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Akira The Don Visits Big Narstie In Hospital #PAIN #RAGE #MOULD

As mentioned previously on, I visited my dear pal Narstie (AKA BANE, AKA SPACE JOCKEY) in hospital he other day. For the good of mankind, i switched the HTC One X's camera on for a short while so that Narstie could drop some necassary wisom on the #PAIN of hospital food and the #DANGER of MOULD, and how it was MOULD not PAGANS, that merked his lungs and put his ass in hospital.

Please enjoy this fine edutainment from LITF. I am going to get back to rehearsing for my set at MORRISONCON in Vegas next week.



I Will Not Be Appearing At "Steal This Gig" On Saturday

Brothers and sisters,

I am sorry to announce that I can no longer appear at the Steal This Gig event scheduled for this coming Saturday. Apologies to anyone that was going and looking forward to seeing me.

I hope everyone that IS still going has a lovely time. Full gig details including new venue and line up should be over here.

In other news, the V Festival footage is coming together. I sent the first draft to the client yesterday, so we should all be able to marvel at the glory of the Peak Experience soon.

Here is some Peak Experience:

Meanwhile, a cornucopia of collaborative ATD projects are underway. I am currently working on music with humans including, but not limited to:

Envy Issue Time Littles Big Narstie Eddie Argos TKO Capone

I am also working on a number of solo projects. Expect new material for you to get down to shortly...

Finally this, retweeted by Grant Morrison last night, should provide a clue as to what I am going to be doing on the weekend of September 28th...


New Fan Art: "Akira" By Serena B

Amidst a particularly scary and dense email pile this morning, was this beautiful thing, and the attached note:

Hi, Akira! :D Sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian, so I can't write in english correctly, Here's a little fan art I made for you, man! I really love your music, today I've been listening especially to "Back in the day"  , that also inspired me to draw that fan art, hope you like it! :)

Have a nice day!! :D Serena B.

Thank you Serena B, that is awesome, and so is your popstar name. You should do a song with Prince. Cheers!

I am back at my desk in London today. Ali and I got back from his stag boat, on which we had been sailing since Saturday last night, and stayed up till three drinking wine and listening to Warren Zevon and Big Narstie. I do love London very much, I was filled with joy when I stepped off the train.

By the way, a tragic and unfortunate series events lead to the drowning of my phone, so once again, it is email and twitter for communication. I must have been cursed by a phone gypsy back in April or something, there is no other way I can rationalize the terrible luck I've had with mobile telecommunication devices this year. I'd only just had it working again for a few days, after T-mobile reduced my data roaming charges by 90% following my written protestation of that ridiculous £800-odd bill they hit me with when I got back from America. Now it is at the bottom of a lake, and no, I hadn't put it on the insurance yet.

Ale jaca est. I am going to post some T-shirts now. A bunch went out at the end of last week, and the rest are going out today, so if you;re waiting on an order it should be with you any day now. Joy to the future!

Invest In Your Art

That's Narstie, me, and Mr Lacey up there, amidst our #ATD28 recording session, which was super fun and a greta success. We mashed out two glorious jams for the upcoming mixtape, which you can preorder here, and is shaping up very nicely indeed. Look out for a wee audio preview in a Vlog I'm dropping tomorrow.

As you can see, I'm wearing a #PAIN shirt, one of just ten Narstie made up to see how they looked. Well, they look lovely, and will be on sale via The Little Shop Of Awesome and Grime Daily soon.

Now, look at this for a nice letter:

Greetings, Akira!

First off, thanks for the music you've been making; I discovered your stuff after coming across the Street Fighter Mixtape, and I must say I was hooked at first listen--that thing is just ridiculously AMAZING. Ever since discovering it, I've been itching to share it more than word of mouth and link exchanging can do, and it is thus the reason of this e-mail.

Y'see, I manage a YouTube channel dedicated to doujin music (fanmade music), and through it I try to dabble in all sorts of genres and releases, and since I'm quite an eclectic bloke, your mixtape is one I've been really wanting to upload for all to listen and enjoy. I know you have your own channel and could pretty much upload it yourself, but I sincerely would love it if you gave me permission to do so myself. Credit will obviously be given and I will gladly add links to your website(s). My intentions are genuine; I want to reach people that may not know who you are to know you through this mixtape...just like I did.

