Don Studios IV looks like a BOMB HIT IT. That is because I have been Checking Stock. And checking stock has revealed that I am SUPER LOW on pretty much EVERYTHING.

Just eight LITF hats left! Seven Unkillable Thunderchrist prints left! Just four complete Nostalgia Swag Bags left! No Revolution Ts left in XL and XXL! 2 Kidnapping Ts! Three Omega Sanction Ts! Twelve hoodies! Eight Unkillable Thunderchrist CDs! And so on!

I suggest you get your ass down to the shop and grab what you want before it's all gone. I might reprint the Revolution Ts, but that's probably it. Gonna be coming with a bunch of new stuff next month. Holla if there's anything in particular you'd like to see!

Oh, and I did a MAJOR post run yesterday, so if you're waiting on anything, it should show up pretty soon, if it hasn't already.

Actually, you know what? I'm gonna send a discount code to everyone that's bought something off me before. Check your inbox in 5432...!

So recently someone was in the comments of one of my Youtube videos asking where they could get a song I did back in 06 or something called DOWNLOAD... I had no idea., as that was on the harddrive that fell off atable in New York, along with many albums worth of unreleased material, and I'd forgotten about it.

How about that? Blessings to the homie Justin who sent me that message on Twitter, and has upped the song, which I will duly add to the archives. Is there anything else anyone's missing? Let me know and I will pass it on to the #DONARMY, who will SAVE US ALL!

PS, someone made this from my Prometheus review. SHOCKING. But is a much more concise review.

ADVENT 19: Akira The Don - A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho (Official Video) HO HO HO GANG!

Me and Mighty Tom Coles done made you a super special CHRISTMAS POP VIDEO! It's for my Saturnalin JOY ANTHEM A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho, from my acclaimed Christmas LP Saturnalia Superman, and it is about the Christmassiest thing you will see this side of an elf birth in a toy factory deced out as a manger.

We shot it in London last week and visited a few of my favourite Christmas spots, including ridonculous toy shop HAMLEYS, where I found a load of sweet Thundercats toys to play with, and The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we met a talking tree, and loads of safe Christmas revelers who were only too happy to party with us.

Thanks to everyone who appears in the video! And thanks of course to my supremely talented DIrector of Photography, Mighty Tom Coles. Follow him on Twitter here and be nice to him, he's new in that particular town.

Right, I'm off to cook up more HO HO HO. I also intend to make one more Christmas video. But what song should it be for?

The Strange And Terrible Saga Of The Fake ATD

Let's start with a painting of "me". That up there, as you can probably tell, is a painting of "me". It's not me. It's a painting of "me", by Lady Flan Flanagan. Some people think it looks nothing like "me", because when they think of "me", or look at "me", they see something very different. But it is, regardless. Flan's painting of "me". Not me.

You see?

I got a disturbing email on the weekend. It went a little something like this:

Please this is really important

I am on a website called IMVU.....there is someone on there that says they are you....this is seriously upsetting me since this person has told me they are really into me. I am not a dumb person.  Your music is being played on there.  I am very upset about this since I feel as though I have been played.  I am hurting.

Something about the letter made me feel that it was genuine. I was concerned. So I replied:

I have never heard of a website called IMVU!

What is it?

Don't be upset. Life is beautiful, even if there ARE idiots on the internet.



I also asked for a screenshot or something so I could get the site's admins to get rid of the impostage. Then came this:

Thank you so much for answering me. This guy is saying he is you. Has sent me all your recordings via an msn messenger account he created with you picture. I have been going through some really tough times in my life, got on there to waste sometime and met him. It is a virtual "club" so to speak. Where avatars are created and you basically just live in a virtual world. This person has created tshirts with Akira the Don on them on there. He has a best friend on there who he claims is his/your mentor Mark Hill. I am sorry to have bothered you. You are an amazing artist, and I love your music. I feel so horrible right now. So used. I didn't think someone like you would be on there let alone be interested in me. I am by far not an ugly girl, I am just ordinary.

And this:

I was now, officially disturbed. Out there in internets land there were a pair of creepazoids using my identity and music to conive and trick and cuase hurt! How disgusting! Primarily, I felt very bad for the girl who'd gotten in touch with me. So I replied:

Thank you so much for letting me know. I have contacted the site, so the impostor will not be imposting for much longer.

As for this "Mark Hill" character, I have never had a "mentor", and I don't know anyone called Mark Hill.

