dawn of the don

Dawn Of The Don Photos

Sheeet, that thing was crazy.

Awesome images one and all.

Keep sending photos in (atd at akirathedon dot com), and I'll keep adding them to the gallery. If you want me to add your website adress, put that in the email.

Anna Madeline wrote a nice review here, by the way.

Oh, and if you missed it, Adam Walton's 3 hour mixtape broadcast last night on Radio Wales, featuring contributions from me, Gruff Rhys, Martin Carr, and, like anyone who's anyone in Welsh-related musix, can be heard again, here. Happy birthday brother Walton!


zombies-green Best gig ever.

Best gig I ever did anyway.

Thank you to EVERYBODY.

My amazing band, Joey, James, Morty, musical director BJ, brass section Ginge & John.  Special guest superstar Envy. Organising party geniuses Charlotte and Colin (and Paula who was there in spirit form like a SPOOKY GHOST). Film and make up gurus Michael, Sam, Tim. Nonathon and Rachel who sold people things and looked lovely on the door. The gracious and accommodating staff at The Gaff. Stephen Hague, Marvin, Pixel, Jack, Tego, Ben OFISHAL, true hardcore party people one and all.  My little brother Ali. My Dad. SOUP! All you awesome people that came from all over the land to party with us. I feel very lucky.

If you were there, and you took photos - of you and your zombie friends, of the show, of the deejays, of the barstaff, whatever, please send them in (atd at akirathedon dot com), so I can make a nice photo gallery and the world can get a vague idea of just how awesome a party we had.

I will expand on all of this when I have some time.

But for now - and I REALLY mean it - thank you.



Months of hard work come to their conclusion tonight, when we descend upon The Gaff, Holloway Road, and throw the party of the century.

Akira The Don! Marvin! Pixel! Stephen Hague! Zombiehamster! Joey2Tits! Kill Witnesses! Zombies! People with latext making wounds for everybody that wants one! WOW!

Crap, The London Paper even listen it as an "Atilla The Don" show. YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE HARDCORE!

And rammed. Get down early.


Marvin The Martian & Pixel Join the Dawn Of The Don Line-Up

pixel-and-marvin Ladies and gentlemen! It is my very distinct pleasure to announce that Marvin The Martian and Magnum P.I., AKA Pixel will be performing at the Dawn of The Don on May 29th.


Says Marvin:

Me and Pixel are going to be performing exclusive new material [none of the songs we're performing have ever been performed or heard outside of the studio, if you want classics you'll be at the wrong show. Strictly future classics] at Akira The Don's 'Dawn of the Don' gig on Friday May 29th. Most of the songs performed will make up the new mixtape which Jack is in the process of mixing as I type [real mixing rather than DJ Mixing, that process is a few weeks off at least].

In other Marvin related news, dude has a dope new feature on his website, which I might have to rip off.


In addition to the already stellar DJ line-up of Stephen Hague, Joey2Tits, Blonde Jeremy Deacon & Zombiehamster, I can now announce that Kill Witnesses will also be spinning awesomeness. BUT! WHO ARE Kill Witnesses?

Soon you will learn...

get your tickets, and all the info you will ever need, RIGHT HERE!

DAWN OF THE DON: Tickets On Sale Now

I would like to thank my glamorous assistant Miss Sophie Ella Ella for her help in demonstrating the awesome DAWN OF THE DON poster in the video above, and for helping me pack another two-sackloads of your CDs and T-Shirts yesterday.

When I say "help", I mean not going mental when I said I couldn't play football with her because I was sending T shirts to Norway, America, Australia and Wales, amongst other such exotic locales. She is a very understanding person.

So, yeah.

DAWN OF THE DON TICKETS ON SALE NOW!dawn-of-the-don-flyer-print

Order yours online right here, right now, and get a FREE GLOSSY FULL COLOUR GIG POSTER! Just like the one in the video, but A4.

Just £5 a ticket, and £1 postage etc. No matter how many you get. WOW.

Yes, May 29th, The Gaff, London. More here.

I am also excited to announce that we WILL be filming the party and live scenes for the forthcoming I Am not Dead (YEAH!) zombie movie we've been working on for the past 6 months or whatever it is. When I say working, I mean "talking about", obviously. I DID WRITE A SCRIPT THOUGH! And now we have a director and a crew and make up artists and everything. SO! Come in your finest undead attire if you wanna be a zombie, or just dress how you would normally if you wanna be a non-zombie. We will be on hand with fake blood and gore also, cos we are PARTY PROVIDERS!