Akira The Tron & The Shopping Centre Masterpiece

Look at THAT for a piece of art! Wade sent it me last night (along with the most genius idea I've heard all month), and I whacked some music on it. Amazing. Thank you Wade, you sweet beast, I miss you. Wade lives in LA these days. He fronts a new bar, and DJs at world famous comedians' Christmas parties and stuff. I wonder if he still rocks the bobsleigh outfit. I shall have to ask him.

I also miss being in my BED, dammit. I was up till 5 am working on an animated storyboard, and my eyes feel like peeled grapes. I had to get up though, my mother in law was threatening to keep ringing my phone all day otherwise. I must thank her, too. Sweet as sleep is, being awake and DOING COOL STUFF is better. I've got a bunch of my rap chums coming round today to vocal some heat beats. Envy's on the train from Manchester right now I believe. I suspect Littles is walking his dog, or changing his son's nappy. And if I know him at all, (and I should by now) Narstie is lying butt naked in a dark room atop a great mound of spliff ends, a great heaving shadow cast by the flickering light of the Call Of Duty session he fell asleep in the middle of.



Speaking of which, we kicked off our Guest Mix series yesterday with a flipping STONKING playlist from Dark Lord and Andrew W.K. signee Aleister X. Check it out here right now! We're also running a competition to name the section, as I haven't had time. We've got CDs and vinyl and T shirts to give awat! Just leave your section name suggestions in the comments here. Winner takes all. Actually, I might have some runners up. Depends on the quality of the entrants, as Your Mum might have said.


In other news, excellent Canadian music website Sun On The Sand were the first out of the blocks to review The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits. I quote:

Stoner anthem ‘The Weed Song’ is humorous yet deceptively catchy while the Tears-For-Fears-sampling album centerpiece ‘The Wrestler’ is a grittier, massive tune that is one of The Don’s best since ‘Clones’. As a rapper, ATD’s skills continue to get better. I hadn’t really noticed this vast improvement until I recently listened to early track ‘Patrick’. While that remains a top tune, it does sound a little minuscule when played next to some of these new songs like ‘All Now, Or Never’ and the almost Kanye-like ‘People Like Us’. And lest we forget there’s also a wonderful reworking of ‘Living In The Future’ found at the end of this album called ‘Living In The Future 2′. Let’s just say the last 2 minutes might just be why the sky god created hip hop.

Aint that nice? Cheers guys, you made me a happy Don. I'd also like to shout out the fine folks at Electric Pig, who reported on my historic Myspace deletion.

What else have I to report? Well, remember I told you I was showing people the joys of digital art in Wimbledon shopping centre the other week? Here's a nice picture of me doing just that:

We had a couple of Wacoms and a couple of laptops and a projector, and were specifically showing the thousadns of people who walks through Wimbledon shopping centre on a Saturday the wonders of Manga Studio for penciling and inking, and Photoshop for colouring - my preferred method of comic creation these days. It was a beautiful experience. Most people had no idea this stuff existed, and watching all those (mostly) kids getting so into it, so quickly, and with such excitement, was genuinely inspiring and deeply rewarding.

I got everyone who had a go to draw something to do with their idea of "the future", and put all the drawings togther in one big ass digital painting, which is now on display in various locations in Wimbledon. Here it is in its birthplace:

And here it is in it's pure, digital form:

Sweet, huh? Shout out Ash for getting me involved. I'm looking forward to doing more of that stuff. Working with kids is awesome. They're way cooler than grown ups. No offence, grown ups, y'all are cool and all, but kids gots the edge.

While The Don Is Away...

Dear gang

As you read this I will likely no longer be in the country. Indeed, I will be in a different country, a different island... obeying its laws, observing its customs, tasting its beer. I refuse to accept the possibility of any kind of volcanic ash cloud related disruption to my trip, having decided that it was all some election related conspiracy. There is no eruption, they're just burning all those unsold Rudebox CDs is all. I will be fine and back on Monday.

In the meanwhile, if you're game, I have a mission for you...

