Announcing! First Mixtape Of The Decade... ATD20!

Above these words, above the amazing by of graphic design appropriation, you can see fine-ass footage, (by The Independent Content Company) of me going in over some Joey2tits magic for the forthcoming mixtape-to-end-all-mixtapes, ATD20.

Yeah, you heard right. January 29th, 2010. ATD20!


Who'd a thunk it bubba? Who'd have known we'd make it this far, when I dropped the now legendary ATD1 back on May 20th 2004, inventing both myself and the internet mixtape in the process? A bunch of records I liked, smashed into each other with all the skill and subtlety of a three year old wielding a lumphammer. Raw, off the dome, just-learned-to rapping. Jim Steinman. EXPLOSIONS. Over the years I used these mixtapes to hone my craft, to experiment, to collaborate, to be as awesome as I possibly could at the time... Now here we are in the Tenties.  What have we learned? What skills have we amassed?


It's a celebration! Get ready for the mixtape to define all mixtapes! 70 plus minutes of unparalleled, Don-certified AWESOME! Brand new songs! Amazing remixes! Soundscapes to frighten the gods! Old friends! New friends! Special guests! FREAKOUT!

ATD20 will be availiable as 1 track MP3, and a CD Quality 320kbps MP3 bundle, which you can get along with the ATD Security shirt.

Preorder CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Preorder MP3 + T-Shirt here.

All preorders get an exclusive song, Security, to be sent out next week sent out immediately by SEXY ROBOT.

PS - If you already preordered the shirt, you get ATD20 as well. I AM NICE LIKE THAT.

PPS - My Webcam came, so the Doncasts will be back this week, and there will be More Info. Whoo!