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Speaking of which (Yeeeah Baby), it's 12 years since Big Pun died. Big Pun was one of the greatest to ever do it. His music still makes me stop breathing, which is both dangerous and thrilling.

That's me up top wearing my Pig Pun shirt that I bought in New York in 2005 at that gig we did in 07 where we blew Lily Allen the fuck offstage. I loved that shirt. I still have it, but the image is gone by now. Like the physical Pun, from this mortal plane.


Godspeed Pun. No one has ever come close to what you did since, because you were truly unique. What you did on this Earth was magic, and you will live forever.


ADVENT 3: Akira The Don - LONDON (NY version, 2005) ft. Lois Winstone

After spending yesterday drinking outrageous quantities of Sailor Jerry and Jagermeister at the Artrocker Awards, today's advent post comes a little late in the day, with a slightly sore head, but it is a beautiful thing regardless. Brothers and sisters! For the first time, it is my very distinct pleasure to present to you the legendary New York version of my celebrated song London!

This was the first version of London we recorded for my debut album When We Were Young, at The Shed in New York in 2005. This was co produced by myself and James Brown. Another, grander version, with Danny Saber, ended making the final cut of the album. This version is harsh and dark and ugly and rather industrial - James Brown had been working with Nine Inch Nails prior to When We Were Young, so the violent sonics are unsurprising.

London was either the second or the third song I wrote when I started writing whole songs by myself (music, words, everything) in 2003. It was composed around a loop of the drums from Gary Glitter's Rock N Roll Part II. I looked up the chords for that song on the internet, and played the notes on a little midi keyobard I got for £30 from Denmark Street. As I didn't understand the difference between a chord and single note at the time it came out sounding - to my frsytration at the time - not much like Rock N Roll Part II at all, which worked out pretty well in hindsight.

People often ask me if London is a true story and they are often surprised to find out that it is. I still feel bad about taking that TV as well.

Click the arrow on the Soundcloud to get your free download of this slice of history, and make sure you're back here tomorrow for ADVENT DAY 4!


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PPS - that photo was taken by Brother Saam Gabbay in LA in 2005.

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2,996 immediate casualties of September 11 2001 attacks in New York.

48,644 dead in Afghanistan (Aug 10, 2010) as a result of the following war.

110,000 dead in Iraq in a result of the following war.