What a horrible thing to do to a person! I am very sorry this has happened to you. But I hope some good comes of it. I am sure it will. If anything, you've learned that people on the internets are not always as they seem (this also applies in so called "real life"). Your intuition was obvious working well, since you emailed me, so congratulations on an excellent intuition! Just don't let this episode make you untrusting of humanity in general, because most people are genuine, and not fraudulent suckfish...

As for the "someone like me/someone like you" thing, there is no such difference between us - we are humans, and equals! Don't waste any more energy on trolls, and remember always that you are Awesome.

I emailed the site's admin and press departments. At the time of writing they've yet to reply.

I pondered the thing a little, then me and my woman went out and celebrated my friend Marvin The Martian's birthday, and I forgot all about it for a little while.

Ah, good times we did have.

When I got home, I had a nice email from the girl who'd got in touch with me in the first place, thanking me for being "sweet", and noting a sliver lining to this strange, dark cloud, that being her exposure to my music. "Clones is my fav hands down," she said.



Zen Pyramid, internets detective had been looking into the matter, and found the Fake ATD's account - which was plastered with ATD16's "Adam Narkiewicz Is The Don" artwork, and my videos - plus accompanying creepy avatar.

I had another mail too.

Hey there ATD,

I need to apologise, i emailed you as i was lead to believe you were this guy ive known as my virtual husbands bestmate for a whole year! the guy i was with was apparently Marsamgod, ( Mark Hill,) his best mate= Adam, aka Akira the Don, so im sorry i wont bother you again, i understand holly had been in touch, which was when the alarm bells went off.

even signed his emails,



Take Care, love your music, been sent it for a year n half

At this point, a little penny dropped.

I now realised who this Mark Hill character was. I knew him as Marsamgod. He'd been buying stuff from my shop for years, as far back as Stunners 130. He'd left comments on this website. I'd sent him heartfelt letters of thanks, and some doodles. We'd communicated a little via email, which is suppose is how they managed to copy my email style.

How horrid.

How sad.

How strange.

I then got an email notification alerting me that @marsamgod had just stopped following me on twitter.

I smiled, sadly, at my flickering twin monitors.

I did some work, then I looked at my Gmail. There I saw this:

Death of the fake don

I wish to wholeheartedly apologise for my heinous actions in dragging you and people who believed my lies good names and reputations down to my level

I have dragged people through the dirt and I am truly sorry.

I admit my mistakes in twisting people around my finger and hope that you can forgive me in time, you are a truly talented artist and I am sorry that I basked in the fake glow of your talents.

I have deleted all accounts pertaining to be you and I hope that this can be the end of the matter, I have sorely learned my lesson

Good luck in your future endeavours and once more my deepest apologies

No name.

Just an email: ajturner at

I didn't reply. What to say? "Thank you for your email mister no-name who's been using my name for A YEAR (that I know of) to chat up girls on the internet! I accept your applogy, have a nice life!"

I mean, do I accept his apology? What's to say his claim to have "sorely learned [his] lesson" isn't another big fat lie? What's to say "he" and his buddy Mark aren't off setting up new profiles on new social networking sites, ensnaring new online wives and girlfriends? What's to say "he" is a "he" anyway? Can we believe anything we read on our flickering monitors?

My woman's stepfather says I should get in touch with the police. Maybe I should just hunt him down and tear his lying tongue from his head. Stomp his lying fingers into bone dust.

Say this happened to you. What would you do?

At the time of writing, I haven't hard anything from the person who claimed to be my "mentor", Mark Hill, AKA Marsamgod.

I have, however, answered many emails and tweets sent by people who say they like my music, and I have trusted those people to be genuine in their communications. I don't feel as bad for myself, a victim of a modern and futuristic crime, as perhaps I should. I feel very bad for the victims of a year's worth of deceit at the hands of a tragic comedy double act.

And I feel rather sorry for Mr No-Name and Mister Mars, who steal from the lives of others to bring light to the darkness of their own, the latter of whom has yet to get in touch to explain his part in this sorry story.

I don't know if I want to hear it, anyway.

There are too many genuine poeple out there who need of my attention.

And I am only one me.

Interminable hive of activity that I am, I have often wished I could clone myself. One must be careful of the wishes one puts out there into the multiverse.

So I wish peace and love for us all.

And I thank you for everything you have given me.

I remain, your humble servant,




PS - The only "social networks" I am on are Facebook, and Twitter (the latter of which isn't really a social network anyway). If you see an ATD anywhere else, tell them I say hi.

Zoom! Visor Floats To The Top

A reader writes:

Akira! I heard the horrible news about the ATD shoes! Only 4 pairs left?!

