Metamorphosis, LyricToday has a Lynchian, contrast-up, bleached feeling to it, wouldn't you say? I would. I do. Perhaps its because I stayed up too late and got up too early. I was dragging material off of my laptop until gone 4, and up at 9 or so to greet my mother and her boyfriend who came down to visit, the latter of whom was gamely up for trying to fix the belagured device. The laptop seems to be dying, slowly. It can't play audio without stuttering and fizzing like a robot being flushed down a toilet. This is bad news for me, who has gigs to do. While the new shows will be a lot more live music based, I'm still relying on the chipset slab for beats. And I DJ exclusively with a laptop these days (drummers, get in touch!). That way I can choose from a billion records, add a myriad of sound effects ("BOOM! POW! HEEEEEEERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAAAAAAAY!") and - wi-fi allowing - grab any new sounds that pop into my head at the time.

Well, not now, unless there is a minor miracle of some sort. I might have to start burning CDs again. Next thing we know I shall be dressing in sack cloth, bathing in puddles, cleaning my teeth wig twigs and getting around London on a donkey.

Anyway. My mother, who is an excellent, small, and cultured woman, took me, The Svenhunting younger brother and the boyfriend to see a play at the Lyric Theater in Hammersmith. Being penniless uncultured scum I haven't been to the theater in over a year, so this was something of a treat. We saw a performance of Kafka's Metamorphosis, which pretty fucking dope, if bleak. I was unacquainted with the story (uncultured slob issues rear head repeatedly), and my literally thinking brain was confused by some of the quite elaborate stage set, so my experience differed from much of the audience, but it was great anyway, and I recommend it, for the fine acting, aforementioned elaborate and beautiful set, stunning athleticism, Spider-Man references, and its cruel, black comedy. Check ye the super informative resource site here. Thanks Mum!

OK. We are playing Cambridge on Monday, in case you hadn't noticed, with the excellent Indelicates, whose (who's? I get these wrong always! Do you know i spelled "if" with two Fs for 15 years?) album is tying with Warren Zevon's Genius for prominence on my speakers at the moment. More on that tomorrow, time allowing.