OH! (What A Glorious Thing)/ BOOM! (Smash Stuff) 7″

This was the third song I wrote after I taught myself to make whole songs back in 03. I sampled the opening few bars of Nico's mournful, lugubrious These Days and turned it into a thing of joy. I wanted my Crack Village bandmate Lois Winstone to sing the chorus, dounting my own vocal abilities, but she said my demo sounded great as it was, and to leave it like that. So I did. Then I took it to New York and put a children's choir on it.

Billy Joel's dentist gave me $3000 worth of free celebrity-dentistry because he said this song "will outlive us all".

He also gave me a pair of those awesome orange visor things they put over your eyes when you're getting your teeth lazered.