcgrant Graphics, sound and end animations - Akira The Don Catering - Akira The Don Ridiculous Jewelry by Akira The Don Dancers by I AM EPIC Glasses by The Eye Company

Starring: - Akira The Don as Akira The Don - Envy as Envy - Aaron Shrimpton as Aaron Shrimpton - Thomas Coles as Daddy C D.O.P - Jonny Ruff as Jonny "hoodied camera dude" Ruff - Thomas Hooke as Fake Sound recordist & Big Narstie Henchman replacement - Charlotte Don as Interviewer - Jeres as bohemian agent - Mr Lacey as Mr Lacey Henchman

We would like to thank Ben & Debbie for their lovely flat, and Te$kkkos for the shopping spree.

Broke Art Arrives In Studio, Goliath Post Operation Commences

Good news! The Broke canvases arrived!

More good news! The Broke prints arrived!

And the CDs came in weeks ago!

That means I will be posting out all the Broke swag TODAY!

So go get your orders in before it's all gone as it is all ENTIRELY LIMITED.

If you want anything specific singing - or a specific area of the print signing, for that matter (I am defaukting to the back), send an email with your order and let me know.

Speaking of Broke, here's a special message from Gruff Rhys:

Still speaking of Broke, Steve Lamacq played it on his BBC 6music show yesterday afternoon, so a great big high five for him. I recorded some radio drops yesterday too - if you're a DJ and you want some drops, holla.

The following messages came in via the channels requesting component parts for remixing and playing:

As ever, I aim to please, so here, brothers and sisters, is a link to the Broke splits. Flapsandwitch, you can remix the song to your content, and Spencer, you can remove the drums and add your own.

And here's a bunch of ATD acepallas that still needs an official home on the site:

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Evangelion ft Pixel & Marvin The Martian Acapella 140 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Fist of The North Star ft Littles Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – We Won’t Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – I Am not Dead YEAH Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Nothing Lasts Forever ft Envy Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – Video Highway Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don – We Are Not Alone Acapella 125

 Meanwhile, I discovered a new and exciting subculture.

I was like, what's a brony? A Horse that likes chestbumps?

Turns out a brony is in fact a male human that likes My Little Pony cartoons, and expresses their love of the impressive artworks by making cool toys like this:

...and incredible dubs like this:


Right, back to work. I have a lot of BROKE ART to post. The video's rendering now, byt the way. Aaron and I were up till 4 am finishing it, and it is a very beautiful thing indeed. Here's a still:


PREORDER: We Wont' Be Broke Forever Baby ft. Gruff Rhys!


Yes brothers and sisters, the next single from my acclaimed second LP, The Life Equation will be We Won't Be Broke Forever ft. Gruff Rhys. That's the beautiful artwork up there, created entirely by ME and my Wacom DTF 520. The background pays tribute to the work of the mighty Pete Fowler, whose joyous images were as much a part of the the Super Furry Animals' allure to the teenage me as the music itself.

Included in the single package is a stunning and transcendent remix from dan le sac. The video for Broke is directed by Aaron Shrimpton, and is the third part of The Life Equation Trilogy that started with Nothing Lasts Forever.

Broke comes out on February 27th on digital download and limited edition radio promo CD. You will also be able to buy similarly limited edition prints and canvases of the artwork to put on your wall and brighten up your home.

Preorder now!

MP3 - £3.99 FLAC - £3.99 CD (Plus download) - £5 8" x 8" Print (comes signed with download & CD) - £10 6" x 6" Framed canvas (comes signed with download & CD) - £25 Broke Bundle (everything!) -  £30


SINGLE Akira The Don - We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Out February 27th on Living In The Future

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is the euphoric new single from Akira The Don. Featuring Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Neon Neon) and produced by synth pop pioneer Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Blur), Broke is already getting radio play (Radio 1, 6 Music, record of the week on Awesome Radio) without having actually gone to radio yet, because it is a beautiful and inspirational anthem for our times.

The single bundle includes a sleek and Kirbyesque dan le sac remix that sounds like venus, and the instrumental, replete with personally approved Dollar sample.

The video, part three of Akira's acclaimed The Life Equation Trilogy, is directed by Aaron Shrimpton (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan), co-stars Gruff Rhys, Envy and Eddie Argos (Art Brut, Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now), and drops on February 13th.

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is taken from Akira's second album, The Life Equation, which will receive a nationwide physical release on March 5th. Praise for The Life Equation:

  • "Brilliant" - Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles)
  • "Spectacular... A real slap upside the head" - The 404
  • "Glorious" - Subba Cultcha
  • "The urgent and danceable truth" - Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition)
  • "Triumphant" - Sun On The Sand

For more information, visit the best artist website in the world:, or follow Akira on Twitter:

Akira The Don Lego, And Other Amazing Things About Living In The Future

I love living in the future, as you well know. Every day we are bombarded with fuckeries, but the glory outweighs all of that, in my humble opinion. Every day we are bombarded with glory, like cosmic rays.

