Third Hand Wire Riffs

EDIT:  From September 2006! The first ATD mixtape/LP, wherein I produced and self-recorded in my very own gaff an album plus worth of songs on a theme (Britpop samples) and called it a mixtape. I'd just started leraning a bout compression, the self mastering is shocking, I hadn't learned to EQ vocals yet, but still the people loved it. There's some genuinely ACE stuff on here, some wonderful guest turns from my extended "Don Squad" family and I am, in retrospect, very proud of it.

ATD, Nu Olympia, 12/06/12

PS - Because I keep getting asked, the sleeve references the famous Patsy Kensit/Liam Gallagher "Cool Britania" Vanity Fair cover.



Original text:

OK, this is a fucking LP, first. Everything on here is by me, and my people, made especially for this tape, apart from three joints which appeared on previous ATDs and fit the theme.

I'll post a list of the sampled artists in a few days, but right now, you can have fun guessing. If you don't know anything about 90s indie, ask Jeres. WORD!


Akira The Don - BOOM! (Remix) ft. Lethal B & Narstie Akira The Don ft JTWR - Daydreamer Akira The Don & Dego Brown - Melon Men Akira The Don - The Tree Akira The Don - The Fuzz ft Jack Nimble & JTWR Akira The Don ft Narstie - Gitmo Akira The Don & JTWR - Adored Son Of King Rebel - Angels Akira The Don & Marvin The Martian - The Girl From Mars Akira The Don ft Bashy - Wake Up Bashy Akira The Don & Envy - Enveh Don’t Give A Fuck Mary Turner - Something Changed Akira The Don ft Sage Francis - Shopping For Guns Akira The don ft JTWR & Miss OddKidd - AIDS and STDs Swine - We Are The Swine Akira The Don ft Narstie - Wonderwall Akira The Don & JTWR - Fuck All The Phonecalls Akira The Don ft Sage Francis - Slowdown Symphony Akira The Don - Speedway