WATCH: Alan Moore & The Retro Spankees - Jonny Fortunate (Live)

Live footage from Almanac and co's Dodgem Logic launch do in sunny Northampton the other night. I wish I had been there, it looks like a marvelous party. And I love The Party!

More over at Bleeding Cool.

So, yeah, I was sat on the train on the way back from Envy's video shoot last night reading Tom Strong: v. 1, which is a lot better than I remembered it being, when suddenly this really tall guy is looming above me, eagles circling his head, and he's all like, "is that Tom Strong? Do you like Alan Moore? Well here's my fanzine with an exclusive interview with Alan Moore in it!"

With a flourish he deposited a strange smelling high quality A5 magazine called Mustard in my lap.

And I was like, "woah, cheers dude!"

The train's brakes screeched like a cat on fire, and off he went, cape billowing in the wind, or at least that's how it appeared.

When I got home my girlfriend wasn't there and it was too cold to work, so I went to bed with my clothes on and read Tall Billowing Cape On The Train Dude's Alan Moore interview, and it was bloody good indeed. Did you know Alan Moore smokes hash every day, like Nate Dogg? I wish I could afford to smoke hash every day like Alan Moore and Nate Dogg. I should get back into magic. ANYWAY! You can read the first 4 pages of it online over here. How's that for service?