ATD12: RAH! The Mixtape

OH GOD MY EYEBALL IS BLEEDING! Rah though, the sun is streaming in all over my ass, I've been up all night again, this shit bangs like bonfire night, and you are all gonna love me even more than you already did. Look at the tracklisting! Whaddya mean, I done sampled Heart, Elastica, Blur and Serge Gainsbourgh this time? Whaddya mean, I got Why Lout? in, and I got Dego Brown's first rap? Whaddya mena, this is the SHIT? The future is ours! Are you MAD?! Tracklisting: Akira The Don ft Why Lout? - BOOM! (Smash Stuff) Chamillionaire - Riding Dirty More Fire Crew - Oi Prince - Lolita Ghostface - Be Easy Green Lantern ft DPZ, Immortal Technique & Saigon - Impeach The President Riz - Post 911 Blues Akira The Don - Charlie Akira The Don ft Narstie - Gitmo! Akira The Don ft Big Pun & Fat Joe - I Heart Twins Untitled Actuallity Adam Green - No Legs Fireworks - Hold It Down Narstie - Bak Anth Latue - Who's Next Mobb Deep ft 50 Cent - Pearly Gates Akira The Don ft Marv The Marsh - Oobie Doo ** Cam'ron - D Rugs Bloc Party - Positive Tension (Statik Remix Feat. Flirta D) The Streets ft Proffesor Green - When You Wasn't Famous Remix Leo - Love Custard Akira The Don ft J-Love & Serge Gansbourgh - Bless *** Swine ft Akira The Don - Melancholy Trolley Dolly Tricky - Black Steel Piranha Deathray - Bones

* - extra guitar by Son Of King Rebel ** - co-produced by Birddogg *** - samples courtesy of Evil Stretch Simon

Cover photos by Soraya