First off, congratulations to my peoples Blue and Natalie who got married yesterday in a proper church, proper Catholic style. First proper wedding I've been to in years, but my second time in a church not remembering hymns in a week, crazily enough. The Priest was certainly something of a character - he spent a good ten minutes going on about people whose marriages had failed, along with making some unsuitable insinuations regarding the bride's virginty, before getting to the actual marrying. But the ceremony was beautiful, and the speeches afterwards were very sweet, and I saw a pile of my old pals that I only seem to see at weddings these days for whatever reason.

Then, around 6, when the booze started to flow with some urgency, I ducked out to see my newly sober ole pal Jeres. We watched Eurovision on the internets, if you must know. You don't get Terry Wogan on the internets version, but it was still pretty great. The standard was quite high this year - not that you'd know it from the winners.

I think I liked the insane Swedish power balladry best.

Jeres, naturally, very much enjoyed the French entry, Mister Sebastian Tellier. It is my opinion that this song sounds more like Jarvin Cocker than Jarvis Cocker.

Both did dreadfully. Everyone's shit scared of Russia, for some reason. Pah! They should be scared of us! We are, historically, most likely to seek vengance for shitty treatment at Eurovision. You watch!