Whatever your response, please let me know. I thank you enough already for your time.

Much respect.


How polite! What manners! Amazing. Anyway, of course you can upload my music to Youtube Mr Zeke. Having people upload your music to their youtube channels (and put links to your site and twitter page in the description) is pretty much the ultimate sign of respect in the modern world.

You can check Zeke's channel here.

I got a lot of Street Fighter messages today. Turns out the ultimate fighting game turns 25 this year. Time to dust off that Street Fighter mixtape? It never got a professional mastering job, that's for sure. If there's one great thing I started doing over the past year or so, it was getting my stuff professionally mastered. Now I don't ruin my songs by over-compressing them at the last minute, ans they always sound brilliant. I get to concentrate on what I'm good at: recording and mixing great music. And I  don't have to stress about the end result. Thank you MC Lars for that greta bit of advice you gave me, which I will pass on now to anyone reading this:

Invest in your art.

Amen. Let us finish with some wisdom from the great Calvin:


Oh, one more thing.



ADVENT 21: Big Narstie's Big Christmas Freestyle! Ho ho ho e'rbody! It's that Late night stoned-ass off the dome Christmas feestying from N Dot!

Recorded the other night when Narst popped round to give me my Christmas pressent. Can you guess what it was?

@akirathedon @bignarstie

Music: Bleak Midwinter and Jimmy Savile Swag from the ATD XMAS LP: Saturnalia Superman




The Super Awesome Video Team - Akira The Don, Dr Aaron Shrimpton, Mighty Tom Coles, Mr Lacey and crew - were shooting part two of The Life Equation Trilogy today. It was very excellent and amazing stuff. Eddie Argos came all the way from Berlin to play a vicious and greedy crime boss, a role he seemed born for and attacked with such enthusiasm you'd have thought there was a mint Booster Gold first edition in it for him. It was an inspiring performance, and everyone present gave their very best. The rice (and the sweets, and cigars, and Space Raiders, and foul sugary liquid) was out.

But guess who was 7 hours late didn't turn up to the video shoot today?

The crazy thing is, we were shooting the video in Essex... and Narstie lives in Essex. Narstie was on route to us in his little car from 11:40, after being woke up by my 37th phone call at 11:17am ("fam what, it's 8" "no it isn't, it's 11:17". "Fuuuuuuuccccck") and the last time I spoke to him was around 4pm - he'd forgotten his satnav, and gotten our directions backwards, somehow managing to go the wrong way down the M11 and back twice, and had by this point somehow eneded up in Stevenage, where his battery was about to die, and, having gone through £30 of petrol, was nearing an empty tank.

"I'll make it though, swear down," were his last words to me. "Save your battery," I told him sternly. Now I feel mean and sad. Narstie, wherever you are, I'm not mad at you for staying up all night watching killer whales attacking sealions and smoking weed and not waking up in time to get to the video shoot when you said you would, I just want to know you're safe and warm in your Narstie House, ready to write more ace songs and provide the Twitterverse with its daily Eastenders commentary.


If anyone was in the Stevenage area this afternoon and saw a large bear-like man wandering the side of the motorway screaming for petrol, beating on the sides of vans, or has any information whatsoever on the whereabouts of our dear friend Big Narstie, please get in touch.


The Don

Do You Wanna Know What's Next? BEATS!

Neither Jack Nimble or Chilly Gonzales came round today to hang out with me and my stinking cold, but Narstie did. He was outside my house for ten minutes beeping his horn and sending a barrage of text messages while I was in the kitchen juicing raw ginger and drinking it out of a shot glass.

Narstie has a new whip, the colour of which it took us seven minutes to decide to be "petrol purple," and he hasn't had any road rage in it yet. He showed me his new video for the amazing GAS LEAK, and I showed him BABYDOLL. We were both very proud of each other.

We then spent an hour listening to beats. Here's a nice video of that very thing:

"You always supply the pain, so today I thought I'd bring YOU the pain," said Narstie. So, aside from the first beat, all the ones we listened to were by two other very dope producers - namely Psy:am and Mr Virgo - and different to what I'd make for myself, which is ill.

