ATD3, The Mixtape

Tracklisting: Rick James feat. ATD - Mary Jane Storyteller: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Bad Religion feat. Sage Francis - Let Them Eat War Skinnyman - Fuck The Hook Ghostface & Trife - Paychecks Shawn Wigs - Daily Routine Braintax feat. Jehst - Riviera Hustle J-Zone feat. Jehst - Stairase To Stage Skinnyman - Hayden JTWR - Life Is Beautiful Ice Cube - Gangsta's Fairytale ATD - Even Ratboy FEMA Kid's Rap Cypress Hill - Fuck Westside Connection Westside Connection - Cross Em Out ODB and Macy Grey - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart Giorgio Moroder feat. Phillip Oakey, CNN, MOP and Dizzee Rascal - Together In Electric Dreams (ATD Mix) Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz Dizzee Rascal VS DMX - Where he Rascal At (Kon-tempt Mix) PE, Kanye, Coltrane - Bring The Noise (Jay Smooth Mix) Stush - Dollar Sign Atari Teenage Riot - Death Of A President She-Ra's Theme Sage Francis feat. Sole - I Apologise MWR - Ya Sha3bi The Iron Sheik - FOX KRS and Lord Finesse - freestyle Wu-Tang Clan - freestyle Piranha Deathray - Dirty Linen (ATD's The Death Of A Showman Remix)