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PREORDER: We Wont' Be Broke Forever Baby ft. Gruff Rhys!


Yes brothers and sisters, the next single from my acclaimed second LP, The Life Equation will be We Won't Be Broke Forever ft. Gruff Rhys. That's the beautiful artwork up there, created entirely by ME and my Wacom DTF 520. The background pays tribute to the work of the mighty Pete Fowler, whose joyous images were as much a part of the the Super Furry Animals' allure to the teenage me as the music itself.

Included in the single package is a stunning and transcendent remix from dan le sac. The video for Broke is directed by Aaron Shrimpton, and is the third part of The Life Equation Trilogy that started with Nothing Lasts Forever.

Broke comes out on February 27th on digital download and limited edition radio promo CD. You will also be able to buy similarly limited edition prints and canvases of the artwork to put on your wall and brighten up your home.

Preorder now!

MP3 - £3.99 FLAC - £3.99 CD (Plus download) - £5 8" x 8" Print (comes signed with download & CD) - £10 6" x 6" Framed canvas (comes signed with download & CD) - £25 Broke Bundle (everything!) -  £30


SINGLE Akira The Don - We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Out February 27th on Living In The Future

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is the euphoric new single from Akira The Don. Featuring Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Neon Neon) and produced by synth pop pioneer Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Blur), Broke is already getting radio play (Radio 1, 6 Music, record of the week on Awesome Radio) without having actually gone to radio yet, because it is a beautiful and inspirational anthem for our times.

The single bundle includes a sleek and Kirbyesque dan le sac remix that sounds like venus, and the instrumental, replete with personally approved Dollar sample.

The video, part three of Akira's acclaimed The Life Equation Trilogy, is directed by Aaron Shrimpton (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan), co-stars Gruff Rhys, Envy and Eddie Argos (Art Brut, Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now), and drops on February 13th.

We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby is taken from Akira's second album, The Life Equation, which will receive a nationwide physical release on March 5th. Praise for The Life Equation:

  • "Brilliant" - Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles)
  • "Spectacular... A real slap upside the head" - The 404
  • "Glorious" - Subba Cultcha
  • "The urgent and danceable truth" - Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition)
  • "Triumphant" - Sun On The Sand

For more information, visit the best artist website in the world: http://www.akirathedon.com, or follow Akira on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/akirathedon


Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Great Britain (Akira The Don VS Joey2tits Remix)

Well, I know there's a bunch of you that have been looking forward to this. It's been out for a few days, but I ain't mentioned it. I was wondering if I'd get called out, and lo I did, via email, from the ever vigilant Glen, who wrote:

one thing you seem to have let slip past us is the Dan Le Sac vs Scroob release!! i was pondering it on Saturday night since i hadn't heard much mention of it recently and thought i'd have a lil search and found that it was on sale from Sunday, needless to say i bought it and love it!

Cheers Glenn! Hell yeah it's dope! So dope I felt I needed to take an afternoon out to draw a sleeve for it. So I have. And that is it. Up top. Neat, non? Well, I dig it. Cos it was done between the Superhero Music and Street Fighter periods of Don Activity, the art reflects that - it references the Marvel VS Capcom games in its layout, anyway.


I said that in a Joey2tits voice. You ever heard dude say "nice"? It's a thing to behold, really it is.

ANYWAY! To celebrate this happy union, I got Dan le Sac to judge last week's caption competition. I promised you a minor celebrity! And I have delivered a minor celebrity! See how I come through for you!

So, without further ado, let's get into that business.


(drum roll)





MELO! With:

"It wins," explains Dan, "because it's true."

I don't know if my girl's Mum, pictured, would agree with you, but there you go. The judge's decision is final! MELO IS THE WINNER!

Well done Melo! Dan has deemed you KING OF WIN! Email me your address and a prize shall be yours!

We also have some runners up.

Runner Up 1: alexandervelky: "Not pictured: stepladder." "Because alexandervelky is clearly my dad is disguise or at least the guy who ghostwrites my dad gags," says Dan. This is funny because alexandervelky is, in reality, my brother. His sense of humour is cruel and ancient and stolen, in part, from our Dad.

Runner Up 2 - Raydome : "The all new ATD portable holiday head, buy one now, and make your holiday Dontastic"

"Seriously this could work," says Dan, "dragging rappers heads around on holiday is a dope idea, you can never find any decent hip-hop on ya hols."

Did I mention that all I heard music-wise in Malta was N-Dubz, Tinie Tempah and Jay-Z? That Jay-Z featuring Mr Hudson travesty as well. That shit is eerie, bubba.

