Lethal Bizzle - Babylon's Burning The Ghetto

Produced by me in the spring of 2007, after the song we did that was going to be the first single - the Cannonball sampling Don't Crash - got nixed by a grumpy Kim Deal. The label were very upset, as they were convinced Don't Crash was a breakthrough for British music and a potential worldwide smash, so they demanded we make another riff-based, spiky new wave rap song. Where Don't Crash, however, told the tale of an inebriated Bizzle bombing up North on a motorcycle to try and get laid, the Ruts sample brought out another side of the rapper. Good for me - I'd been wanting to hear Bizzle's political side for time.

The B side of the seven inch featured a really good remix by Gallows. I think Spank Rock did one too.

Little know facts: I sang the hook, but it wasn't called "Featuring Akira The Don" because I'm not very famous.

Jack Nimble from Why Lout? did the scratching at the beginning. And so did Bizzle. What happened was, Bizzle took a CD of Jack's scratch, and scratched THAT in my since-retired Technics DZ1200. I have video footage of this somewhere.

Don't Crash turned up on ATD15.

This is Babylon's video.