I'm trying my best to come up with the money as quick as possible but I was wondering is this the end of your shoes like the end of your thanks for all the aids shirts? Will there be any other way to like exclusively order them at a higher price when they get sold out?

I do hope I can get my hands (Feet in this case) on them sooner or later.

Anyway, Best regards!


Cheers for that Chris! In answer to your question, this is indeed the end of these particular shoes - but rest assured there will be brand new Don Shoes coming soon... they will be a different shoe, different printing technique, different colour, etc. They're being designed right now, and the process is very exciting. Not only that, but we've got a whole new range of Don Gear coming, to accompany the new site, the new company, etc. So all that stuff in the shop now, that stuff is going going gone for November. So if you want it you better get it sharpish!

OK? Oh, and if you've got any requests for stuff I should be stocking in the new shop, please leave them in the comments.


Meanwhile, I recorded three songs yesterday, and all three sound like singles. They're for ATD25... and Joey is mixing the first of them right now, whilst he holidays in Le France. Actually, he's not, he juts G-chatted me, he forgot to take the parts with him. OH WELL! More for him to do when he gets back then. That's gonna be a dope-ass week. The other third of The Spirit Of Adventure's gonna document that ish on his machine though, so we're good. It's All Content, after all.

I wonder how long my hair will be by then. And my beard. That thing is bigger than it's been since 2002,  when I filmed a video with Matt and Cormac in State 51 for this electronic act whose name I can't for the life of me remember. The concept was, I go into Trocadero, and play this weird dance game, with a robot, that was Cormac in a gross paper mâché costume with big gross paper mâché cans, suspended from the ceiling by bungee rope. I sort of had to spin him around and and swing him back and forth and ride him like a wild boar, giving the impression that it was the robot giving me a hard time... poor Cormac, he was sweating like Soulja Boy waiting on Kat Stacks' next move. I'd love to see that vidoe again, but like I said, I can't remember who did it... and anyway, this was like, 3 years before Youtube. I asked Cormac, but he can't rmeber either. I wonder what Matt's up to...

Oh, crap, my Mum's here! Later gang!

Grim Up North

What were the last words I wrote to you in this section of the site?

...I am totally going to a wedding in bloody Grimsby tomorrow, so I shall try very hard not to go apeshit on whiskey and flee alone into the night like a greased piglet shot out of a cannon. It shouldn’t be too hard, as I have matured an awful lot this past year thank you.

Yeah. Well. I DIDN'T go apeshit on whiskey at all. Because they didn't have any whiskey. But they DID have a flipping GALACTEAN HORDE of BEER, and you know I don't normally fux with beer too hard. So. Yeah. I totally drank beer for 12 hours, from 5pm till 5am, then I went to bed, and when I got up at 10 or whatever I guess I was still pissed, because the hangover didn't really start kicking me in the head and the stomach with like, real, supervillainous ferocity until we were half way home and racing down the M1, which is a motorway, if you don't know, and the nausea I'd been feeling all day cranked itself up into the terrible realms of super-turbo-ultra-nausea and I projectile vomited out the window with a great and thunderous force for about 3 minutes, scattering three lanes of traffic behind us like the proverbial Lolcat Amongst The Pigeons and covering the whole left side of the car with BILE.

Never again, etc.

"How old are you?" sighed my Dear Mother, disapprovingly, which was a silly question as she knows full well how old I am (30), and I've never heard of people suddenly becoming immune to booze once they flee their twenties. My experience points to the opposite - I rarely used to get sick on booze, not since I was a teenager and I got good at taking shots, and certainly not from hangovers. But that is the trick life plays on a man - you just get to the point where you figure you understand yourself a bit, you get some mastery of yourself, then suddenly your body decides its time to thwart, that it is going to revolt, and you spend the rest of your life in a toilet-esque downward spiral of physical collapse. Whoever said their body was a temple drank different water to me, that's for certain. My body is like one of those cheap-ass mosques they have next door to the "Perfect Fried Chicken" shops in decrepit Northern Towns.