When I was a little boy, my favorite toy was Lego. We'd inherited a bunch if it from somewhere, and we had a ton of the stuff in a bucket, that grew a little bigger every Christmas, like my Grandpa's waistline. We used to pour it all out onto a blanket, and build cities and spaceships and monsters for hours, as the rain poured down outside. Lego was more primitive in those days. No stubble or eyepatches or any of that shit. I remember when Pirate Lego was introduced - the first Lego to have more than eyeballs and a smile on the little yellow heads. With Pirate Lego came the potential for a more expressive and individualised Lego. It was a revelation. I wrote letters to Lego Headquarters begging for Lego that was themed around my favourite things. I longed for Thundercats and He-Man lego. For Adam & The Ants and Anne Of Green Gables Lego. For me Lego.

Twenty odd years later, we're in the future, my mate Gwilym just spent £300 on a giant Lego Star Wars construct of some kind, and these wonderful humans have made some goddamn Akira The Don Lego. There it is at the top of the post, with a copy of my most recent comic strip in hand. Resplendent. This is the future I dreamed of. Pinch me.


OK, don't pinch me. It hurts. Instead, join me in raising a glass to Gemma from Kitchbits, who made that lovely thing, and go swag them out with your custom. They make all sorts of cool stuff. That was the future I dreamed of - a future in which people made cool stuff... and here were are.

Check this out:

POW! How dope is THAT? Time, that amazing emcee I discovered via a Twitter add, in a manner that will likely never happen again, has been working on a video for our awesome transatlantic musical collaboration Full Metal Alchemist. Thatssright Bubba. A transatlantic video collaboration. For we dwell in the future, a glorious, hitherto unimagined era in which humas meet and create art between the physical world and that ghostworld... The Digital.

The video is gonna be flipping sweet. I've seen Time's first bit. Like he says, it's got everyting you could want... food. Bullets. A gun.

You need to check Time if you haven't. He is amazing. He reminds me of me, but more cyberpunk. Check out his mixtape/album Ramenswag for a pretty fucking ace and trippy introduction to his world.

Meanwhile, another of my transatlantic rap superfriends, Bay Area boy wonder and Viper-rider ISSUE, has been speaking (digitally, natch), with the Seattle Times about our forthcoming collaborative project, World's Finest.

I am very excited about this record. Issue sent me 22 pieces of music, by him, Georgio Momurder, Drew Money, Scoot Foo and Schwartz to consider for the thing, and I feel fucking spoiled. What are they putting in the water in The Bay lately? There is so much amazing music coming out of there it is getting stupid by this point. Issue's new mixtape, Moonroof 2 dropped today, and it is a thing of incredible beauty and wonder, download it right now and turn the lights off. And if you haven't checked it yet, here's me and Issue's second collaboration (the first was 17 Year Old Blonde Girl & A Bottle Of Acid from Saturnalia Superman), THE LAMBORGHINIS, from his awesome Pig mixtape.

Meanwhile, the remixes keep coming in. This just came through Twitter:

I was like, yeah! And then I go this:


Which is pretty flipping fly. Works excellently during the verses and breakdown I thought. I think the choruses are a little abrasive for the tone of the music. Maybe if they were pitched down, or chopped up a lot, or overtly reverbed and brought down in the mix they'd sit easier. Either way, the music is brilliant. Propiau.

Propiau is pigeon Welsh for "props", before you ask. And speaking of which, Zef and I went to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club last night to take part in a LITERARY LIBRARY EXPERIENCE. Some weird mime people straight out of an episode of Spaced made noises at each other for 7 minutes, an Irishman told 95% of a fairy story an illiterate old friend of his had had transcribed from a dream, and Martin Carr and Eternaly Young Huw and Gruff Rhys performed a beautiful suite, held together by the oceaneesque strum of guitar triplets and delightful abortion-themed harmonising. It was a pretty surreal experience, now I think about it.

There they are, in front of a fucking massive and dope painting. I want to make a painting like that.

That's one of the pieces of paper they gave us. Oh yeah, the night was called The American Forever, Etc. - A Library, a presentation of The Brautigan Book Club. I believe it is going to be a regular thing, celebrating the works of Richard Brautigan, of whom I must admit I had previously never heard.

And that's me and my lil' bro Zef. He lives in London now, so I can call him up at 5:30 pm and invite him out to gigs. That is a very special thing, brothers and sisters.

We Won't Be Broke! We Won't Be Broke!

Look, I made a nice gif thing for my song about not being broke forever (fitting, since I'm doing my For Richer For Poorer on Friday)! I made it for a Youtube listening post for the song, which you can see below. The thing goes in time to the song, even when it speeds up half way through, which is yet another example of why my listening posts OWN everyone elses. IN YOUR FACE EVERYONE ELSE!

Anyway, I've made the listening post because my buddy Big Dave Lorry is going to send the song to some radio people, so they can play it on their shows, and you know how people love to find things on outube in these bright days.

Charlotte played the song this morning while she was getting ready for work and I was half-sleeping and dreaming about setting my alarm wrong and being late for my wedding (ha!), and it really is an amazing record. High five me and Gruff and Stephen, we the beeeeeeeeeest!

