Genocide Is Coming To The USA

WATCH: Inside Job (Full Movie Stream)

"The mortgage based securities bubble's about to blow/it's not a fairytale or speculation, this is what we know" Akira The Don, Genocide Is Coming To The USA, 2005

I was down at Stephen Hague's a few days ago, playing with musical instruments (that new Maschine Mikro, want, want, WANT) and smoking grass like it was the 60s or something, and, as is customary, he fired up the Blueray and showed me some ill visuals he thought I might appreciate.

We watched When We Were Kings, and Hanna, both of which were excellent in their own ways, but the one that will likely haunt me forever was Inside Job, a documentary about the "financial meltdown" of the late naughties that we are all still dealing with. It's one thing to know that the so-called "financial meltdown" was deliberately engineered or just allowed to happen, depending on your point of view, but to watch those very same engineers/allowers stuttering denials and excuses, literally lying out the sides of their mouths - they almost exclusively talk in smirks out of the right sides of their mouths - well, that is another thing entirely.

These smirking architects of the apocalypse are still raking it in as my loved ones continue to be made redundant, and all have escaped jail. Even rapey old IMF chief and orgy fiend Dominique Strauss-Kahn. If you have anyone in your family that buys Theresa May's imbecilic, snake tongued damnation of the brave men and women out there involved in the Occupy movement as lazy anti-capitalist iPhone wielding prolescum, show them this. That the heads of these swine have yet to adorn spikes is a testament to the peaceloving goodness of the human spirit. Either that or a typically thorough coverup job by the(ir) media, matched with round the clock protection from the(ir) Police and the(ir) Armies. Perhaps a little of both, eh?

"They all grinning/and they ain't winning, they won, it's obvious. While you're online hanging out for the apocalypse." Akira The Don - Anti-Life, 2009.