See, the reason I haven't taken a holiday for two years is that, self-run as I am, if I stop, it all stops. I have no manager, no label, no PR, none of that. It is up to me. Momentum is everything in this thing, and if I fool that up I have to start all over. I work from when I was wake to when I sleep pretty much every day, and there still isn't enough time to get everything done. I've been trying to do a comic strip for 4 weeks, cotdamn it! I have an awesome script and everything! And I just remembered I haven't done any kind of video for this Street Fighter ish. That's terrible! AND I haven't done a radio edit of any of the songs and sent them to DJS AND I haven't rendered the acapellas and instrumentals and made them available AND I haven't done my LP art yet AND... man, I can feel my heart starting to thunder just typing this.



I need your help to make me feel like I can relax for 4 days.

See, while the gaming world has wholeheartedly embraced ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape (over 30,000 streams and downloads!), the majority of the online music community has yet to experience the awesomeness. I know, right? POOR SODS! So, if you have a few moments spare, it would be really ace if you could hit up any of the following and point them in the direction of the thing.

Stereogum Pitchfork Rolling Stone Nah Right 2Dope Boyz Complex NME

Blatantly there are tons more places to hit up, but my taxi comes in a few hours and I still haven't packed... Please feel free to suggest those in the comments.

CC me on the email - akirathedon at - and I will pick 5 (five) people at random and send them a T shirt! WHOO! I went through all my stock yesterday (putting all the Ts in nice sandwich bags with sweets in) when I was packaging up people's CDs and Ts and stuff. My reup needs to happen sharpish. There's only 2 Omega Sanction Ts left you know!

Oh, and if you see any DJs, tell them to play Be Brave, I reckon that'd sound good on radio. Actually, I KNOW it does - Adam Walton played it on his Radio Wales show on Sunday! Big up Adam! You're a G! And, contrary to what you said on your show, playing music on the radio is heroic! You people change lives! You sure changed mine, anyway.

Rah then. I thank you in advance for being so dope. And I better dash like Dame. I don't know if there's internet in Malta, but if there is, I'll try and check in. BE SAFE! Don't let those puke coloured Governmental types push you around! Enjoy every breath!




[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


Extreme III Was Grayte!

extreme-iii-sides-to-every-story NEW WEEK!


Sun is shining, weather is sweeter. The Omega Sanction is dropping on doorsteps from Anglesey to Alabma. Speaking of which, I did an interview with the venerable Dr Ash Akhtar about that, the wackness of the third Extreme album, and the just completed second ATD album, The Life Equation, and the forthcoming Dawn Of The Don party, amongst other things, which you can read here. I'll be posting it in the Blobblog later for posterity, but go read it here now, it's enlightening.

Got another date for your diary - this coming Saturday I will be celebrating my birthday by DJing with my little brother The Svenhunter at The Quietus' night at The Mucky Pup in Islington. So come down and buy me a pint, and I might play something off my new album. Or Alphaville. Or both.

EDIT - I dug out Extreme III, and it is actually kind of GRAYTE! Who'd a thunk it? Lads, if you were on here earlier and were offended, I'm Sorry!


So I fell alseep on the sofa after 5, and was awakened gently by Super Phil at 6:20, and it transpired Bird left my bag with my passport in it at the venue last night. But Bird's got me another ID card, so we're outside waiting for Jeff to pick us up at 6:30. And at midday we're in LA, and soon after that we're in Interscope's offices,and I'm filling a bag with Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Gilbert And Sullivan, Dre, Peter Gabriel, Police and other such back catalogue. Jimmy Iovine has a signed letter from Tupac and a video console that won't switch on. And loads of ideas. A balcony. A lush view. LA is lush to look at, from these places of advantage. Like, later we visit Jeff and Trent's, and there's this fucking alien cat that loves me, and an incredible, incredible view, of this desolate wilderness spattered with money.

It was a lovely day.

But in the nighttime it is hard not to see that LA is awash with cunts. It is a sad and massive amount of cunts, and I am not sure whether it is sad because this is what the world did to them, or because this is what they do to the world, or because they are cunts, and you can see their faces rotting right in front of your eyes.