Doncast 6

Hey yo! Doncast 6 - Welcome To Don Studios IV is up now! I rediscovered CDs during my move, so expect LOADS OF ACE SONGS! Jack Nimble and Marvin (formerly The Martian)'s remix of Thieving! A preview of the next "single" from Thieving, Giro! Whoooo! DONCAST 6 iTunes people should go here. It takes a whee while to refresh itself so it might not be visible there yet-AH! Other people, if you wish to subscribe to the podcast, the feed is here-AH!. Enjoy! So, Ali and I went up to Hendon in North London (which is gross) on the weekend to help Littles with his new video. Shizzio and Narstie showed too, alongside a bunch of other cats. It was dope. I met Littles' dad, he looks, like, 12. Crazy.