Things While We Wait For The Delivery Man

"When Thor shows up in a comic, all the other characters should go "OH FUCK IT'S THOR RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIVES HE'S A VIKING WAR GOD WITH A FUCKING MAGIC HAMMER" and if they don't then that writer and artist FAIL."

Funny because it is true. Funny too, the work of Richard Thompson - the cartoonist, not the singer. i like him because he draws in a scratchy style reminiscent of a Ralph Steadman or a Quentin Blake (whom, as I child, I scorned, imagining that I could draw better than him any day, oh the naivety of youth). His blog is an interesting place, and very charming. That picture of George Bush up there is seven years old, and is quite heartbreaking in its gentleness. Who knew what horrors would come? Well, a bunch of people, but never mind that right now.

Jeff Wells is at it again. He is swiftly becoming one of my favorite writers, and while he seems to only post once or twice a month nowadays, everything he touches turns to gold, so it is fine.

The great assassinations of the Sixties were decapitation strikes, never intended to kill the host or to extinguish hope. It's only the hopeless who are dangerous. Hope must be encouraged, because you don't need to do anything to have it, and it keeps the prey from becoming wise to its own nature and seeking extraction from the cycle. Hope makes it possible to write and believe such things as "Al Gore will save the planet but Barack Obama will save this country." Hope that the system works, even if it is just a digestive system.

Say word!

Elsewhere on the interwebs, some of you will be pleased to know that Stephen Fry has started doing podcasts. Cheers Colin for the heads up.