Doncast 7: Temerarious D

L - R: Marvin, Example, Jack Nimble, AK Donovan Indeed! The weekly onslaught continues. It is over a month now since I quit fags, and over a month since I started doing a podcast every week. Are the two linked? Who knows? All I know is DONCAST 7 is live!

iTunes people should go here. The feed with which you subscribe to the podcast is here-AH!.

With music from Marvin ft. ATD & Example, Leonard Cohen, Rick Ross, Lou Gramm, The Teenagers, Lupe Fiasco, Aidan John Moffat and MORE! Like The Pydos In Spydos remix of Thieving! That sort of more! PLUS! Listen inside for first details on the Giro video competition! We're taking it back to The Drinking Song days, if you remember those.

If you wanna hear the remix of Marvin's Superhero without me talking on it, go here. If you wanna hear Jack Nimble and Marvin's remix of Thieving without me talking on, go here. In other news my old mate Marty from Miami has written and directed his very own movie film! Check the trailer here, it looks pretty fuckin smart you know.