We chose the Right One, wrote it, and recorded it. Can you guess which? Although I'm gonna have to redo my hook as I sound far too like a man with a cold, which is what I am. It's beautiful, anyway. It will likely appear on the record me and Narstie are working on that's gonna come out on Living In The Future.


But that reminded me. Because people have been asking me to, I am going to release an ALBUM of INSTRUMENTALS. I am also going to release a MIXTAPE of INSTRUMENTALS that have unclearable samples in them. So my question to you, dear reader: what songs of mine would you like to hear the instrumentals of?



VIDEO: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip - Living In The Future 2.5 I did it guys! My wedding is TOMORROW, but as promised, I finished the Living In The Future 2.5 video! HOOOO GRAAAGH!

Living In The future 2.5 is the 2011 version of my 2005 "borderline classic" (BBC wales, I would personally drop the "borderline", like Chris de Burgh (HA!) but the classic is bang on), featuring the all star cast of ME, Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip, all of whom put in legendary performances. It was produced by Joey2tits and myself, and is available now from The Donshop, iTunes and so on. If you're skint you can get a free 192 kbps download of track here.

The video was premiered on July 12th by The Quietus, who wrote:

Friend of The Quietus Akira The Don is getting married tomorrow, for which we congratulate him, and wish his beloved the best of luck. To celebrate these auspicious nuptials we have the video for his earworm track 'Living In The Future', below. In it Akira The Don and collaborators Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip muse upon the joys, perils, pitfalls and pleasures of this pixelated world in which we now live. Must be said that Eddie Argos looks as if he's enjoying a Chat Roulette session. Says Akira The Don: "MC Lars, Eddie Argos, Scroobius Pip and Big Narstie all filmed themselves from their various global positions with modern technology. Pip was in Essex, Narstie was in Brixton, I was in Hackney, Eddie was in Berlin and Lars was in new York. Hail to the future, and hail to my rap-superfriends and their abyssal inner beauty. May they live forever." We'll raise a glass to that.

The video was directed and edited by me, and the dope Skype-esque visual interface was created by the very talented Mike Simmons, who's work can be seen in the new Captain America movie.

I hope you enjoy it!



Dear friends!

I am just back off tour and sobbing at the sight of my inbox, but never mind that because WE ARE HAVING A PARTY TONIGHT!

Because parties are awesome. And my album just came out, and it is amazing. And it is imperative that we celebrate the crap out of that fact.


We will be partying hard in the honour of THE LIFE EQUATION from 7pm tonight, June 2nd at Concrete, which is underneath Pizza East on Shoreditch High Street.

All star DJs include

Eddy Temple-Morris! Stephen Hague! DJ Jack Nimble! Joey2tits! Blonde Jeremy!

Performing live on the night will be

Akira The Don! Envy! Big Narstie! Marvin The Martian! Pixel! Littles! The Indelicates! White Witches!

Blimey! What fun we will have! The thing kicks off at 7pm and not a second will be wasted. We are gonna film the whole thing too and make a movie. So be there or be full of sadness! THE LIFE EQUATION FOR THE ULTIMATE VICTORY!

Get your tickets here.

Facebook page is here.

The Legendary #WELOVEJAPAN Gig: Review And Photos

So, Pixel sent me a load of photos of last Saturday's gig the other day, but I got them too late to use in the post I wrote about the gig. I have been looking for a reason to post them, and now I have one, in the beautiful shape of Planetnotion's singingly put and factually accurate review. POW!

The bill for Saturday’s We Love Japan benefit at the (cough) “Relentless” Garage had been put together hurredly but with vigour, as is usually the case for such rapidly-announced charity gigs. All credit to the organisers of the night, who not only secured a plethora of bourgeois swag for the evening’s inevitable raffle but who had also coaxed out a rare solo gig out of, and I hasten to repeat the words, 70′s glam legend Adam Ant. I wouldn’t want to be glib, or offer too ready an embrace of kitsch- but gods! I’d come to check out Akira the Don, who had initially been booked to headline- but now I’m seeing an Adam Ant gig! Potential for rock star anecdotes to tell my dad just went through the roof!

Anyway, we’d not come to see the Ant- or that guy from E4 cast as the night’s awkward compere (how do you strike the right tone between recognition of utter tragedy and the desire to have a good night out?)- tonight promised only the opportunity of a rare live outing for the Hackney-based rap-tastic Akira The Don.

