ATD13: Ninja Babies Are The Future

I did it again! I saw the rain that fell in the night while you were asleep, and I made you a mixtape. it has more me on it than ever before. There seem to be 13 me songs. That is a lot. You should be aware that I have kept aside a bunch for the next one. Some fucking BANGERS as well. Anyway. Highlights of this include a topical reworking of R Kelly's Ignition, the speaker busting Why Lout? reunion that is Trouble, Narstie's love song, Scratch from The Roots' mouth-only BANGER, Morty's verse about not giving people blowjobs because she's 15, me and Trey's fucking insane musical collision... Envy in general. Man, it's all amazing. I got a bunch of Dego Brown production on here AND a Son Of King Rebel guitar solo. And lots of swang.

Tracklisting: Akira The Don ft Why Lout? - Trouble * T.I. - Why You Wanna Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush Young Jeezy ft Sizzla, Akon, Shabba Ranks & Vibes Cartel - Soul Survivor (Gun Session Remix) Akira The Don ft Envy & Pixel - Doobeydoo-Baw! (Ride) Dangerdoom- Corndogs Akira The Don ft Bashy - Oh! Envy & Morty - Bak Off! ATD To The Third Degree - White Whores Akira The Don & Envy - I Love You Ninjah - Mastercard Akira The Don ft Jack Nimble & Marv The Marsh - Admission (Remix) RZA ft ODB - Black Widow Pt 2 Akira The Don ft Dego Brown & Morty - Under The Rainbow (Remix) Adam Green - Nat King Cole 3rd Degree - Back In The Day Trae ft Fat Pat & Pimp C - Swang (Remix) Jadakiss ft Lil Wayne - Swangin'v Trae ft HAWK & Fat Pat - Swang (Chopped and Screwed) DJ Screw & ESG - Swangin And Bangin Scratch - 15 Layer Freestyle Scratch, Dego Brown, Morty, Pixel & Akira The Don - Rapping On A 15 Layer Freestyle Akira The Don - Never Go Out ft. Big Pun & The Smiths 13 & God - Men Of Station Pixel ft Marv The Marsh & Akira The Don - Keep It Movin Akira The Don ft Narstie - Wonderwall Akira The Don - Warlord

* - extra guitar by Son Of King Rebel

Cover star - Jesse James Hitchman. Photo by Flan.