But I am trying, dear reader! Yesterday Jeres and I were dismayed to arrive at the gym at 6pm and find it shut, because of the Banking Holidays, but neither of us breathed a secret sigh of relief and buggered off to the chippy. Nay, we took ourselves of to Finsbury Park, and ran around a portion of it in a circle, to one of these Great Outdoor Gym things, which are fucking hilarious and I recommend to all. The machines are not like traditional gym machines - they're based around lifting your body wight via pulleys and things, and the experience is basically like being a 5 year old in a jungle gym. I spent a good ten minutes straight laughing my ass off - at Jeres and a 4 year old girl on a wiggly hip-machine, and myself on some weird pulley-see-saw with my little legs swinging in the air, mostly - and you know what they say about laughter being some dope-ass medicine. I am happy to confirm that shit is TRUTH. I felt fucking great afterwards. Then that rotten bastard Jeres made me run back around the park. I'd never run around a park. Shit is way harder than treadmills. They gots hills in parks, for a start. By the end I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out and trip me over or something. I felt like I'd done late-nineties level ecstasy. I collapsed on the grass and shrieked my amazement.

Today I have been working my ass off, which is my new thing - I am raising money to pay for my album campaign. Pluggers, press officers, that shit is expense, and it's gotta come from somewhere. So I am utilising the skills I have amassed - illustration, design, video editing, html, all that good stuff, to make me some substantial DOUGH, and I am gonna use that DOUGH to get my amazing album some SHINE, cos there is no way I have out in all this fucking work for the thing to pop out noticed while a great wet shower of dickless frauds hog the top 10. Ufck that in the eye with a cotdang batarang, thanks very much. Ole!

Oh, speaking of which, there's brand new Oddfuture awesomeness in the Blob Blog, go check that shit out, you might like it. Right now it's time for me to put my music hat back on, and vocal some ATD25 dope. See you on the Doncast tomorrow, brothers and sisters.


Practice 361

Good morrow Ladies and Gs. Hold tight the lucky few (ha!) who were around to witness our wee rehearsal this afternoon, when I decided for no good reason to switch a webcam on. I figured you'd find it interesting. And I was trying to record it with one of my HD Webcams, and couldn't think of any way other than Ustream. Problem is, Ustream makes everything crappy qulaity and shaves the edge off the picture. Foolishness! Still, I hope it was an enlightening/amusing/interesting experience for those of you that caught it. Let me know if you'd like me to do it again. Oh, and follow my ass on Twitter so you get informed of such goings on it REALTIME, OK?

Anyway, onward onward onward. I am downloading a demo of a game called Left for Dead 2, which my brother tells me is amazing for playing in groups online. The idea is me and him and my old man and our wives all hook up on it kill zombies or something. Sounds good to me! Where I will find the time I do not know, but I am told that relaxation and family are important, so I shall do my durndest. I wanna game where I can use my lil' Xbox avatar, anyway. My girl made him for me. Isn't he dope? He's making me consider getting a face tattoo. It's not like I ever want a job or anything. Ho ho.

So, Joey and I recorded the first track for ATD25 yesterday. Work will get intense on that next week, when I will also be recording Littles' new tape. There's ANOTHER rather exciting mixtape project coming up in August too, with an old friend and collaborator of mine. A fabulous No Prize goes to the clever sausage who can guess who it is based on this single clue:

Divorce Papers.

Man, that's too easy. You won't guess the musical direction of the project though, so don't even bother!

Anyway, right now I need to decide whether to flee or not. An Art Festival has descended upon my homestead. They're swarming off the train like ants and they've started vomiting outside my house already. Someone has been making gut-wrenchingly shrill American Indian Wolf Yelps for the past 13 minutes. This is going on all weekend! I am considering throwing in the proverbial dishrag and decamping to my brother's house. Of course, I will be unable to work there. Not that I'll be able to work much here with the terrible cacophony of vomiting arty types echoing around the place. Not that human beings are supposed to work on the weekend anyway. Perhaps I should go and wander amongst them and see what the dilly is. It's either that or play these incredible ***** songs **** just sent me really loud and carry on regardless.

Sweet fuck. They're all sat in the middle of road making a big communal wolf yelp noises now. Where's my Super Soaker?


Photos by Charlotte Whewell

Hey yo!

Sorry I haven't been speaking to you on this beautiful frontpage for a few days. I HAVE been updating the Blob Blog (go see, there be jewels), but I haven't been able to find the time to compose myself enough to hit this section in the appropriate manner. It has been a flurry of activity. Weddings, babies, and the inevitable opposite. You'll never walk alone. Life is beautiful and tragic all day every day.

What did I learn? I learned that toddlers love glove puppets, and they love bananas, and if you combine the two, you have Child Entertainment DYNAMITE. But we all knew that already, right?

I went to a wedding, where I saw the bride belly dancing, and her groom swinging flaming dog leads around his head. What a family they will make. They laid on fire lanterns for us to ignite, and I got mine off first! I am really good at fire. It proudly lead a whole pack of the wondrous things on their journey across London. Oh, to be in a balloon! Yeah, that's gonna be ace.