ANYWAY! Thank you Dr Le Sac, for judging this month's caption contest. However, since Alex is related to me, he's going to have to be disqualified, or at least sidelined, so I am bringing in another runner up.

Runner Up 3: jonzee: "Akira the Wall creeps up unnoticed on yet another victim"

Because it made me LOL Out Loud, which is pretty much a double LOL, and thus a win. Applause all round then! You're all winners!

And thank you again to our special guest judge, dan le sac. For the duration of this blog post I have been unsure as to whether he capitalises the "le" or not, and a quick Google just now reveals that he tends not to capitalise at all, like dead prez. But I am not going to go back and change all the previous attempts, for the sake of purity.


Rah though, if you thought that was the last you were gonna see of duke round these parts, think again! Cos we did a remix SWAP! Which means you have yet to hear what duke did for me! EXCITE!

In other exciting celebrity news, I got retweeted by world famous wrestler Gregory "Hurricane! Helms today. Dunno how that happened. He was amused by the following, which I found at Dangerous Minds:

He then DMed me to apologise for all the RTs flooding my timeline. What a gent!

If only mixed martial arts fighters were as nice as wrestlers. Shudder.

Elsewhere on the Don Related Interwebs, my new best buddies at Hype Machine Radio in New York did a dope piece on our DOMINATION of their chart last week (which I intent to sample the HELL out of). They even spoke to or ole buddy Neil from Music Like Dirt! Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

#19 Hype Machine Radio Show (June 2010) by hypem

OK then! That is enough for one post. This has been epic. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be back at 5pm UK time with THE DONCAST, but in the meanwhile, I'm gonna hand over to our friends Ms Liz A Crunch and JJ Fabulous, who have been ATD Beach Tagging in El Pescador. Big up!


Victory Is Within Our Grasp!

Ladies and Gs, we are doing it. Be Brave, from The Street Fighter Mixtape, is smashing up the Hype Machine charts like a cotdang PINYATA!

A few days ago people were telling me I'd be lucky to crack top 40. When we got to number 5, people were saying that was enough. Well done, but you better give it up. The competition's too strong. But I knew different, brothers and sisters. I knew our quest was right, our appetite for glory was strong, and our thirst for victory could only be quenched by one thing... NUMBER ONE!

And right now, brothers and sisters, we are at NUMBER TWO, a massive 2040 points ahead of Andre 3000 at number 5, and a brazen 1261 points ahead of our nearest rival, Robyn, at number 3. WE ARE DOING IT!

This is our third day on the chart. Yesterday we added over 1000 points bringing us significantly closer to the number one spot, currently occupied by LCD Soundsystem, who've been on the chart for 6 days and are now just 927 points ahead! OH MY GOD!

It should be noted that a crazy 3801 of LCD's points came from ONE person - Ana Marie Cox, who is being followed by 1,473,082 men, women, children and spam bots. In contrast, the majority of our points came from people with a handful of followers. Real-ass people who's votes bought in 1, 2, 3, 4, 20-odd points each. We've had a few big hitters lend their mighty weight to our righteous cause - shout out Martin CarrExample, Gonzales, Dan le Sac, Scroobius Pip, The Quietus, Lethal Bizzle et all - but most of this victory is down to the combined efforts of non-celebrities. And that is a beautiful thing.

So let us not falter, brother. Let us not waver, sister. Let us take inspiration from Mel Gibson in Braveheart, from Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, from Paul Gasgoine in world cup '90... actually, scrub that, we LOST that thing... from Maradona and his Godly hand, from Pele and his no shoes, from Baldrick in Blackadder, from that angel in It's A Wonderful Life, from EVERY TINY BABY THAT EVER FELL ON IT'S POO SMEARED-ASS AND GOT BACK UP... let us belkive in the power we have inside us and SMASH THAT CHART LIKE GREEK PLATES!

Are you with me?!


Alrighty! Then get your fine ass over here and CLICK THAT VOTE BUTTON! Then get your Mum to do the same! Then your Nan! Even if she hasn't got a Twitter account! Get her to sign up! One point from your Nan could be the point that does it!

Be proud! Be strong! BE BRAVE!


Oh man, what a feeling. And speaking of winning, we have some WINNERS from last week when I went away and asked you to do some emailing. Shout out


CM McRae!




You are all winners! expect an email this evening asking for your T shirt sizes, and prizes will follow! BLAP!

Caption Contest winners coming up.

OK go vote for that thing. If we win I'm gonna drop some free music. I might have to throw a party or some ish as well. Actually, here's a thing. How best shall we celebrate this mighty victory which is our DESTINY?

