50 song bootleg

DJ Osymyso Makes 50-Song Bootleg For The Quietus

Osymyso, who found brief fame at the start of the century mashing up 100 number one singles into one 6 minute song (or something like that) has been comissioned by The Quietus to make another, to celebrate their launch. This one's got 50 songs in it. if you can guess them all they'll give you an iPod, I am told. Check it here.

The accompanying article doesn't say enough about The JAMs' contribution to the form for my liking, and claims "the first notable mash up of the naughties was Freelance Hellraiser's 'A Stroke Of Genie-us' roughly marrying The Strokes and Christina Aguilera," which I personally find to be entirely wrong. If we're talking about the millenial bootleg craze, I'd say Soulwax's Eye Of The Tiger/I Wish bootleg came a lot earlier and was a lot more instrumental in inspiring the craze.

Readers with better memories than I might beg to differ. Anyone?