Anyway. Aside from all that sort of thing I have been Working. I stayed up all last night working on my remix of Si Cranstoun's awesome Dynamo. My remix takes shit back to school. Si and Iron Braydz are in the building right now re-vocalling my new beat. Braidz was telling me about how RZA showed his how to use an MPC. That is serious annecdotage right there. RZA told me a little about Mathematics, but I wish to Baby Jesus and all the orphans he'd showed me how to use an MPC. Imagine! Oh my DAYS!

Braidz also just did a track with Sean Price and M1 from dead prez. I can't wait to hear that shit.

Anyway. I am really enjoying making this thing. My beat is nuts and Braidz verse is off the deli counter. Check the OG:

Now, think of the vibe I bought to remixes like Bare Necessities and The Joint. YES IT IS THAT KIND OF DOPE!

Elsewhere, I am starting to get really excited/nervous about ATD24, which kicks off at 3am on June 23rd. As previously announced, I will be recording my next mixtape in 24 hours, and broadcasting the whole process LIVE. We are now $84.59 away from our target of $298 to buy the Ustream Pro thing so we can broadcast with multiple cameras in HD and do transitions and shit and make it a flipping SHOW! EDIT: Bloody VAT! We need an extra 17.5%! BLAST!

Click button!

Or you can send money via paypal to zillazillazilla at

OK! Back to the lab. I might update this text with something else when I get a second, I feel it is missing something. Aside from all that, holla at me with your thoughts about what you'd like to see on ATD24. I'm gonna try and encapsulate the whole ATD Mixtape experience in 24 hours. What's an ATD mixtape mean to you? What do you wanna see the behind-the-scenes of? What's gotta be on there?

Let me know!

Peace and love brothers and sisters!

This drop is dedicated to Great Uncle Derreck, may he Rest In Awesome. He really and truly was Great, and I feel honoured to have hung out with him and shared in the generous bounty of his cigarettes, and his memories.

The Best Of Akira The Don, WWWY - TLE?

So I totally joined the Hackney Council Community Gym! I've cycled there and back two days in a row - twice yesterday cos I had to register then come back to fill in my personal details three times over, twice on paper and once on a compute - bloody wasteful council bullcrap - and get my induction.

The lady who inducted me was hilarious. First she got ridonculously excited about my Polish surname, as she was, herself, "100% real Polish". Then she got even more excited after I'd done some stupid test on a computer. "You want to be POWER MAN!" she exclaimed, joyfully, shouting over my protestations that I "merely wish to be normal and fit and healthy like Bruce Lee" with cries of, "Yes! POWER MAN! All Polish men want to be power man! This is very good!"

She then showed me around, helpfully pointing out that the instructions on the various machines showed you how to use them. "The running machine is very boring," she told me, behind her hand, like people do in old films. "Who wants to run on plastic sheet all day? I want to be power man too!"

I have been going to the gym with my old pal Jeres, former guitarist in The Women, current guitarist in White Witches, and on and off  experience addict. He is a demon on the running machines. He did 5k today in 25 minutes. I couldn't be arsed to do more than 10. I was cycling an hour there and back anyway. I had plenty of bloody cardio, thank you all the same.

What else happened today?

Well, I posted MC Lars' new video in the Blob Blog earlier, a visual for a deeply touching song called Twenty-Three, about a friend of his who commited suicide. Amazingly enough, it turns out it was inspired by my song, Patrick, which I recently listened to for the first time in two years with Littles, who was, rightly, amazed by it. I am amazed by it. It is a flipping hardcore song. Anyway, big up Lars. I think its time for us to do that collaboration we've been talking about since '05.

Elsewhere, I unfollowed all those Boondocks avatars on Twitter. They had become annoying, unrepresentative of their characters, and deeply whorish. Grandpa bid me adieu with the following:

See? Totally out of charcter. I wonder who does them? How much do they get paid? Does Aaron McGruder approve?

Never mind that though. We have important things to work out. See, we got representation issues.

If you look for me on on Spotify, or iTunes, or whatever, all you'll find is my really early EPs and this bastardised version of my first album with a load of shit tacked on to the end that my old label put out last month without telling me (I had to find out via flipping Google Alert) after I'd told them specifically not to. Reissue reissue repackage, and I'm not even dead yet! Ruining my album. You know how long I spent getting that album into the shape I got it into? You know what a labour of love that was? My first album! A lifetime's dream! And you stick a load of home recordings onto the end of it and call it "special edition" or some shit to try and con people into buying it or whatever? How dare you! I was outraged. Truly I was. And I still am. Seethe! Rage!

