AkiraTheDon.com 6.0?

Its a year and a half since the launch of AkiraTheDon.com, officially the The Best Artist Website in the world... but as we know, the internet progresses faster than the speed of gamma rays these days, and it's time to drag this sleek beast kicking and screaming into the FUTURE.

As you know, I've always collaborated with my little brother Zef in the past, but Zef is a boy no more, and now works full time for a posh design agency, and thus hasn't the hours to dedicate to such a hervculean endeavour.

So, I am looking for a WEB GENIUS to help take The Best Artist Website In The World to the next level of amazing. If you are that web genius, or know that web genius, please get in touch, with some examples of that genius, via akirathedon at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we should be doing with this new Thing. If there's anything at all you'd like to see on the new site, please let me know in the comments! There will be prizes for the best ones!




PS - Here's version 1.0, courtesy of the amazing WayBackMachine. That lil guy on the right used to float around the screen, dressed in the garb of whatever country I was in at the time. Damn shit done changed!


So, the good news bought millions of you down here in numbers that KILLED THE SITE FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!

But never mind.

We're back.




A bunch of you got yours in your post boxes  today. The rest should show up early next week.


Get yours NOW!

In The Land Of The Blinds, The Drill-Armed Don Is King

So, my boy BJ Deacon, former lead singer with Piranha Deathray, currently designing lush soundtrack stuff and 3D offices (nice one Google sketch or whatever you're called) lent me his Performance Hammer Drill this weekend, so I got to do some drilling. Every man loves to drill (just like very man loves a chainsaw), and any man that doesn't is suspect in the extreme - if you disagree that just proves my point. My drill point. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Yes. So, I replaced the foul, dirty, wasteman blinds that came with my fine rented accommodation with some brand new VIRGIN WHITE, PULL DOWN BLACKOUT BLINDS. SO now I can watch movies on my projector in the daytime. Or play Grand Theft Auto 4 (hint hint - GTA4 is out in 3 weeks, and it is my birthday in 4. No I don't have a PS3 or an Xbox 360. What industry am I in, textiles?). Not that I actually ever do anything like that. I work all the time (apart from for 20 minutes on a Thursday afternoon, when I watch the new South Park (they usually rule, but the last one kind of sucked balls)).

Hmm. Double bracket situation. Risky. I think I pulled it off though. No?


Anyway! As I was drilling, I realised there was one song I always wanted to drill a hole in a wall to. So I did.

Check me out!

Yes brothers and sisters!

If you'd rather watch me doing MY JOB, you can do that instead. Sally Keys took some footage of the Cambridge gig. Forsooth!


So, I got some (ha!) sleep, and I listened to the noises Birddogg was making up here while I was down in New York, doing whatever it was I was doing in New York. Like, there's some ill stuff. But one in particular is just tremendous. it is mighty. It fills my heart. And prefectly fits so many of the raps I was writing in New York, tempom flow, everything. So, what I've done, is draw various raps, and bits of raps, together, to create this New York song that's been brewing all the time I've been here. It is best I get it out now, before I FORGET. Annoyingly, the necassary component is missing. So piss.

Bad: All the stuff I bought last week - food, drink, socks, weed - is gone. Mostly. I got a lot of Ritz crackers, peanut butter and macaroni. Good: There's a Death's Head Moth on my window. (See right) Bad: There is animal shit by my window. Good: The air outside is fresh and envigorating. Bad: The air in the top level of the house, in which I am supposed to be dwelling, is thick with the stink of animal and of animal excrement.

I went to turn on the sauna earlier, and nearly trod in cat shit. Or dog shit. It could be both. Whatever. It's like, wow, sauna! Oh, catshit. Wow! Oh. Wow! Oh. Etc. So, I wanted to go into town and get a job today, to pay for my ticket back to New York, but waited about for people to come with me rather than just doing it, and the end result is it's super late now, too late to get a job anywhere, and everyone's going into town to go out, save me, who must stay at home cos he has no ID (this is a worry), and it's too far to chance not being allowed in anywhere.

A ha!

So I should write more now. I wrote a bunch earlier. Phil is worrying that Amy has forotten his ass, as she went in her tiny car to take Cecelia and James over an hour ago. But she hasn't forgotten him. It's just miles from ShanGayKen to Woodstoock! A HA!

I just asked Spiky if he has a message for the world. He said, "spitroast!" So there you go.