EDIT: WOAH! WE DID IT! LCD Soundsystem got chased out of the building and we are NUMBER FLIPPING ONE!!!

Road To Redemption

brit-scum Can I get a HELL YEEEEYAH?!

I lost the past 6 months of work on Saturday when both my harddrives bricked like the last G Unit album. I shall refrain from going batshit on the manufacturers asses while we sort out what they're gonna do about it. And I gotta tell you, I was a zen motherfucker when it happened. I did not shout, swear, scream or cry. I got on with it.

First off was redrawing the second illustration I've been commissioned to do for this new time travel movie that's coming out. I was on deadline, and you know how I hate to miss a deadline. More on that soon. Ideally I'd have spent more time on the thing - there was a bunch of detail I'd have liked to have done... but shit, it looks pretty dope anyway, if I do say so myself.

Now, amongst other things, it's time to focus on re-recording the bulk of the pre-Life Equation mixtape. This thing needs to be the best thing I have ever released,  prior to the album, which is Ultimate (no Jeph Loeb - geek joke). All ideas welcome! The thing has a name and a concept that ties in directly to the album, but I'm a keep that under my hat for a little bit. We're looking at a March release, so I got a fortnight to get it done. I am excited to be making new music again. It feels like ages, even if it isn't.

So, I noticed the "free" toilet papers that litter the London transport system screaming about some crazy British victory at the Grammy's yesterday, on route to a meeting with Dr Gerd Lohnart (futururist, revolutionary, geezer) in central London yesterday. I was like, hot shit, did Sac VS Pip win something? Chipmunk? The Indelicates?

Of course not. The Inevitable Coldplay. The Incomparably Costly Duffy. The Brit School's Adlele.


As Ben Wardle noted recently whilst musing on the snug safeness of this year's Who's Gon' Be Hot lists,  "both Duffy and Adele were heavily invested in - certainly Duffy had to happen, the financial consequences would have just been too dreadful to contemplate if it hadn't worked."

Yes sir. As the world turns, the music industry hangs on to its crumbling business model like Momma to the Train... pick a fistful of inoffensive clay, mash into desired shape, and lob stacks of cash at it until the general public gives in and sighs, "well, sheeeeet, this gotsta be good".

Jack Nimble's little brother Ben Official wrote an amusing diatribe about "Brit Robots" over at the sublimely titled youcantunwatchit.blogspot.com the other day:

With 10 million albums sold in the UK, 16 Brit Award nominations and 14 Grammy nominations between them, graduates of the Brit School in Selhurst, south London have become some of the biggest names in pop. (Don't that make you sick!?)

...Although i am a fan Of Amy [Winehouse]'s music and wish her good health, you gta ask is this a Brit school girl who just couldn't handle the pressure. I can easily say that Amy Winehous is the biggest talent from the school of robots...

My question to you, ALL OF YOU! is are we going to sit by and let a school for ppl who can hit a drum in the right place or hit the c# note control Britains biggest Export! It's a recession a good crop of artists and music could really keep morale up in this land of the Beatles and....Fuck i aint got time to list this countrys greatest Artists you know who they are and they ae not: Leona Lewis Katie Melua The Kooks The Feeling Kate Nash Bashy Adele Jack Mcmanus Athlete Floetry Dane Bowers Aggro Curls Ye i left Amy's name out, I LIKE HER MUSCI WHAT!!!??? People of ENGLAND RISE UP SAY NO TO CHANNEL U!, NO TO THE BRITS, NO TO NICK GRIMSHAW AND ALEXA CHUNG!(YE I HATE THEM TOO! I GOT HATE IN ME) JUST SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Quite. Used to be, the only routes to the Good Life for the UK's working class were Pop Music and Football. And now a career pop music is the privelege of the sons and daughters of the rich and famous, and their Brit Schooled chums. The rest of us got our work cut out. Good job we're some creative, intuative, forward thinking swine out here in Metered Gas Land. It's up to us to carve a new way through the pile of rotting corpses dumped on the culture by Ye Ole Musique Industry. I think we're up to the job. But we gotta pull together, like Zoolander. Only we can save the world.

Let's get it!

In other news,

The Foreign Office is to fund a television advertising campaign in Pakistan to get across the message that Britain is not "anti-Islamic."

According to the Guardian, the £400,000 campaign, titled 'I am the west', will feature a number of prominent British Muslims including communities minister Sadiq Khan and run for three months.