Anyway. The point is that, to those that don't frequent this wonderful, groundbreaking, epoch defining website, I might as well have died in 2006. So we need to edumacate their asses, before we hit them upside the head with The Life Equation, and change the course of history for ever and ever. What I want to do is this - to put together an EP (extended play) of my finest works, following the release of When We Were Young up until now, the eve of The Life Equation. I will take these recordings, polish them up, treat them with respect and love, give them the mastering I was never able to before, and release them into the world, where anybody can find them. Hopefully in about 6 weeks. On the day of that release I will announce the release date of The Life Equation, and we will set about our Great Work.

It's gonna be tricky. I have made a hell of a lot of music in the past 3 and a half years. So I am asking all my friends for their opinions on the matter, and that includes YOU, dear reader. Please help me out in this endeavour by listing you favourite post WWWY, pre TLE songs in the comments below. Write as many as you like. If someone else has already posted one you like, post it too! That way I will get a better idea of what everybody's favourites are. Remember, if you're stuck, there's a great big discography here for you to look around in and refresh your memory, or even create some new ones.

Naturally, I will be thanking you all for your invaluable efforts in the credits. So leave whatever name best suits, or, if you're shy, email it to me.

Let's go!

PS - News of ATD24 on tomorrow's Doncast. 5pm UK time. Be there.


Envy & Akira The Don, backstage at her LP launch party at Cargo earlier this year

Akira The Don ft Envy - Winners From ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape

I think this song is appropriate for today.

Yesterday, I dropped my new mixtape. Today it has had over 15,000 streams on Sound Cloud alone. Ridonculously massive gaming site called it "The Best Gaming Mixtape You'll Ever Hear". Kiss My Geek, brilliantly, exclaimed, "Ca donne une SUPA DUPA HOT SHIIIIT!" My Twitter feed exploded, and continues to explode, with appreciative folks from all over the world. My website crashed, and took down a whole gang of other websites with it.

A pretty awesome early birthday present, basically. Thank you all! You rule!

As for Winners (big up Southern Hospitality for the drop!), that was the FIRST beat I  made for the mixtape. I made the song with my ole buddy Envy last week. She was streaming the process via her laptop, futuristically enough, so her inspirationally dedicated #EnvyArmy got to see the process. A week later they all got to hear it, gratis. Awesome.

I got the following email this morning:

never heard anything of ur productions before, but kotaku´s mr crescente got me hooked up with it in article ... so i just got one question as an fellow producer i need 2 know the sample of that "winners" track ... by far the most superb ... very good puttin such a beat on it .. gives the sample such a drive u digg ? well u should u produced it ^^ and that girl, while i really dont get along well with oxford english (even if i´m half jamaican), really put some vibe to it ... at first u think yeah rite girl ... but as i heard the song the second time ? i was blown ^_°

greetz DNS

Well, first off, thank you for the email, and for appreciating my drums! My drums have gotten way better since I started banging them out on my MPD, its been a major breakthrough for me...

Second, Envy's English is not Oxford, it's Manchester! Which is in the North of this weird-ass island. And that's one of the reason's her flow is so ill. The other is that she is pretty much a genius. As for the sample? It's Street Fighter II Victory - Hadouken Theme Song, an absolutely brilliant piece of music. So here you go, my new friend, and all my other friends, new, old, forgotten, remembered:

Awesome, non? I am looking forward to breaking down more of this Street Fighter ish over the next week. Some of the sampling is pretty straight, like here... and some is really not at all. Like The Title. That joint was SO FUN TO MAKE! Oh my LORD!

But! What joints do YOU want to see zoomed in on? and what do you want to know? Lemme know, I make it happen.

Right. I better get off and do lots of work. My Mum's coming to see me today, to celebrate my birthday and say things like "you'll always be my little boy! It seems like only yesterday that you were this big!" And so on. I can't wait!

Download The Street Fighter mixtape for FREE here!

I Am Never Drinking Again Part 326

Photo by Brother Sladey K, more here

So, a top night was had by all at Envy's LP launch do last night. I was, as predicted, an excellent and deeply rousing host, but contrary to my proclamations earlier this week, I was not a sober one. Indeed today it seems as if an angry, violent midget has taken up residence in my skull, and am beginning to think it was a bad idea to schedule the Why Lout? Superhero Music session for today.