This gig, albeit a benefit slot, came at a good time for The Don- shortly after the release of the 25th free mixtape via his website, and before the release of his second proper album, The Life Equation. That mixtape, ATD25- is a phenomenally enjoyable thing- a unstoppable barrage of rapid verses, stupidly good sampling (their remix of Marina and The Diamonds ‘I am not a robot’ is a work of breathtaking alchemy), complementary guest verses and taut production smacking of professionalism and potential. Such sonic results demonstrate well why Akira was initially booked for the night’s main slot. That being said, and making do- a half hour set was more than enough for this enigmatic hip-hop artist to bring his particular ruckus to an audience left tender by the ear-shattering heavy metal band that had preceded (note: that’s not a criticism per se: I think ‘ear-shattering’ is firmly in the mandate for heavy metal bands- central to their raison d’etre, if you will).

Donned in an authentically ‘back in the day’ Wu Tang jumper (from the Iron Flag tour, OG auditers- but besides, what’s with everyone hating on Iron Flag anyway? Ok, it’s not traditional Wu- but it’s got some solid tunes! Akira knows…) and with the help of DJ friend Jack Nimble (who was given his props, no doubt) Akira tore through a set that reflected much of his back catalogue at it’s finest. Old school number “Living in the Future’ was performed with it’s trademark innocence remixed and Akira bouncing around the stage with a glee that was infectious. The beautifully summer ready ‘Oh! What a glorious day!’ gave opportunity for some bona fide sentimentalism, a sing-along in the chorus bracketing odes to cycling down the Kingsland Road in the sun. Pausing between numbers to orate in his uniquely enthused manner (after climbing up a side-stage ladder, noting to himself with excitement ‘Ok, wow- that’s a good climbing ladder..’)- there’s something that’s plain irresistible about the kind of hip-hop Akira the Don is making and all his swagger is ultimately endearing. Calling onstage a troupe of “hip-hop superfriends” (Pixel, Littles, Big Narstie, Marvin the Martian) for the closing number ‘Big Iron’, a standout track from ATD25- the song had the feel of a special moment. The track bounces and jangles like something the RZA might have produced on an upbeat day- and along the finest teachings of the Wu, each verse is magnificent, each rapper’s tone and flow complementing as well as drawing distinction from those around it. And that was that- the support slot feeling all too brief, all too enjoyable.

-Amir Adhamy

Read on to discover what Adam Ant did next here. Shout out Amir Adhamy, a human being blessed with Great Wisdom! Now enjoy these legendary photographs, couresty of the Real Magnum, Ben and Tego.

Garage: Rocked.

You know how they say nothing rhymes with Orange? Well, Lozenge kind of rhymes with orange. So that is bunkum. Syringe also, if your accent fits. But I cannot think of a single thing that even comes close to rhyming with ridicule. Pitiful? Minuscule? No. Not good enough...

These things keep me awake at night. For those of us that deal in the arrangement of words, this is serious business. The quest for the ark:

"Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did he know that he riddled with middle men who didn't know diddly."


A litany of literary litter in its wake.

Show me a rapper that hasn't rhymed cool, school, and fool, and I'll show you a cube without corners.

That picture up there was taken by Miss_Lucifer, who posted it on Twitter while we were onstage at The Garage on Saturday night.

It must have been ages since I've played, because I don't remember being able to see photos and feedback from a gig as soon as one has left the stage.

Narstie pointed this out. We were chilling at the bar after the gig, and he had his face in his phone. What the fuck are you doing? I asked him. He was looking at photos from the show.

Like this, posted by @gdpreston:

...and this, posted by @Svend_SPOnG:

Yes, that's right ladies and Gs, I was joined onstage, NOT JUST BY THE MIGHTY DJ JACK NIMBLE, who held me down like a weapon, but by my rap superfriends Pixel, Littles, Lacey, Big Narstie and Marvin The Martian. DAAAAAAMN! I told you it was gonna be some legendary shit.

When we got offstage Adam Ant was waiting for us, offering strange, thin menthol cigarettes. Truly, he was the personification of Charm. Lacey had a little omfgasm, and Narstie had no idea who he was. Narstie enjoyed a little of Adam's solo performance later though. Well, he liked the "ridicule is nothing to be scared of" line, anyway.

