Akira The Don x CBoyardee - Baby (BEAUTIFUL PATHOS RIDDEN BIEBER COVER) I first noticed that one could sing Justin Bieber's weirdly chirpy Baby over CBoyardee's pathos ridden Robocop cover a few months back. As a TV-less human that doesn't listen to pop radio, I wasn't massively familiar with the Bieber song, but had recently listened to it as I'd heard the genius Terius Nash, AKA The-Dream wrote the song.

It occurred to me that, minus the over zealous synth pop-rap production and the ludicrously cheery video (replete with a cameo from a joyful Drake eagerly egging on the dancing Bieber) one is left with a truly tragic and perfectly realised ode to that most Shakespearian emotion: teenage love. Sung over CBoyardee's brilliant, heartbreaking production, one gets an idea of Terius' true intent when crafting the song.

What you see above is my recording of the main vocal, which I performed in ONE TAKE, in the manner of the head fo a company, before adding a bunch of autotune and backing vocals, giving it that dreamy pathos robot vibe.

Shout out Terius Nash, and CBoyardee, who I just noticed has revived his beloved Youtube channel! Look out for some future original rap recordings from me and CBRD - we've been in email contact and he's sent me some amazing music.


ATD 08/06/2012, Nu Olympia

Diddy Pays T-Pain To Use Autotune

OK, this is batshit. Diddy is giving T-Pain half a point in royalties on his next LP, for giving him to go-ahead to use Antares' Autotune software, which T-Pain neither owns, nor popularized. Who's got Cher's money? Sheeet!

“I just wanna voice that, this stuff just happened,” said a jubilant Pain in a Youtube video. “I didn’t do it. It’s just Diddy. I just wanna announce that show prices are going up, features… This takes everything to a whole nother level. All the people spreading rumors, saying T-Pain charges $100,000 for a show…I actually do now.”

The clip starts with Diddy claiming to officially have permission from The Pain to use Auto-Tune, before revealing his reasoning for awarding  Pain with royalties off the album.  “He didn’t negotiate with me,” said Diddy, “but as a gracious offer of gratitude, I’m giving him half a point on my album just because …Cause I got extra points too.”

“I know there’s a list of cats that he’s given permission to Ye, Wayne, Chris Brown and now myself,” he continued. ”That’s not pro-rated. That’s off the point off the album just because he let me dabble in the tune. It’s called graciousness, motherfuckas.”