What fun though! What excellent, virtuoso performances from Pariz1 and Tor Ceasy! What excellent DJing from Suicide Dogz, Medasyn, Scratcha and Moxie! What a great audience! And not one, but TWO sets from Envy! With a guest appearances from a skanking Morty and from me! WOW. Amazing. We danced and cheered and CELEBRATED our friend, whose dreams become reality this coming Monday when her album, Set Yourself On Fire, is released into the world.

In addition to all this wonderment, there was some excitement towards the end of Envy's second set when security attempted to remove me from the building for strange and shady purposes still unclear to me. I was right at the front, and this must have been very confusing for poor Envy. "Come outside now," barked the angry big man, grabbing my arm roughly. "Bog off." I replied, outraged, "I am watching my friend!" Security intensified their efforts, and I intensified my outraged refusal to be shouted at and manhandled by fools, and it could have gotten bad for your trusty Donovan had not the imposing figures of Tego Siegel and Ben Official - who you might have seen towering over, well, everybody at Marvin The Martian shows - along with Marvin himself, my hot girlfriend, and a number of concerned citizens inserted themselves between my innocent self and Cargo's world famous so-called "security". Word to Pro Green. Eventually the swine saw sense and retreated to their pig hole or wherever it is they lurk when they're not harassing innocent compères.

Yes, ATD Security is REAL, brothers and sisters, never doubt that for a second!

So, yes, thank you all. As for So-called Security's reasons for trying to get rid of me, I suspect them to be something to do with the night's soundman, who abandoned his booth during the headline act's set, leaving it to your valiant correspondent to attempt to get her vocals up to an audible level. The soundman was very angry when he found me, but was strangely unconcerned with doing his JOB, and making the artist sound good, instead choosing to foam at the mouth about how I'd better get Envy offstage by 1am. This is why so many shows have such crappy sound, even when they have good PA systems. It is a great tragedy that so many of our soundmen (and it's always men) hate their jobs so much.

Rah though, awesome night regardless, but by the bleatings of Infant Baby jesus, I am suffering for it today.


Also, I have but one episode of Carnivale left to watch. This is probably for the best, given all the stuff I need to do, but it makes me a little sad, still.

Anyway, never mind all that. I must ofski now, and make things. Video and art for preorderers! Artwork for mixtape! Artwork for album! Songs for mixtape! A comic! And so on! And so forth! Truly, it is a wonderful, wonderful life!

Big-ass Capers

I was feeling good today. Music was inspiring me. AWK and Mef all day. I felt amazing. Blessed, fresh, like a million bucks. Put on my Christmas jacket and my ole Don Chucks. Man, they only fucked around and opened a bar around the corner from my yard. Two years I've been here, and no bar. Just me, my girl and a corner shop. Now they're shutting the trains off, killing off the foot traffic and my Turkish friends gotta downsize. The cheeky young scamp Gerkhan, who regaled me with tales of "riding horses with a shotty merking wolves" back in the old country as a was a teenager is gonna have to find a new hustle.

But we, we in our ever-evolving Industrial Estate next to the Mayan Apocalypse Olympic Park have a bar now. Hot dog! The Hackney Pearl. It sure is a nice place too. Science lab decor, London brewed beer and big-ass capers. They had a party to celebrate tonight. Free bar, dammit! If I had a laptop I'd be doing my emails in there in the mornings. My girl's right, I need to get out of the house more. The air gives me a feeling...

Rah then. I'm still listening. Eyebrows. New hair. What you saying?

Yeah, you can cop that T-shirt, I ain't about to stop you.

LISTEN: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes


DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes

A bunch of you asked for this, so I've done the right thing and liberated this most excellent joint from ATD18: The Don Shoes Mixtape (I gave it a fresh mix too).

Speaking of which, the postman just staggered up 32 metal stairs to my front door dragging another massive ass box full of d-d-d-d DON SHOES!

So boss up ladies and Gs - Don Shoes are back in stock, cop 'em while they're hot from the brand new shop!


This Week I Have Been Mostly...

edge1 Olage gang!

It is a beautiful day here in East London, and I am going to get some sun even if it's just half an hour on the bicycle delivering post. So there.

So, what has been going on?

Jeres came round at 9 this morning to work on one of his songs, which is a jaunty ditty about the perils of cider.

I am drafting the schematics of the new, The Greatest Music Website In The World. It goes into production on Saturday. Don't nobody hassle Zef, or even talk to him. HE'S BUSY!

