Lethal Bizzle - Police On My Back

Lethal Bizzle - Police On My BackV2 Records Released September 2007

When it was first suggested I work with Bizzle by the legendary Ben Wardle, following a gig we did together supporting Supergrass in Camden, I made this. Zef suggested the sample (The Clash's version of Police On My Back), and I spent a good three days getting the beat just right, and getting really anal with filters. Jeres did some soloing on it too. Then Bizzle came round and I played it him. And he said, "blud, that is great," and that was that. Tyrrel did a brilliant job on the mix, I thought.

When Bizzle does this live he gets people to run on the spot. It is gully.

I think there was a remix by The Enemy on the seven inch. It was kind of sucky.