Doncast 9: v5

Hey kids! Welcome one and all TO.... Version 5! The brand new website, from Akira The Don and The Wizard Of Zef!

Obviously (duh!), it is a work in progress. So your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

To celebrate, I made you a new podcast. Check that shit out. Its got loads of awesome music on it, including that song from my second album that leaked, along with dope stuff from The Indelicates (who we're playing with tonight in Cambridge, be there or be a goober), Prince, Pydos In Spydos, Warren Zevon, and MORE!


So, while we were Not Working, I continued to blog. A whole bunch of stuff happened.

Girls Aloud dissed indie!

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) leaked!

Metamorphosis was dope!

Thieving Ts came back in!

It snowed!