I have been plotting an awesome and futuristic scheme to release the greatest LP since Thriller with said website at the core of said release.

I made a video for the first single to be taken from the best album since Thriller. It is dope.

I got an email off of Gonzales, who is holed up in Paris remixing a song from the greatest album since Thriller. The song is the greatest joyful pop song about love since Be My Baby.

I went to play football in Clissold park with Joey and James, but when I got there I had a message on my phone from my girl saying she'd locked herself out of our flat and run out of money, so I cycled back to let her in, and got some wine and some pizza, which was Joey's idea, and it was a bloody good idea cos it cheered her up. Getting locked out of your house sucks.

I got to play with my first iPhone ap yesterday. I don't have an iPhone. I have a Gphone. Cos I'm a G. But is pretty damn ill, still! More on that soon. I don't think the release date they have on their site is correct.

I approved the designs of my AMAZING NEW SHOES. Which should be in next week. I might have to kill myself after that, because I will surely have peaked.

I have been bugging out on coffee and B.oB.

Ihave been metting with my ace team in preperation for the fight scene shoots of the Zombie Video. Who's in london next weekend? Who wants to be in a fight scene in a zombie video?

I have been working on a giant art piece wot I have been commissioned to do, that involves me drawing tons of things and meshing them together. Drawing a beautiful portrait of Bob Dylan, I realised he DOES look just like a penis with some sunglasses on. But prettier, obviously. No shots.

I have been getting excited about Batman & Robin # 2, which is out today.

AND! I was worried about him, but I just found out that Charles Hamilton is OK. He's also soliciting his services as a producer/mixer/engineer, although he says he "will not mix or produce gangsta or misogynist music. At all. And though I'm ill at Autotune, you gotta be able to NOT rely on it. Period." Which kind of limits his options. But I am glad he's OK, still.

So, how about you? What's going on?

Help Me To Understand This World Of Brandage

So, one of the things I wanted to do wanted to do on my last album, before Interscope stopped the money, was make an animated video for every song on it. Oh that would have been grand! Now, this time around, there is a completely different landscape around me, but I still wanna make a video for every song on the new album. At least.

And how does one do that? Well, one either clones oneself, or one finds a gang of geniuses willing to do mad graft for dolo... Or, one getscompanies/brands to partner with oneself to finance the thing. They bask in the reflected glory, and the geniuses get beer money. All round win.

Problem is, a lot of brands are, putting it mildly, wild pantheons of evil swine. And a lot are wild pantheons of lovely swine. I found it very difficult, when asked to think of brands and companies I would happily align myself with, to think of more than a handful (Lego, Capcom, the people who make that yummy canned drink called Rio... um..). The fact that I pretty much stay indoors all day making songs/drawing/writing/answering emails/hoovering the floor has also limited my consciousness to the awareness of what's actually going on in the worlds of business and selling stuff.

And anyway, if its going to a good cause (making dope cartoons), does it matter where the money comes from? Is it possible to sell out anymore anyway?

Quite. Anyway. I'd appreciate your help on this. My lovely ladygirl, who has a keen markety brain, unlike my un-keen carpetty brain, has made a An Online Poll, in order to help me with this strange and tricky question.

It has ten questions in it, and shouldn't take you very long. Listen to a recording of Bill Hicks while you're doing it, if it helps. Thank you!

Oh, and we will select one entrant at random who will win a signed copy of Oh (What A Glorious Thing) on 7" vinyl, accompanied by a random doodle.


Lethal Bizzle - Babylon's Burning The Ghetto

Produced by me in the spring of 2007, after the song we did that was going to be the first single - the Cannonball sampling Don't Crash - got nixed by a grumpy Kim Deal. The label were very upset, as they were convinced Don't Crash was a breakthrough for British music and a potential worldwide smash, so they demanded we make another riff-based, spiky new wave rap song. Where Don't Crash, however, told the tale of an inebriated Bizzle bombing up North on a motorcycle to try and get laid, the Ruts sample brought out another side of the rapper. Good for me - I'd been wanting to hear Bizzle's political side for time.

The B side of the seven inch featured a really good remix by Gallows. I think Spank Rock did one too.

Little know facts: I sang the hook, but it wasn't called "Featuring Akira The Don" because I'm not very famous.

Jack Nimble from Why Lout? did the scratching at the beginning. And so did Bizzle. What happened was, Bizzle took a CD of Jack's scratch, and scratched THAT in my since-retired Technics DZ1200. I have video footage of this somewhere.

Don't Crash turned up on ATD15.

This is Babylon's video.