Shout out everyone involved for a thoroughly Great night. We made a shit-ton of money for Japan! The bands were all brilliant, the organisation was impeccable, and the dude helping get the bands onstage was a righteous G, who gave me piggyback. Shout out the righteous ladies and Gs copying my improvised dance movies in the crowd. Shout out the dude who did an awesome speed drawing of me which I will post tomorrow when I get it back from Nonny who was kind enough to take my bags home for me fearing I might lose them in a bout of post-gig drunkeness. Shout out to the guy guarding the stage door, a Wu-Tang fan who looked a bit like Prodigy from Mobb Deep. That dude loved the show and it makes me very proud when dudes who love Wu dig what I do.

Damn, that rhymed! That sounds like some Dr Seuss shit. Maybe its time for me to write my children's book...

Rah though, I gotta shoot now. I am off to Camden to do an interview with Who's Jack, and I need to do seventeen tons of washing and write a video treatment first. May all your endeavours be fruitful. Enjoy the blob blog. And please find me a word that rhymes with ridicule.


Balance, Rudeboy

Bill Hicks would have been 49 today.

That's young. How tragic that Bill Hicks is not around and Jimmy Carr is. Do we have a contemporary equivalent for Bill Hicks? As I've mentioned previously, there's Doug Stanhope, within whom the Hicks is most definitely strong, but the hope seems lacking. Hicks balanced his righteous ire out with a pure and beautiful hope for a better world, a thing that illuminated work that otherwise might have been little more than #RAGE. Rage, whilst undeniably an energy, like it's pothead cousin anger, is ultimately limp without hope. You end up like Alex Jones or something. Not that I delight in casting aspersions upon the much maligned Texan professional bullhornist, but I had to stop listening to him some years ago when the two dimensional nature of his schtick became too much to bear. People like him had me with my head entrenched firmly in a sandpit of my own devisings for a long time.

I certainly got a lot less stick in the sandpit. I forget how much stick I used to get. Or sticks. Enough sticks to make a house that a pig could live in and a wolf could blow down. It is strange how one's beliefs can upset those that don't share them so much. I don't give a crap if you believe in a 5000 year old earth made by a white guy with a beard (although I do mind if you try and teach that to my kids as fact). But there they fly, those outrageous beliefs, charging around the globe at the speed of hate, pressing people's dislike buttons. I have no desire to press buttons. I don't say what I think because I want to upset people. I say what I think because I remember how it felt when it seemed there was nobody alive in the world that thought like I did.

I try very hard to be honest, and unfiltered, which is nigh on impossible, but it is a good goal. I am fully aware that by doing so I alienate some people, that I become uncool in the eyes of others, and I appear ignorant and foolish in the eyes of more. I am comfortable with that. I don't need everybody to like me. I think I was cool for about two weeks once about a decade ago, but it was pretty lame all in all. And as for appearing ignorant and foolish, I am ignorant and foolish. I wish upon bended knee with my fists in the air that I knew and understood more... If knowledge is an ocean, I am a cracked teacup, if wisdom is a cardigan, I am leaning to knit, and if there's an award for shitty metaphors, I am not going to get it because mine are just too durned pedestrian, AND THAT IS OK, because I am trying very hard in all areas, and have been for as long as I can remember, and I believe that one day I will reach the summit of the mountain.

(And I don't have anywhere to put an award anyway. Which means that I need to make some room, a little wisdom my old manager blessed me with shortly before I decided I didn't need his services any more.)

If I have any advice at all, it is throw your telly away, and don't read newspapers, especially the free ones they litter cities with. Now, I don't mind if you don't take that advice, nor would I call you an asshole in public (or private) for not doing so either. I might get annoyed with you for constantly tweeting about X-factor or something, but really I should know better than to look at Twitter when X-Factor's on, or I should file you away into a column I don't have to look at in Tweetdeck, or something.

I just this moment cast my eyeballs across Tweetdeck, and lots of people seem to be watching a show called Come Dine With Me. I have never seen it, bit I know that it's a reality-based TV show about food, and that there's a woman on it who's breasts "look like a boot." That last one I got from Narstie. Cheers, Narstie. Narstie was watching Jeremy Kyle earlier, from the stinky safety of his sickbed. That happened to me once too, in an Irish hotel, and it scarred me for life like 2 Girls One Cup. That pain will never leave me, and I have only myself to blame for letting it into my head, from which it has been drip-drip-dripping into my conscious and my unconscious ever since, like piss into a bog.