Sheeet. It's gonna take more than £400,000 and some Uncle Thomases to convince them brown folks we don't hate their God and their way of life more than we hate dentists and The French combined. Maybe The Foreign office might try convincing Our Glorious Leaders to stop murdering brown babies for a little while. Just a thought. I'm throwing that out there. You can have that one for free, but get at my manager if you want me to come down there and Consult your ign'ant asses.


the-don Word up my people equals. Today I will be highlighting passages in my blog for effect. GO!

So. I cycled 14 miles today, and I am still high off of it. If you're ever in London, grab a bicycle, and locate The Green Ways - these are barren grassy highways that tear through the capital like scars, away from cars, adorned with acres of graffiti. On a good day you can ride for seven miles at top speed, if the wind is behind you, with barely a scattering of slow-down-spots. Today was one of those days. On the way back, anyway. It was awesome.

I passed a gang of young men in florescent yellow jackets, pretending to be authorised to spray huge cartoon murals on the walls. I saluted them, as one might a magpie.

Then I did my monthly audio blog for Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales show. Then I drew people jumping out of a toilet for a new movie's website. I am now officially a working illustator. BLAOW!


I discovered Alestorm!

For which I must thank my little brother Zef.

I announced the fact on Twitter. "The Pirate Pogues," responded Ey La Martin carr. "Arrr, pieces of great!"

Which pretty much sums it up.

In other news, I have gotten some Respect from My Peers! Well, a peer, as someone pointed out in the comments, Dr Dan Le Sac has written some charming factual things about me on his blog. Forsooth:

Akira the Don first popped back into my head maybe 18 months ago when he dropped the “Stunners 130″ mixtape, including a dirty bootie of Pip/Knifehandchop/Nirvana, although the track is great the best thing about it isn’t that Pip and I are on it, its ATD’s flow that makes it, his voice is somehow monotone but melodic, lazy yet empowered.

A few years ago while I was stuck sucking the corporate cock that is HMV, the hype monster picked up ATD and ran with him, for a minute all the sweaty children of record retail expected ATD to boom, the AAA EP was a decidedly a pain in the arse to get hold of , but as usual with this filthy little industy of ours he didn’t boom, the hype monster got it wrong. Thankfully there is no giving in for ATD, being signed and dropped just gives him another line for another song and I firmly believe quality in the world will always win out, eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way suggesting that ATD’s 2006 debut long player “When We Were Young” was a failure, I’m fairly sure that he’ll have sold more records than Pip & I, but if we were playing UK Hip Hop Top Trump’s then his card should be as monsterously unbeatable as Dizzee Rascal’s or Lethal Bizzle’s, in fact isn’t ATD responsible for Bizzle’s transformation from street urchin garage star to middle class indie boys dirty little sercet? ATD providing production duties the BZA’s “Police On My Back” and “Babylon’s Burning the Ghetto”. Although V2 are really to blame/thank.

So anyway I’ll stop rambling, a couple of days ago i saw the MusicLikeDirt top 200, you might know MLD by the fact that it was the very first place you could download Thou Shalt Always Kill nearly 4 months before release and 3 weeks after we finished writing it, again anyway what do you think was top? Only the man ATD with a double dope remix of Chily Gonzales, it is spunky for want of a better word, ATD’s content and flow just stands shoulders above his peers. The lad is honest and fills the track with mundanity (which isn’t a word btw) to commentary, and to be honest it just made me smile.



Rahdo. These are very wise words indeed. Much respect to Dr Le Sac. One word: Collab!

Right, I am off to draw/watch Smallville/try and get those emails out of that XL file and send you an MP3.


Sac VS Pip Deny Stealing Godzilla Boy, Admit Striking Similarities Shocker!

So, I posted a thing on blob blog this morning about how eerlily similar the artwork for Sac VS Pip's new single and video is to Zombie Hamster's Godzilla Boy. See above.

The internets being a fast place, we had, within hours, a reaction from Zombie Hamster ("I’m a tad miffed at that") and Dr Dan Le Sac ("Shiz, the similarities are pretty undeniable but not deliberate! apologies mr.hamster…").

Dr Le Sac went on to post a Zombie Hamster comic on the Sac Vs Pip website, under the headline "We Be Thieves".

"Check out www.zombiehamster.com," writes Le Sac. "There are some very striking similarities with the new letter from god vid! Not deliberate but it is pretty damn close to what we did, although Godzilla Boy came first me thinks!"

True story!

Not being a fan of lawyers and their lairs, I think this should be settled in a more interesting and entertaining (for we, the foul consumers) fashion....

Letter From Godzilla Boy One Shot Comic Book!

GO ON! That would be dope! I wanna draw the variant cover!