Doncast 8: Illadry

Pydos In Spydos are on this podcast.

YO! Doncast 8 is live. It's the brand new Akira The Don podcast! Whoo! Loads of new music and my ill deep voice. Awesome. Plus! A bunch of shoutouts. Unfortunately many of you were too slow. And too many. So better luck next time. I still think you rule.

DONCAST 8 is live!

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Well, I was gonna put a tracklist, then I thought, well, that might spoil it. You'd know what was going to happen. IS that fun? What do you mob think?

PS - did you see that awesome gay advert?! Where the fuck did that come from?

PPS - Jack Paris writes: Akira, I'm writing to tell you that Down with the sickness is not by Slipknot. It is actually by Distrubed! Other than that Doncast 8 was Ill! I stand corrected! Sorry Wade!