If you haven't copped it yet, The Life Equation is out now, in this beautiful digital world, and you can cop a CD exclusively right here ahead of its shop release at the end of Summer.

Now I am going to get back to Le Preparations.


T-Shirt News!

Hey gang! I am glad you're enjoying ATD20. It makes me happy and proud. Please keep listening, talking about it loudly in public places, and telling your friends - my promo department currently consists of ME and ME alone, and it would be a shame if this didn't reach more people, as if one is not growing, one is likely to get infected by evil bacteria, and succumb to plague.

I WISH FOR NO PLAGUE! I wanna grow big and strong and smash, like Hulk, without the intelligence issues.

Anyway. T-shirt update. The Security Ts will be in on February 6th, which is exiting. If you got an MP3 bundle, and want to add a T-shirt to your order (as some of you seem to), rather than paying the full whack, you can send £10.50 to zillazillazilla at with your preferred size and address, and I shall make it so.

And in other T-Shirt news, I found 4 The Don T-shirts! Two small, one XL, one XXL. So hurry and claim them, by clicking here. There are also only about 15 I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) T shirts, as modelled above by Gruff Rhys, so you wanna be quick in that department as well.

Oh, I might bring back the Thieving shirts. Is this something that interests you?


COMING UP THIS WEEK! Videos! Music! Comic strip! Comic strip titler-prize-winner announcement! The All New Weekly Weekly Doncast (Wednesday at 5pm GMT)! And so much more! AkiraTheDonDotCom! Where The Magic Happens!

Akira The Don ft Littles, Marvin The Martian & Gruff Rhys - I Am not Dead (Yeah Remix!)

Thanks to everybody who suggested zombie anime for me to rifle through. I the end I chopped up lots of episode one of Tokyo Majin. Tokyo Majin is super dope.

I am Not Dead (Yeah Remix!) is on the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP, out now on MP3 and T-Shirt.


Whooo! Zombie anime FTW!

Speaking of win, I received some pretty awesome news yesterday.

I have made it into the annuls of science!

I know this because I got an email from Dr Edd Hammill in Canada with the title, "You've made it into the annuls of science." And it went a little something like this:

Dear Akira the Don…

Over a year ago I got in touch with you from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, as a bunch of us Ecology people were at a conference in London and we were wondering if you were playing at the time, don't know if you remember, but anyhoo.

Well, following the brief discussion that we had and so forth and due to the fact that your doncasts and mixtapes kept us all entertained during very long and dull data collection sessions I decided that the next time I published a paper essentially on my own I would stick you in the acknowledgements, and lo and behold, I got one in. I've had confirmation that my article "Reciprocity in predator–prey interactions: exposure to defended prey and predation risk affects intermediate predator life history and morphology" has been published in the Ecology Journal "Oecologia" and you are indeed in the acknowledgements and will remain there for all time, the article will be published in paper form sometime next year. I suppose you could consider this the science world's equivilent of a "big shout out".


BIG SCIENCE SHOUT OUT! Owwwww! How dope is that? I AM IN THE ANNULS OF SCIENCE! And shall remain there for ALL TIME! Whoo! You know how long all time is? LONG! That's how! BLOODY LONG! Bwa ha ha! As noted in the above remix, you could go "blap blap blap"... I am IMMORTAL! In your FACE mortality! Win on a stick! Yes. Seriously, thank you Dr Edd Hammil in Canada, and all your clever science wizard brothers and sisters. Your scientific energy inspires me, and I shall endeavour to be deserving of the accolade you have bestowed upon me.


LP2 Guest Vox # 2

gruff1 Guess who's singing awesome surf pop harmonies on two songs on my new album?

Aye, him.

Him was nice enough to take half of his one day off from touring with Neon Neon to sing parts for a pair of songs from my new LP. One you may have heard a demo of - it is called I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) and it is grayte, the other I only wrote the other day and is grayter. I'm not telling you what its called yet though cos I am mysterious. Whoo!

Anyway, we had a lovely day singing caneons and hanging out with Gruff's fine lady, beautiful daughter, in laws and a cousin. All made vocal contributions. The cousin's was particularly dope - a violent, blood curdling gurgle...

All Star ATD15

Sleeve by Akira The Don & Zef 2: Extra guitar by Jeremy Allen 6: Contains elements of Billy Ocean - Get Into My Car, David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car & RZA ft. ODB - Black Widow Pt II 8: Daft Punk Da Funk & Dizzee Rascal - Sirens 9: Ft Dego Brown 12: Produced by Akira The Don 16: Recorded for XFM Scotland 17: Contains elements of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - After The Watershed & Lethal Bizzle - Police On My Back 19: Produced by Akira The Don 20: Produced by Ripperman 23: Contains elements of Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms & 4, 3, 2, 1 - LL Cool J ft Method Man, Redman & DMX 27: Produced by Akira The Don

Engineered Recorded and Mixed by Akira The Don at Don Studios III, Clapton.