Emotionally Manipulative Video Raises $15 Million In A Week, Net Back In Don Studios

Invisible Children, the organization behind the emotionally manipulative Kony 2012 video I aired my extreme misgivings about recently bought in £15 million last week, after claiming to have sold 500,000 "propaganda action kits" at £30 a pop. What will they do with it all? “Thirty-seven percent of our budget goes directly to central African-related programs," says Jedidiah Jenkins, Invisible Children’s Director of Ideology, "about 20 percent goes to salaries and overhead, and the remaining 43 percent goes to our awareness programs. […] But aside from that, the truth about Invisible Children is that we are not an aid organization, and we don’t intend to be. I think people think we’re over there delivering shoes or food. But we are an advocacy and awareness organization.”

From the horse's mouth: The majority of the money will go on Propaganda. Although how they plan to top last week's Geobbelian feat is beyond me. A full blown Hollywood movie starring Angelina Joelie and Brad Pitt?

Much more over here, where Dr Oyston is doing a fine job of keeping abreast of much of the rottery. Also worth checking os Charlie Brooker's take, which raises the terrifying Evangelical Christian Manipulation angle I hadn't seen with my own eyes previously.

Internet is back on in Don Studios. To be honest, I was rather enjoying only having it on my phone. I liked having to go to the Hackney Pearl to work, and I liked how not having the internet forced me to use it wisely when I did have it, to plan what information and materials I would need to gather in advance, and to action those plans. (In the manner of a the leader of a group of humans.)

Not having the internet also revealed to me how horribly addicted I've become to social media. Whatever I'm doing, if there's any lag time whatsoever - say, rendering a file, or ending an email with an attachment, or loading  a web page with lots of big pictures on it - I find myself instinctively clicking over to Tweetdeck to see what's going on in my many columns of human activity, in the twitchy manner of a crack fiend. Even though I filter very careful, most of it is useless - how much can really be gleaned from multiple instances of 140 characters, over than a noisy overview? How much time, I wonder, have I really spent gazing at the live stream of visible human consciousness, these past few years? What might I have accomplished otherwise?

I know that without internet on 24 hours a day, I did an awful lot of very constructive work on my next Narrative Mixtape, and I also, seemingly perversely, read more meaty online articles. This was on my telephone, during particularly long rendering times. I don't know why I found myself more inclined to read articles I might have otherwise open tabbed then never got round to reading whilst on the computer, but so it went. I also read actual paper books, which is a lovely thing to do. You should try it, it is most soothing And invigorating. Magical, in fact.

Hopefully I will take something form this experience, like when I used to drink a  bottle of Jamesons every morning, then I quit booze for two years, and when I started drinking again it was in the true sense of what people mean when they say Moderation. Apart from the occasional accidental bender, obviously.

Incidentally, last I dreamed Lana Del Ray came round ton record a song. She was made up in full blackface, and she sat on my desk and was rude and not at all open to constructive criticism. What does it all mean? And what did YOU dream about?