ADVENT 20: Jimmy Savile Swag Instrumental Of Joy And Wonder

Merry happy everybody! Christmas sure is looming hard. My bank account looks like the inside of a black hole. Whatever that looks like. And my studio looks like a ransacked toy factory. I have posted out about 100 festive swag parcels this week. I have just cut up 100-odd cards for friends and family which may or may not make the post in the morning. And I just rendered and borkmastered you an instrumental (I say bork-mastred because that basically mans putting a limiter and a bit of compression on the track, as opposed to the fine artistry employed by proper mastering engineers like Gaz who does all my stuff).

An instrumenal, you ask (having conceniently failed to read the post's title)? Why yes! Because of this:

Merry Christmas Stuart! And Merry Christmas everybody else. Play this on repeat and before you know it, you, and everyone in the vicinity, will be infected with JIMMY SAVILE SWAG. Click the arrow on the right for your free download.

Mighty Tom Coles, who shot that beautiful A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho video is coming round tomorrow to do another Christmas video, by the way. I think we all know whihc song from Saturnalia Superman's getting the treatment too.



Remember I said I was going to do a letters page? Notice how I never did? Despite getting tons of letter? Laying out a letters page just takes too much damn time, annoyingly. So I am going to start blogging more regularly, and including your letters, interesting, questioning, relevant, funny, or inspirational, like this one:

Thank you Lucas. You're right, I never consider what impact my music has. I just make it, but sometimes a letter like your gives me cause to reflect, and i am awed. So thank you, for listening. I have been doing this for seven years now, and I still feel like I;m just getting started. Saturnali Superman was a production breakthrough for me on a number of levels, and I am very excited to get into my third album proper in the new year...

That's my UPLOADING AND DOING METADATA face, by the way. Sometime it seems half of my life's work is uploading and metadata.

This was sent in via Twitter, thusly:

That is, indeed, nice. I was amazed by the likeness. Shit looks just like I do when I walk into the Post Office.

Speaking of which, today was the last day for post if you wanted your stuff to arrive for Christmas (and that was cutting it fine and living dangerously), not that that's any reason not to buy cool stuff from my shop - digital stuff comes instantly as well (insert That's What She Said Joke here __________ ). And there is but ONE Saturnalia Superman CD left.

There's an ace review of Saturnalia Superman here, by the way, from, who say (amongst other things):

"In a sense, all of Saturnalia Superman follows this model: simultaneously celebrating the holiday season (and life!) while offering thoughtful reminders of its reality – murder, drugs, rampant commercialism and Akira’s trademark resolution to carry on all make appearances here."

Amen, and thank you.

I have been answering questions on social networking sites, but that sin't fair on those of you that understandably choose to stay away from such places, so I shall start bring that stuff back in here too. Kody, for example, asked me about my favourite websites on Facebook. I wrote the first things that popped into my head:

Hey, remember I was saying the other day that I lost all my and Envy's early tunes in a horrible hard drive incident?

Amazing. Thank you Daniel. I shall add that to the discography pronto so we all call enjoy it.

Now then. It is getting late, and I have christmas cards to write. So how's about you go watch the prometheus trailer, which has me so gassed you could light a match in my vicinity and blow up half of the 2012 Olympic grounds, and I'll be back with more advent fun tomorrow. Shamoooooon!