For the most part, it looks like we must all accept full responsibility for that which we let affect us, and for what we then choose to do with that infection. German pop star Nadja Benaissa got a two year suspended sentence and 300 hours of community service for knowingly infecting a man with HIV, while whole towns are coming down with archaic diseases because we're just too damn clean nowadays. I am not, as I have recently been accused, railing at politicians and and royals and newsreaders because of "perceived privileges afforded to them by their class". I want balance.

Akira The Tron & The Shopping Centre Masterpiece

Look at THAT for a piece of art! Wade sent it me last night (along with the most genius idea I've heard all month), and I whacked some music on it. Amazing. Thank you Wade, you sweet beast, I miss you. Wade lives in LA these days. He fronts a new bar, and DJs at world famous comedians' Christmas parties and stuff. I wonder if he still rocks the bobsleigh outfit. I shall have to ask him.

I also miss being in my BED, dammit. I was up till 5 am working on an animated storyboard, and my eyes feel like peeled grapes. I had to get up though, my mother in law was threatening to keep ringing my phone all day otherwise. I must thank her, too. Sweet as sleep is, being awake and DOING COOL STUFF is better. I've got a bunch of my rap chums coming round today to vocal some heat beats. Envy's on the train from Manchester right now I believe. I suspect Littles is walking his dog, or changing his son's nappy. And if I know him at all, (and I should by now) Narstie is lying butt naked in a dark room atop a great mound of spliff ends, a great heaving shadow cast by the flickering light of the Call Of Duty session he fell asleep in the middle of.



Speaking of which, we kicked off our Guest Mix series yesterday with a flipping STONKING playlist from Dark Lord and Andrew W.K. signee Aleister X. Check it out here right now! We're also running a competition to name the section, as I haven't had time. We've got CDs and vinyl and T shirts to give awat! Just leave your section name suggestions in the comments here. Winner takes all. Actually, I might have some runners up. Depends on the quality of the entrants, as Your Mum might have said.


In other news, excellent Canadian music website Sun On The Sand were the first out of the blocks to review The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits. I quote:

Stoner anthem ‘The Weed Song’ is humorous yet deceptively catchy while the Tears-For-Fears-sampling album centerpiece ‘The Wrestler’ is a grittier, massive tune that is one of The Don’s best since ‘Clones’. As a rapper, ATD’s skills continue to get better. I hadn’t really noticed this vast improvement until I recently listened to early track ‘Patrick’. While that remains a top tune, it does sound a little minuscule when played next to some of these new songs like ‘All Now, Or Never’ and the almost Kanye-like ‘People Like Us’. And lest we forget there’s also a wonderful reworking of ‘Living In The Future’ found at the end of this album called ‘Living In The Future 2′. Let’s just say the last 2 minutes might just be why the sky god created hip hop.

Aint that nice? Cheers guys, you made me a happy Don. I'd also like to shout out the fine folks at Electric Pig, who reported on my historic Myspace deletion.

What else have I to report? Well, remember I told you I was showing people the joys of digital art in Wimbledon shopping centre the other week? Here's a nice picture of me doing just that:

We had a couple of Wacoms and a couple of laptops and a projector, and were specifically showing the thousadns of people who walks through Wimbledon shopping centre on a Saturday the wonders of Manga Studio for penciling and inking, and Photoshop for colouring - my preferred method of comic creation these days. It was a beautiful experience. Most people had no idea this stuff existed, and watching all those (mostly) kids getting so into it, so quickly, and with such excitement, was genuinely inspiring and deeply rewarding.

I got everyone who had a go to draw something to do with their idea of "the future", and put all the drawings togther in one big ass digital painting, which is now on display in various locations in Wimbledon. Here it is in its birthplace:

And here it is in it's pure, digital form:

Sweet, huh? Shout out Ash for getting me involved. I'm looking forward to doing more of that stuff. Working with kids is awesome. They're way cooler than grown ups. No offence, grown ups, y'all are cool and all, but kids gots the edge.